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  1. chris white

    I never would have though as books as harmful to my bedroom. I try to read every night, usually something inspiring or motivating before I sleep, believing that I would be programing my sub-conscience with positive energy. This seminar is challenging me to rethink several ideas that I have had very strong beliefs in… what I am doing harmful to my sleeptime?

    1. Doctor

      Chris, my role is to provide the consumer of my seminars the purist form of education to propel the consumer to the next level. For many, yes, it will provoke questioning and changes…which is a great thing. Reading inspirational material is highly beneficial to our spirit. Reading in a reading area up to an hour before sleep – then writing in the journal, soft yoga and soft meditation may be a more powerful method to program your sleep energy. Try it and let me know. I cover these topics during CODE V.I.E. series.

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