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Know Your Self, Better Your Life

We’ve brought in 2015 with great celebrations in many areas of the world, but at the same time billions of humans also experienced inhumane conditions and states of despair. What will this new year bring? Will we decrease the crime, hatred, violence, abuse and wars against our own species? I certainly meditate for world peace, while I do my little bit to create hope in all and to make a difference in the lives of even a few, as I write from the midst of Africa, where I welcomed in the start of 2015 and ponder on the role of parents.


Know Your Self, Better Your Life
Know Your Self, Better Your Life

My meeting with Henry Deevahn

As 2014 drew to a close, I had the great fortune to share a few hours with a delightful young lad during a social gathering. Henry Deevahn is barely 13, of medium build, with sharp enthusiastic eyes and a bounce in his step. As our paths crossed, our conversation steered towards an array of topics, and if I did not know any better, I may have mistook the discussions for those I have with learned university students or educators. Henry and I talked about life on other planets, politics, environmental issues, new technological discoveries and even archaeological finds!  All I in all I was truly impressed with the sharp mind and deep perception of the lad. His single father had raised this young man well.



Youth like Henry

Youth like Henry revitalize our hope that the future will a brighter one in the hands of our future adults provided that the youth of today are consciously aware of their true nature, the nature around them and the world that they live in.  Now, do take note that even though the rest of the youth at that function were more concerned about texting their friends on their mobile devices, Henry did not even carry a device in his hands, but he did juggle the world in his intelligent mind! Fascinating.

Now here in Africa I find that almost all youth are obsessed with their mobile devices. Wherever you see them, there they are, in the throes of the most interesting situations, yet alas, with their heads down and their deft fingers jabbing away at their mobile devices. Sadly, life is passing them by, and they are missing out on the wonders of nature, to expand their life potential and to develop their states of consciousness and propel the human race to even higher states of being.


Shrinking Human Brain

Are we creating the next generation to be less conscious, more dependent on devices to do the thinking for them, and consequently will the capacity of the human brain decrease? Shockingly, this is already happening as we witness the “shrinkage” of the human brain!

What are the consequences of such physiological happenings? For one, as the frontal lobe decreases in functionality, we will see more apathetic, less engaged humans. People who are less compassionate and hence more liable to participate in hate crimes, violence, abuse, wars and acts against humanity. As we continue down that path of more “robotic-like” behavior, less free thought and inability to use the magnificent human brain to its best, we will realize the negative effects on the rest of the world. It is a small world after all.

Role of Parents in 2015

Rather, if parents and educators of youth can rally together and formulate volunteer programs to engage the youth in nature and in help-a senior programs, we will begin to see a change for the better. Where empathy and compassion will become standard, and the brain capacity will increase, and the hate, inequality, violence, abuse and crimes in adulthood will decrease across the globe.

However, these values can only be taught by parents. Bringing a child into this world is a massive undertaking that must be taken seriously. In earlier times, at least one parent was actively involved in the moral education of the child. Grandparents and great grandparents as well as the community  provided additional support systems to hand down the values and traditions. Today, both parents are focused on work to meet the unrealistic demands of the system. Yet the most important role of a parent, that of raising the child, is deserted. The consequence is a child left to his/her own whims, will wander off to the land of misdemeanours, drug abuse, negative peer pressure and elect to go down the wrong path.  These un-supervised youth quickly become young adults, easily swept into radical movements or detached emotionless humans, who are prone to be without compassion. The criminals, war-mongers, and abusers of humanity that we see today were at one stage innocent children, without guidance.


Understand Yourself, Use the understanding to Better Your Life and Shape Your Communities

So as we start this 2015, parents are more important than ever. Parents need to look deep within themselves and answer the age old question: what is main my role if I bring a child into this world? The role must be to guide the child to young adulthood and independence. If we can educate would-be parents to re-assess their future roles as parents, our world will be a safer, more loving, peaceful and humane one.

Now onward to more free workshops and inspirational talks to the youth and women of Africa as I continue my Female Protectors of Africa programs that dive deeply into the research and findings and strategies from my new book Taming The Female Impostor – which guides women to firstly understand their unique selves and then use that understanding to better their lives and in turn better their families and  communities.


I urge you to get a free chapter from the book if you like and also join me for free weekly webcasts where we chat about the “how to’s to a healthier life”. and if you would like to call on me to address your groups of youth and women and inspire them to tap into their life potential then do contact me below.


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