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When Your Thoughts Contradict Your Actions?

When Your Thoughts go against your actions you harm your Self and weaken your mind

Ever thought one thing but acted in another way? It happens when you are thinking of getting information from someone under the pretext of being interested in their project. Your thoughts go against your actions. But did you know that the person it really harms is you!”

QUESTION: But how can this be, Dr. Vie?


The answer to the question was revealed over 10,000 years ago in the ancient regions of India, as the Rishis rested in deep states of meditation...

They realized the destruction power of the mind, not just any mind, but an uncontrolled, limited mind.

For this reason they shared insights on how to rise above the mind and live in total harmony with your Self.

Because if your mind is in constant battle with your actions, then you are living at the very least as two personalities...the stress of which destroy the natural state of equilibrium and bliss that you really are.

Dr. Vie free global youth program Inspiring 300 students in grade 11 to live blissfully

Dr. Vie free global youth program Inspiring 300 students in grade 11 to live blissfully and truthfully

Simply stated, if you can honour your Self by being truthful to your Self...then you will live happily.

The worst thing you can do is to be untruthful to your Self. 

So whatever you think should be in harmony with what you do...so that it does not injure or harm another.


Do not try to deceive others in anyway. Do not use others for your personal gain.

I am here to help you...

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Donate to Super Conscious Humanity with Dr Vie

When you deceive others you are really harming your Self and weakening your innate powers. Instead honour your Self by being truthful. Never plan to harm another and you will live blissfully. Let me help u @DrVie

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