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Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives

by a natural health & medical devices scientist, superfoods pioneer, entrepreneur, author, mentor and humanitarian.

For a better you, better life and better world by erasing inequality, inequity, through sustainable development, uplifting communities through clean air, healthy water, non-toxic lands, sanitation, safe foods, comforable housing, quality health care and education, and wholesome job that support quality life and Mother Earth.

Table of Contents:1 Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives1.1 Shiloh’s Song from Central Africa1.2 Better Future?1.3 Super Conscious Youth Saving the World1.4 WHY HEALTHY AIR?1.5 WHY HEALTHY LAND?1.6 Books When You Donate 1.6.1 Tame The Impostor Book for Better World1.6.2 Time Travel Adventure to Save Planet Earth in 20701.7 Meet Those Who Have Spent Time With Dr. Vie 

Shiloh’s Song from Central Africa

Better Future?

As each day passes, how much of Planet Earth have we restored from the damage we’ve inflicted on her? What does the future hold for us amid national and global crises?Somewhere on this Planet there is hope.Lush lands, villagers living uncomplicated yet compassionate lives, close knit families, caring communities, spiritually alive, culturally rich….where children dedicate their lives to saving Planet Earth from the ravages of commercial greed and limited thinking.Where adults rise to the occasion, and where elders are respected and treasured.An 8 year old African girl up north learns of our humanitarian work and arises to sing a song of hope…Shiloh sings “Bless Africa” for our theme song of Super Conscious Humanity where humans are working together to save Mother Earth and our precious environment….welcome to our super conscious humans in the heart of Africa – role models for all humans around the globe.We can unite no matter our religion, age, gender, orientation, color, shape, status, education, location, language…..because we are humans….super conscious humans.Bless Africa! Lots of love, Mother Vie and Dr. Vie

Super Conscious Youth Saving the World

Youth are the future…. I’m now in Africa transferring my scientific discoveries to villagers and youth so they can benefit the most from wholesome job opportunities  as they uplift their lives all the while supporting Mother Earth. Clean air, healthy water, safe foods, sanitation, housing, education, health care. A global Super Conscious Humanity initiative, thanks to my dearest Mother Vie.

Our humanitarian work across the globe is effected through our Super Conscious Humanity initiatives focused on uplifting the lives of villagers in least developed countries so villagers can be healthy, prosperous and working toward saving Planet Earth.

YOUR GIFT WHEN YOU SUPPORT OUR AFRICAN VILLAGESHelp with as little as $10 to $75 or more and you receive Dr. Vie’s Ebooks, Paperback Book or 1 month membership in her Healthy Living online course.

VOLUNTEERYou can also apply to volunteer in our villages based on your talents.

IMMEDIATE FUNDRAISING : better lives of our people through healthy air, water & landsHealthy air is vital for our brains and future. Safe and easily available water is important for our health, whether it is used for drinking, at home use, food making or for leisure needs. Non toxic safe lands are needed.


When a country has better access to safe water and sanitation, and able to better manage their water resources, then its people have the time, health and energy to overcome poverty and engage in wholesome jobs that contribute to their lives, the economy and most of all to support Planet Earth.This is our sustainable clean safe water and healthy air model within our Super Conscious Humanity initiative in the heart of Africa. WHY SAFE WATER?If you have water on tap inside your home or work or play environment then you are one of the 71% of the world population enjoying easy access to safe drinking water. But what about the other over 2 billion children, women, men and elders?As of 2015 statistics, 2.1 billion people live without safely managed water, meaning no easy access to clean and safe drinking water. In our villages, our people use bore holes to access water for daily consumption- the water is not safe for drinking. We now aim for safer water through harvesting rain water from Mother Nature.


We can exist without food for weeks, without water for days, but only minutes without air to breathe. Air is the most crucial food for our existence, but shockingly is rapidly on short supply.

They type of air we breathe is vital for our physical, mental and emotional power as humans. 

When we breathe in unhealthy air, filled with toxic fumes and harmful pollutants we damage our lungs, heart and brain in the short and long term, making us more vulnerable to internal and external threats to our wellness.

In times of crises we are less able to adapt, innovate and rise to the fore to support ourselves,  families, communities, nation and planet.


The foods we eat are only as healthy as the lands they come from. When our soils are toxic they poison our food supply and eventually us. Let’s make the change and regenerate our lands.

 SUPPORT OUR PROJECTSWe need your financial support to regenerate long term health to our villages, where the children, women, men and elders are dedicated to supporting Mother Earth and saving Planet Earth through skills training and wholesome jobs.Every dollar counts.

Books When You Donate 

Tame The Impostor Book for Better World

Book Of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity now and during crises, use 15  techniques to tame the  erratic mind, be innovative, regain strength, and restore wellness and joy within the family, work arenas, communities, nationa and throughout the planet.

Time Travel Adventure to Save Planet Earth in 2070

 The Pure Ones, youngsters dive into the magic of Utopia…when teen Prince Jali from a faraway Utopian galaxy is stranded on Planet Earth and befriends a little boy Siya, in the heart of KZN, Africa. In this fantasy time travel adventure, youngsters learn about inner power, compassion and hope. Dive into South Africa where the battle for  saving the world from a dangerous pandemic takes place.

Meet Those Who Have Spent Time With Dr. Vie 

Jenene from my youth camp

“Empty the bag!”

Dr. Vie SuperFoods with mother and daughter

My Easter Food Event

“Loved the superfoods!”

1:1 with Minister Jane

“Women leaders, yes!”

Meditation session

“Calming the mind.”

Dr. John Gray Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus

Dr. John Gray

We all need superfoods and Dr. Vies foods are amazing. I loved her Ayurvedic brain food. Her book Taming The Female Impostor: unravels the root cause of the global crises and with new insight provides powerful yet practical tools for health, happiness and vitality. John Gray, Author, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, San Francisco, USA.


 Grade 12 Student 

“Dr. Vie you motivated us today, I was inspired by your personal story. Of how you looked death in its face when you were a teenager. Today you are helping us.” Chatsworth, KZN.

Ellen Eatough

Ellen Eatough

Dr. Vie’s Book of Secrets arrives just in time, when it’s imperative that we unlock and wisely use our feminine power to balance masculine energy in us and co-create the healthy and harmonious evolution of humankind. Compelling reading right from the first few words!- Ellen, Relationship Coach, San Francisco, USA


Dr. Vie’s insights will last for generations. Her Self Help, book filled with guidance on friendships, and relationships was so powerful, that when I shared it with my married daughter, she said ‘Oh my goodness, that is so true.’ I encourage you, to learn more about yourself, the sooner the better. Dr. Vie’s guidance is for teens, singles, married, couples, parents, teachers, seniors and grandparents and anyone who wants happiness.” 

Siya for world peace with Dr. Vie

Siya for world peace 

Dr. Vie thank you for coming to our community and showing us how to help our people and to stop women and child abuse. We love you.” Siya, 10 years old, KZN, Africa

Lena Mc Calla Njee

Lena Mc Calla Njee

Every once in a while there comes along a book that captivates the mind and uplifts the soul. This is one of those books. In real life Dr. Vie has managed to maneuver through global cultures with ease and finesse. With the same level of sophistication, she weaves a tapestry of universality in her book. Each of us has the ability to rise above our circumstance, be it racism, sexism, environmental issues or cultural and religious biases. Each of us can choose to reject change and remain the same or embrace the change. This book will appeal to a wide range of audiences globally. This book is a winner.-Lena McCalla Njee Special Education Teacher, Teacher of the Year 2011-2012, Nominee of the 2014 Governor of the Year Award, New Jersey, New York.

Boris Verkhovsky Cirque du Soleil, Performance Creator

Boris Verkhovsky 

I have worked all of my professional life with high performance women, whether it was a National Team, a  varsity team or our leading entertainment company.Dr. Vie is certainly an elite, high performance person regardless of the field she chooses to endeavor in to! When my wife Lana and I were introduced to Dr. Vie Superfoods in 2007, Dr. Vie’s products stood out in its own category! I love the effect and impact, I love the format and taste! She is a fascinating person and now brings here in Taming The Female Impostor, a most interesting perspective and insightful wisdom for both men and women! A must read for all, including men! Boris Verkhovsky, Cirque Du Soleil, Montreal, Canada.

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