April 12

Seminar 2/4: Fatigue,Indigestion,Constipation



How can I prevent fatigue, indigestion and constipation? For Dr. Vie Exclusive Members only.

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  • Jasmin Glaesser says:

    I completely agree with your points on sustaining energy levels through natural sources. As an active person I always rely on complex carbohydrates as well as fruits and vegetables to fuel my activity… processed and refined foods may serve as a momentary fix, but will quickly leave me feeling more fatigued than before!

    • Yes you are right. People highly tuned to their true selves typically sense imbalance more easily because small differences in balance make the difference between good performance and excellent performance. Keep on consuming sustaining foods and enjoy the rush of a natural high.

  • chris white says:

    Recently, I began to supplement my morning smoothie with protein (from non-meat sources) to battle my fatigue. My theory was that I wasn’t giving my body enough protein to help my muscles recover from my morning workouts. I have seen a little improvement but I really feel exhausted at the end of my week. I will have to watch Part 4 again as there is a lot of information in this section.

  • chris white says:

    I stopped drinking milk several years ago and I can still remember after 4 days it seemed like someone pulled a frosted film from over my eyes! I could see so much clearer. My sons now drink almond milk as a subsitutefor cows milk but is this healthy or could they develop allergies?

    • Chris, for the purists the only fluid that we should drink is water. All fruits, veggies, grains, seeds should be eaten in its original format without being processed. Almonds soaked and sieved into almond milk is digestible for those with no allergies to nuts. Alas, we also know that allergies may develop over time into overt symptoms when our tolerance is reached. To further complicate it, most rice milk, almond milk etc. also has emulsifiers or oils added. Read the ingredients on the box. If it is just made of almonds and water then good! Alas drink manufacturers need to stabilize the drink with additives which in turn changes the properties of the powerful food!

  • chris white says:

    My oldest son has terrible allergies when pollen is at higher levels in the air. Are there any dietary changes he could make that would relieve his symptoms? ( He drinks almond milk instead of cow’s milk). There is an excellent website called no-milk.com that discusses the harmful effects of milk.I believe it is still up and running, although they were under legal difficulties at one time.

    • Chris, as our resistance to allergens drops as our tolerance drops. Building up the immune system is important. Keeping allergenic consumption (food, drinks, polluted air) to a minimum is helpful for those with allergies. It is not only milk that decreases immunity. Genes are also a component. The trick is to ascertain what worsens symptoms and maintain an overall defense mechanism in all environments indoors and outdoors. This is a key aspect in my publication CODE V.I.E.

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