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During 3 Super Conscious Youth Camps in Africa, youth shared their plans to transform themselves, their communities, the country of South Africa and Planet Earth to a natural state of Being, living in an environment without corruption, crime, hatred or violence but with compassion, and love and respect for Mother Nature. What an amazing weekend it was, as I led three fun filled dynamic transformation workshops, with 100 youth ages 6 to 24, in two locations in the heart of South Africa. There is hope for our beloved Planet and all her Beings, indeed.

Super Conscious Humanity Through Youth Camps In Africa

The first weekend workshop was held in a school in an area called Westville. When I arrived the youth ages 12 to 24 were already busy making sandwiches to feed seniors and under privileged kids. After a vegetarian lunch we gathered for my workshop, and what an incredible session it turned out to be.  For anyone who has attended my talks, you know that I speak from my heart, off the cuff…this means that I do not prepare in advance for the talks…as all is impromptu…as I derive energies from the audience.

Dr. Vie Super Conscious Youth Camp Westville South Africa live
Dr. Vie Super Conscious Youth Camp Westville South Africa

Youth Camps Africa Ages 12 to 24

The youth were already functioning at a higher level of compassion and consciousness, so as I dove deeper into their minds and explored possibilities, energies began to rise and the life flow in the room expanded….wow!  Their eyes lit up, their hearts opened and words cannot describe what we experienced!


Following the session several youth gathered to share their experiences:

“When you (Dr. Vie) revealed the who the ….was, the hairs on my arms stood up high and my heart melted.”

“You (Dr. Vie) live a lifestyle we all want, we want to be like you.”

“I did not want the workshop to end, I know that you (Dr. Vie) will reveal more in your next sessions, and I cannot wait.”

So many of the youth were keen on becoming leaders of the upcoming youth camps as I travel around this neck of the world. Keep an eye out for these leaders.


Youth Camps Africa Ages 12 to 18 Cumberland Nature Reserve

The next day, after a hot, musty drive into the mountains, my delightful colleague, Michael (a diabetic with renal failure, awaiting a kidney transplant) and I arrived at the rustic setting perched in the middle of the Table Mountain.  The four groups of disadvantaged youth were already busy with their life skills and team building sessions. Two of the groups ages 13 to 17 gathered for my first workshop. I had met Michael during my talk to Diabetic patients at a local hospital during my previous trip to South Africa. This time Michael made the session a reality by bringing together myself and the Supervisor Sibayanga. Thanks to Michael and Sibayanga.

Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Youth Camp Africa Nature Reserve Ages 13 to 17
Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Youth Camp Africa Nature Reserve Ages 13 to 17


We had a high powered session that revved up the hope, aspirations and energy of these Black kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. Wow! Then the time was right to bring in Michael to share his amazing life story and struggles, even though he was a “white” South African. One of the youth, Privilege was so taken with the workshop that she approached me and revealed her desire to join me on helping other youth in this country in the Southern tip of Africa. So keep you eye out for Privilege.


Youth Camps Africa Ages 6 to 12 Cumberland Nature Reserve

After a veggie lunch my next workshop began, this time with adorable little ones ranging from age 6 to 12. Wow what a session this was, energies were high as we explored how to rescue humanity and restore humanity to its natural place, save the Planet and eradicate corruption, crime, violence, abuse, inequalities and destruction of our dear Planet and all her beings. WOW!  These youth are the future leaders of South African and will transform the world to a better one for sure. WOW!

Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Youth Camp Africa Nature Reserve Ages 6 to 12
Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Youth Camp Africa Nature Reserve Ages 6 to 12


Join Me Invite Me Support Our Youth

I invite you to join me as I stimulate our youth to be enlightened, compassionate Beings who will bring peace, happiness, equality, love and respect to all Beings on Planet Earth. Please contact me asap and be part of the solution…for this is what I can say for sure:

Our Youth Are The Solution To All The Problems In Our World.

Contact me now…. let us continue with the Youth Camps.

Dr. Vie

Scientist, Founder of Super Conscious Humanity Youth Program

Author, Human

Planet Earth

Our Great Cosmos


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