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This book is simple to understand. It’s about everyday life. And I personally think that every …say “youth” female especially, should read this BOOK to get a better understanding about everyday life. And I myself, would have been so happy to have read this BOOK as a teenager growing up..because there is so much I could have taken out of it. Could have taught to my children…and probably brought them up in a totally different way.  I think that every female should read this BOOK and have it as a GUIDE. Guide for their children, grand children and even great grand children because you never stop learning from this BOOK” ~Sally, South Africa, 2016

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book Taming The Female Impostor®. It’s amazing how we look at life differently when things are pointed to us that we sort of already know but don’t take the time to think about. Dr. Vie’s “bag” concept (Bag of Codes) is brilliant!” ~Rihi 2015, South Africa.

“With new insights, Dr. Vie unravels the root cause of the global crises and provides powerful practical tools for health, happiness and vitality – all within a great adventure,”  ~Dr. John Gray, Author, Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus, San Francisco

“Finally! After millenniums of spiritual teachings primarily by and geared to men, teachings which have dismissed and often denigrated feminine wisdom and power, comes Dr. Vie’s much needed guidance to help women cultivate and unleash their essential spirit. And just in time, so we wisely use balance feminine-masculine energy and co-create the healthy and harmonious evolution of humankind.”~ Ellen Eatough, MA, Extatica, San Francisco.

“I have worked all of my professional life with high performance women, whether it was a National Team, or our leading entertainment company.
Dr. Vie is certainly an elite, high performance person regardless of the field she chooses to endeavor in to. She is a fascinating person and now brings here in Taming The Female Impostor, a most interesting perspective and insightful wisdom for both men and women! A must read for all, including men! My wife could not put the book down, and said she learned so many things she did not know.” ~Boris Verkhovsky, Former National Acrobatics Head Coach, Montreal.


Freedom Day by Dr. Vie How Free Are You?
How Free Are You From The Impostor that dis-empowers you?











Women continue to experience dis-empowerment, physical or mental abuse, depression, low self esteem, lack of self confidence and not enough courage. Weight gain, diabetes, memory loss and mood swings take over.
As a single Indian female, I lived on my own in six countries, became a serial entrepreneur, pioneered natural SuperFoods, learned multiple languages, boosted self confidence, and found inner courage. I mentor thousands of females and teach mind body make over techniques around the world. Now access all the tools in this Book of Secrets and better your life.

Based on decades of scientific explorations in 22 cities, I guide you through the powerful Yogic mind body techniques to help you wherever you are in the world: to empower your Self, to be self confident, improve self esteem, to enjoy better relationships with your loved ones, to strengthen your communities and to have a successful career.

You see, the secret for your happiness is not found in clothes, fashion, or supplements. The secret is within you. You have the key to shape your future in your hands. For most females, we find ourselves worrying about our future, and how to be successful in our work, relationships and life. You can now use that energy to transform your life.

Through the Book of Secrets I guide you to understand your unique personality, your unique body, your unique mind your unique challenges. Then I guide you to overcome the negative thoughts within your Self.  
What are those continuous negative thoughts that interrupt your days and nights?

The constant negative self talk in the mind is called the Impostor.

The negativism prevents you from being confident, having courage or high self esteem. The Impostor’s constant criticisms all day long, can bring you down, make you feel depressed, make you feel like you are worth nothing and make you doubt your self image, your self esteem and destroys your self confidence. It weakens the best in you.

In Taming The Female Impostor you learn how your mind has been dis-empowered by the Impostor. You are not alone. Over a billion women are experiencing the Impostor talk in their minds too. As a consequence, women have not strengthened their minds or bodies. Today there is a rise in poverty, brain diseases, mental disorders, inequality, violence, terror and abuse around the world.  But you CAN change that! Starting within your Self.

In the Book of Secrets, you learn all about:

  1. The powers of your inner Protector Mind(chapters 1-5)
  2. How to switch your Protector Mind on.
  3. How to use 15 Protector Mind Tools to increase positive thoughts and tame the Impostor in your mind.
  • How to have better relationship with your partner, how to find your soul mate (chapter 6),
  • How to improve family life (chapter 7),
  • How to choose healthy foods and prepare nutritious meals (chapter 8),
  • How to better your friendships (chapter 9),
  • How to be successful in your work and career (chapter 10),
  • How to have will power and motivation (chapter 11)
  • How to decrease stress, boost energy, enjoy better sleep and improve your health (chapter 11)

No matter your religion, faith, beliefs, age, stage of life, gender status or what ever you are experiencing right now, you can better your life with the 15 Protector Mind tools.

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SPECIAL ON RIGHT NOW: VIP ticket to Dr. Vie live talk when you buy Taming The Female Impostor

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