April 12

Seminar 2/3: Unique Plan for my Unique Body



How does my unique  body dictate my fitness plan?  For Dr. Vie Exclusive Members only

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  • Jasmin Glaesser says:

    One question that came to mind is what expectations can we have after following the guidelines for the foods to eat and how to spread out activities throughout the day. Can we expect to be less stressed, more balanced, or just generally in better health?

    • The goal of keeping the body in balance is to allow the body to function at its best. Yes decreasing cortisol (which is harmful to the body) and increasing endorphins helps us to keep in good spirits -happy. When the body is in balance the body can heal it self naturally and regain strength as needed =optimal performance like a well oiled machine.

  • Meghan Grant says:

    The section on optimal daily schedules for the different types was very interesting (I tested as a Vata).. Any suggestions on how one might adapt this to a variable shift-work schedule?

    • Dear Meghan
      The Vata is always on the go so it is important to nurture yourself whenever you can. This will balance your dosha and keep you at peace. As I am unaware of your work schedule or full ayurvedic profile & history it is difficult for me to provide you with an appropriate strategy. Basically: determine the rhythm in the week: draft out a work schedule, within it structure your time for sleep & ablution needs. Then around that plug in a mixture of yoga, walking, gentle workouts and meditation. Ensure that your foods are prepared and ready to consume at proper intervals so that you are not caught in a rushed situation where you skip a meal or are forced to consume unwholesome food. I will be conducting a webinar during which you can participate more fully. Keep me posted on your progress.

  • chris white says:

    I meditate in the morning after my workout and my body type is pitta dominance. Would I be benefit from moving my meditation too a different part of my day?

    • Chris, with Pitta dominance you need to be in a relaxed state in meditation and strenuous exercise before meditation may not be as beneficial -UNLESS you have mastered the technique to restore relaxed state after exercise. If not, then meditate in the evening. Breath exercises will calm you before meditation. Later on in the Academy I will be training the different doshas in different breathing techniques e.g. through the nostrils. Seminar Three meditation is a general intro to meditation which can also benefit you en route to dosha type meditation.

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