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How can I prevent cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and other disorders? For Dr. Vie Exclusive Members only

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  1. chris white

    Exercise is part of my daily rotinue and it is so true that my body craves those positive hormones. I am very surprised and interested in “cell words”, and I hope this topic is further explored in future seminars. I have read before how naming a child will affect thier future life as the tones of human voices calling the child’s name will develop certain characterisics, for example a softer name will grow a child who is gentler than a child with a name that contains sharper sounds. I have never heard how cell words can affect mental health other than the ancient proverb, positive thoughts lead to positve words and actions. What exactly is a cell word? Fantastic topic!

    1. Doctor

      Chris, in ancient Vedas when a baby is born, the baby is named according to the cosmic mantras. So was I and all my cousins! So our names are key in resonating with cellular chimings of our cosmic consciousness, our CODE. Every word that we utter is vital in carrying us forward (or backwards) in time and space. In my first career as a scientist in medical devices I worked intensively on sound. Little did I know that in my second career as a scientist in natural health I would start to carry it to its next level. Now my work in mantras and meditation and more. Our voice chakra is crucial…all to be discussed in the CODE series. You will experiment with it even before that in Seminar 3 Meditation. Let me know what you think.

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