During the month of Father’s tis’ time once again to ponder on the role of men in the world today.  Has the male human improved his quality of life over the last decade? Have men changed the plight of humanity for the better?


These are thought provoking questions for sure. You would think that the question begets different answers, depending on who is answering it.  Instead, that is not the case.  Most males answered the question with a YES irrespective of their own predicament in life. In others words men who were happy and those who were unhappy gave the same reply! Yet at the same time, we know for a fact that around the world disease is on the rise, as is criminality and suffering.


So in this month of Father’s what would be the best gift to give to your father?  A tie, an IPAD, a movie voucher… As many people around the world rally to purchase gifts for Father’s Day, let us ponder on the real gift of love, which is one hundred percent free. Have you expressed your love for your father recently through a hug or by saying “thank you for all you do for me.”


Let our minds wander to some of the incredible fathers of all times…last year we saw the passing of a great father of a nation, Madiba Nelson Mandela.  A man who rallied his nation from one of apartheid and discrimination to freedom and democracy.  In the previous century we witnessed the murder of a Mahatma, Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation of India who rallied his people from being hostages, to being free people.  Not so long ago, I stood at my father’s hospital bedside in South Africa and watched as his last breath of life left his body. My dearest father instilled in me the courage to be free in my mind even though we were at that time in a country beset with problems.


When we look back in time to some of the greatest men of all time, it is not those who were aggressively or financially powerful, or those who are leaders or conqueror of nations who come to mind, but those who have had that inner spark of something way beyond the ordinary.  Those who did not fall prey to the fleeting urges of society’s swing on the pendulum of selfish desires for power and namesake. In their simplicity they rose above the masses entrenched in their habits racing to make the best of this one life that they have to live.


In the young boys who are now developing around the planet, what will they be like twenty years down the road? If we ask them the same question then:

Has the male human improved his quality of life over the last decade? Have men changed the plight of humanity for the better?

What do you think their answer would be?
How do we instill righteous values into children so that they grow to be wise and kind adults who will protect our planet and all its beings?
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With love,
Dr. Vie
Planet Earth in the Great Cosmos