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Feeling flu-like symptoms, contact your doctor right away

#stopthespread why it’s not happening?

Leaders and Chief Medical Officers should be appearing on television, radio and social media and in newspapers EVERYDAY to update concerned citizens about Covid-19 numbers, and how to #stopthespread in your communities, towns and cities.

But this is not happening even though the new coronavirus has been spreading with vengeance since January 2020. But we’ve had our heads in the sand???

“We don’t want to cause panic” has been the pathetic message from our leaders…as infected numbers rose from 1 to 6 to 12 to 18 to over 20 to over 30 and…then exponentially into hundreds and thousands to over 150 000 infected and over 5000 deaths…with no vaccine, no cure, and no successful strategy to contain and stop the spread of coronavirus, let alone destroy it.


For decades developed nations have been boasting of their technological advances, their space exploration and their military power. Their strong currency.

And developing nations also began to follow suit….let’s educate our masses about technology, artificial intelligence, economy…”it’s the way to succeed.”

But today, in the face of a virus pandemic, not even USA, the “leader” of the world, has sufficient and reliable testing kits to test its own citizens.

We’ve watched with dismay as the numbers of infected and deaths increased….at the same time we watched the game-playing of our leaders…

Wealthy nations began playing with stock markets and manipulating oil prices, capitalizing on the pandemonium. 

Many countries ignored the spread of the virus. 

Today…yes only today…the South African government is finally meeting to address a way forward!!!

Common sense and perhaps some wisdom should dictate that…


Only if we know who is infected, can we engage in containing the spread of the virus.

But common sense is no longer there…

Who is walking around not knowing they are spreading it? Italy is still suffering from this ignorant first response attitude.

For 3 months people have been spreading the virus unknowingly because of lack of information from leaders of the health departments, leaders in the community, in houses of worship, in education systems…and the list goes on and on.

Distractions = Ignorance or Don’t Care Attitude?

Their prime concern (perhaps because of lack of knowledge or indifference) has been to protect the economy…but without its people there is no economy.

The wealthy can afford to stay at home for months and still enjoy food, good health care and luxuries.

Who will be most harmed?

But what about the regular family, those working two jobs, those with special needs family members, those who depend on medication, and most of all those who live in underdeveloped areas where even water and soap is not available?

Social distancing to #stopthespread ???

What about those who must travel in crowded taxis and buses and trains to get to work because they are scared to lose salaries which support their loved ones?

YOU cannot hide from coronavirus

Covid-19 is a serious threat to humanity.‚Äč

You are only protected if those around you are protected and not infected.

It’s not only about your own health anymore….

Understand this: you remain protected if your communities and cities and countries are protected!

Plain and simple… #stopthespread

Yet we delayed the response to Covid-19 by 3 months!

Lives lost, situation worsened, time wasted

Even the first doctor to try to bring it to the attention of authorities in China was shunned…and eventually died himself! The unsung hero.

What about our elected officials, those leaders we have invested our trust in…to first and foremost protect our health and safety?

A nation is nothing without its people.

This is the time for elected leaders (in whatever organization) to leap forward and show the way….

…and take selfless decisions for the benefit of every citizen, from the beggar on the street to the abandoned elderly.

Three months have been wasted…with distractions on TV and in the media…

WE NEED THIS NOW, not tomorrow but NOW

Mandatory: We need daily live reports from our Leaders

How many cases of Covid-19 currently in our country, 

in which cities and towns and villages? 

So we can be more vigilant.

Guidelines should be shown on the hour every day!

  • How to wash our hands?
  • How to go about our daily lives without spreading the virus?
  • How and where to get tested for free?

SELF Quarantine

Strategies should be in place to enforce self-quarantine of suspected cases and confirmed cases. We don’t want to support don’t-care attitudes…

What does self-quarantine mean? Do people know? Is anyone qualified enough actually monitoring it?

Evolving Covid-19  Wants You

Remember we don’t know much about the evolution of this virus…as it gains intelligence and changes it MO. Will it attack again and again?  It wants to survive…so-

We must know…

How to help those around us without spreading the virus?

How do we rally together without massive egos and the continuous divides of gender, race, political affiliation, financial status, religious groups….

This virus can affect everybody…it is after YOU!

It does not care who you are…

what party you belong to….

how much money you have…

what the color of your skin is…

it wants you, now!

Leaders Should Lead

We want our Leaders to come out of hiding and be the change they want to see in their nations.

Show by example…

We need leaders to emerge, not hide, from our families, our companies, our churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, spiritual centers…

Be selfless…be united…it’s time for action: prevent, contain, eliminate the spread of this deadly new coronavirus Covid-19.

We Need This NOW:

-daily reports of the situation in each town,-we need testing kits,-we need support for the elderly,-we need systems in place to take care of food and health supplies to —–quarantined households,-we need assurance that we will not lose jobs or salaries while helping to stop the spread of this pandemic.-we need travel bans to infected areas-we need to stop people entering our communities if they traveled for a vacation to an infected area.-we need aggressive quarantine of anyone returning to the country or to our communities and neighbourhoods after failing to heed the travel advisory.-we need every citizen in every little home and shack or on the street to know and be practicing how to #stopthespread

We need a united front from the beggar to the Queen.

#stopthespread now.

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