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Around the Planet many women are focusing on women empowerment, but is it working or not? Is it on track or is it side tracked. In this article we find out more and learn how to restore humanity to it natural path where women are visionary leaders. We chat with Sally a stay at home mom, a mother of two (adult son and daughter), a wife, a mother-in-law, a grandmother and a care giver to her live in mom. Sally has just completed reading my controversial thought provoking non-fiction book Taming The Female Impostor: Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity. She shares her first impressions, and what she has taken from the scientific and global findings about the unharnessed power within every female on Planet Earth.

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This book is simple to understand. It’s about everyday life. And I personally think that every …say “youth” female especially, should read this BOOK to get a better understanding about everyday life. And I myself, would have been so happy to have read this BOOK as a teenager growing up..because there is so much I could have taken out of it.Could have taught to my children…and probably brought them up in a totally different way. 

I think that every female should read this BOOK and have it as a GUIDE. Guide for their children, grand children and even great grand children because you never stop learning from this BOOK.

How Can Youth Benefit From Reading Taming The Female Impostor?

#1 For girls growing up…I will speak about the Indian community, because I am an Indian. We always have this perception..where the girls have to grow up…

  • they have to be the mothers…
  • they have to find the perfect husband.
  • they have to find the husband to buy them the beautiful car,
  • they have to find the husband to buy them the beautiful home.

So as we learn from the BOOK, we must teach our daughters to grow up and educate themselves.

If you want a beautiful car, buy it yourself. If you want a beautiful home, buy it yourself.Do n’t wait for someone else to come into your life and give you all these things.Because one day, all these things can be taken away from you, but your education, what you have learned in life is something that you gotta carry forward.

And we want our children to be married at a certain age, especially the girls..

  • You reach a certain age…”GET MARRIED” or
  • You too old to have children…start having children when you are young.
  • Let you children grow up with you…when you are old it is too late.

Personally, and this is even what I told my daughter…

Even before I read this BOOK…

There is no hurry to have a child.Have a child when you want to have a child so you will truly love that child It is not a duty…it is not a responsibility.

Chapter 9: All About Friendships

Girls out there, from what I read from the BOOK and what I tell my daugther and daughter-in-law…HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS…and still be content with your Self. (Ch. 9 HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS) .

 When I read this BOOK, the first thing I did…I sent the steps of

How You Can Choose A Friend (SFF Test) Ch 9 

How To Select Your Soul Mate Partner page 160

And it made so much of sense to my daughter and daughter-in-law. Because if you go by the Principles (15 Protector Tools) in this Guide cannot go wrong.

My daughter..her reply was..“Oh my GOD that is so true.

Because how many people in your life you can call your true friend ? Not many. There are people you can not trust today.You go and pour your heart out…and say that is the only person you are talking to..not to discuss it with someone else.. But the moment your back is turned somebody else hears about it.

So this BOOK Taming The Female Impostor will GUIDE you. You read the BOOK…it’s your own thoughts…and how you interpret it. And you cannot dictate to somebody else…”Oh this is what you are going to get out of the BOOK.” It is for you to read and understand.

Chapter 7: How To Perfect Love In Your Life

I’ve got nieces, and I sent the same message to those nieces of mine because they are not married. One is 25 and one is 21.The one who is 25 tells me:”I cannot find the right person.” I tell her: “Why do you want to get married now, what’s the rush?” There is no reason. When you find the right person and you feel the person is right for you, get married. There is no rush.

BUT society tells young girls “You Have to be married. You HAVE to have a child….not one…one is not enough. Grow your family…but today everything is expensive. You do not buy your children things to give them SHOW them the love.

And that is why our children are leading the lives they are leading today because women are too busy working….you give them those gadgets, cell phones, tablets. All the children today are on those tablets, busy with those games.

Have a child if you can spend time with the child.

All the child needs is a mother’s love which is so important.

This BOOK Taming The Female Impostor is a stepping stone for every young girl. It’s never too late…whether you are a young girl, a mother, a grandmother…you can take things from this BOOK.I promise you… if you read it with understanding…it is simple. Very simple. Read with understanding and take from it what you can.


Chapter 8: All About How To Use Food To Boost Body And Mind

We force food onto our family…first thing when somebody is coming over…

“What does she like to eat?”

I taught my children this when they were little..give them all the sweets…things that are fattening…and now we tell them…do n’t eat it. (Page 182).

If I knew then what I know now after reading this BOOK I would have done things totally differently. So I am so glad for this BOOK. I am now teaching my daughter and telling her this stuff…and hopefully my grand daughter is going to take from this.

Power of Women: Women Empowerment

Because a female is very powerful. She is the most powerful… even compared to a man the female is the most powerful because she teaches…she is the first teacher in life…you teach your child, you teach your children, you teach your grandchildren. You also teach your husband!

If you cannot give good advice to your husband…even if he sits with you he cannot even have a good conversation with you. Educate yourself about your husband’s interests also, about his work and the world. You do not need a degree…just common sense. Lots of people are lacking common sense.

So I say this BOOK is so simple…but read it and understand it.

And I have gone back…if I could not understand something I am going back to it and re read it.

I’m going to carry on reading this book because I have so much to teach my children.

Dr. Vie I am so thankful for this BOOK that I bought from you. I hope that if I speak about it, people will understand me and they will read this BOOK as well and treasure it.

You read this BOOK as well’cos this is something that is gonna last for generations.

Our world is going in a direction that we never imagined it would go. When I grew up life was totally different. When I see my grandchild now it is totally different.

“So if everybody can take something from this BOOK into their lives and pass it on to the children I think it would be SO GOOD.””So if everybody can take something from this BOOK into their lives and pass it on to the children I think it would be SO GOOD.”



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