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Women's day with the greatest woman on Earth

One day celebrates Women each year. Boosting the role of women in the family, home, community, economy and world. Every female, wherever you are, whatever your culture or age can feel a tad bit more appreciated, respected, honored, recognized and perhaps even pampered, if you are lucky on that one day. But, what about tomorrow?


Women’s Day is over tomorrow

In many countries, for many women today is already tomorrow. And for many women around our great Mother Earth, today will always be tomorrow.

A tomorrow when women’s day is no more. When there is no celebration of women, no helping women, no respecting women, and no valuing of women.

Instead if you are a woman, your day could be filled with toil, struggle, injustice, subordination and abuse. Is there light at the end of the tunnel for you?

Freedom of Thought

Oddly enough, on each celebratory day I begin writing an article to share in the joy, only to find my inner thoughts stirring through my arms, rushing down my fingers and taking over the keyboard. Unleashing the reality that most humans are facing here on our own planet Earth, even as others participate in the gleeful events.



Why am I such a Spoil Sport?

“Why can’t you just let your hair down, Dr. V and join in the hedonism? Why?” You ask.

“Because I prefer to celebrate love, justice and equality everyday.”


Man-Made World?

I’d love to know that you and every woman, no matter what your status-beggar or billionaire, alone or surrounded by family- can feel safe, loved, nurtured, and happy, in our man-made world.


You Have The Right To Feel Safe From Fellow Humans

Even when you encounter natural disasters, you should still feel loved within the human community. You should never feel threatened or weakened because of man-made contraptions. The air you breathes should be clean, the water you drinks should be healthy, the sounds you hear should be natural and the food she eat should be pure.

You should be able to walk at anytime, without worry of an attack from your own fellow humans.


Power and Economy?

As you and I know, for over two thousand years, women have been restrained from their natural state. Their visionary powers, nurturing hands, and guiding abilities have been suppressed and detoured toward material and vain pursuits-for exploited gains.

Power and economy, the today’s driving forces have successfully molded the limitless possibilities of repressed females- like pliable clay on  a potter’s wheel, and women have been unknowingly shaped into puppets on a string…blissfully unaware. Made to think that they, we are free, and making progress.


A Women’s Choice?

As a female you can opt to fall into the trap carefully set over two thousand years, and feel as if you are celebrating empowerment, emancipation, the right to vote, the right to wear what you desire, and compete with the male human on your own terms…

If you so wish, you can become just like the three billion men; polluting the air with machines, adulterating the soil with industrial wastes, and destroying ocean life with excavations. Which has been happening for thousands of years.

If you wish you can be known as one more human responsible for obliterating Mother Earth and her planetary beings, and you may even get an esteemed position as CEO of a Fortune 500 company.


A Visionary Women’s Choice?

Or if you are a visionary woman you can tap in to your real assets, you real strengths, your real gifts, and with your freedom to choose whatever you wish to do, select with the greatest of care, actions to reverse the sordid mess created by billions of humans focused on instant gratification and short term gains. But that does take a lot of self confidence, trust in love and compassion, great self esteem and massive faith in your self and the power greater than your self.



If Man Molded the World to the Disaster it is in now, Does He deserve Love?

Of course, you just like he, want to feel safe, healthy, loved and happy.

Does your Cat or Dog deserve Love?


So does every other she and he, be it a cat, a dog, a monkey, a fish, a horse, a bird…you get the picture. Every being with whom we share this home planet Earth, wants a good, healthy, safe life.


Can We Work Together as One?

Why can we not work together to create a more natural future, where the greatest power of all on earth, Mother Nature is set free from her chains.

She has been imprisoned for far too long, together with over 3 billion other females.

If she is set free, her most amazing power will shine once again.

She will be able to feed us with her fresh air, her clean water and her amazing food as we bask in her natural sounds. Yes, she created healthy environments for us humans to enjoy…until we imprisoned her…and repressed her, and abused her…BUT we can set her free by being the amazing women that we are. 


You Came From A Woman and will disintegrate into one

Whenever we celebrate women’s day, let us look deep within us, no matter your gender.

You just like me, lived inside a woman for nine months. We drank from her, we ate from her, we breathed from her. Our body is made from hers.

We came forth from a woman. Our mothers are great indeed. 


The Most Powerful Female on Earth?

You and our Mothers came forth from the greatest giver of life. Mother Nature.


Setting the Greatest Woman Free

Let us work to set Mother Nature free.


Let us free her from her man-made shackles, so she may recharge us with the visionary insights to set ourselves free.


Women’s day celebrates…

Here’s to women’s day, Mother Nature’s day, everyday, where every human and every species celebrates freedom. 

We can change hatred to love, violence to nurturing, and poverty to nourishment.

Everyone can smile again.

It all depends on you, my dear fellow female.

I’d love to chat with you even more…take advantage of my free chats and send me an email or comment…I’m here for you.


Lots of love, always

Dr. Vie

Your Guide, Author, Mind Scientist, Humanitarian, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, Natural Foods Pioneer

Founder of Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Movement

Professor: Dr. Vie Super Conscious Program



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