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Super Conscious Youth Development Workshop with Dr. Vie

Over 20,000 youth in South Africa have shared their youth development issues with me over the past few months as I motivated tens of thousands of youth for free around the challenged nation. I dove deep into their minds, explored their brains and stimulated the best within them. These are the youth who will be able to access their super conscious gifts, transform themselves and guide their country toward peace, equality and prosperity all within the global mission of restoring Planet Earth and nature to its rightful path of evolution. What role should parents, educators, community members, leaders and government play within youth development if they want the future to be a better one for all humans, for all beings and for all of nature?


Youth Development Facing Stumbling Blocks

Wherever I have been, inspiring youth to be the best human possible, the support systems appear to be on shaky grounds. Irrespective of the deep pockets of organizations, or their intentions to improve the future of the country, somehow the efforts are not as profound as it can be.  Why is this the case?


Restricted Intentions Restrict Youth Development

When we as adults are unable to truly be proper role models, in our very lifestyle, in our thinking, in our speech, and in any action we take, then inevitably youth development will be restricted. So it befalls on us adults to redress our own inner selves, to take a hard frank look at what our motives are when we become involved with youth…in whatever form. Only if our intentions are for the betterment of all of humanity, and for the betterment of all of nature, can we confidently know that we are not in anyway restricting the full human potential of our youth: which is coded to boost humanity to its next higher level of evolution, naturally.


Parents Restricting Youth Development ?

During every youth workshop that I have had, at the very least, one youth articulates the following message (the wording may  be different but the message is the same:)

Our parents are not guiding us well enough…

If only our parents would be stricter…

I wish I could depend on my parents to show me the right way…

My parents are too busy competing with their friends and family and I am hurting…


Some of my workshops also involve parents and their youth…the dynamics are fascinating… as parents realize their own short comings that have resulted from trying to keep up with the Jones’s and how much of a negative effect their child rearing practices are having on their children.  

Dr. Vie inspiring grieving parents about youth development
Dr. Vie inspiring grieving parents about youth development

In free motivational talks to grieving parents ...those whom have lost a child to self-harm, suicide, murder, accidents or illness… the room is filled with feelings of regret…regret for not having paid more closer attention to their children…not having loved their child enough…not having spent more time with their child… now time is spent in support groups for grieving parents, where people meet, eat and greet…but can use their life challenges as a stepping stone to get out of the grief, get into life and make a difference in their lives and the world.



Be a better person, love everyone, treat all with kindness, do not harm others, do not continue to be sucked into the trap of egoistic thinking. Use your life challenge as a lesson to learn how to be a better human being. Get to save another life. Yes we make mistakes…but it is never too late to learn and develop. This is the purpose of life. Some parents approached me to share their transformed lives after losing their youth…


Parents feel that their child wants techy devices, trendy clothes, enrollment into extra curricular or sporting organizations or hanging out at funky parties…but from the over 100,000 youth that I have been blessed to share my life with around the globe…I can say this for certain:

How To Get Rid Of False Ego and boost youth development
How To Get Rid Of False Ego and boost youth development

The only thing your child / youth needs is your unconditional love and proper mentoring and guidance. Your youth will do what you do, because of a particular code within the human brain (page 120, Taming The Female Impostor, Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity, by Dr. S. Vie)


I have been personally funding my free Global Super Conscious Humanity Youth (previously Dr. Vie SuperKids) Program since 2004. I am not part of any religious group, or financial group or any group…for this reason youth flock to me because I am merely functioning as a Being within a human body.

Amanda and Tembi got Taming The Female Impostor
Amanda and Tembi want to gather women together to inspire youth development

I pour my time and energies to inspire and mentor youth and I know their pain and their stories and most of all the findings reveal that we as adults are failing miserably in being proper role models for our children. Because of our lack of proper attention to child rearing (be it individually or as educators or leaders or community members) we are dragging humanity down a dangerous path.

I have met so many leaders of organizations (many NGO’s and Foundations) who continue to restrict the youth development of those in their care, because they do not want to lose their youth to “other organisations or parties” or because ego’s are too large to see that they are stunting the growth of their members, be it youth, adults or seniors. Sadly, employment, benefits, politics and money have become the new goal for most organisations…


Adults Are The Cause Of Our Unhappy and Depressed Youth

We are seeing a rise in self harm in youth, child trafficking, sexual abuse, physical abuse, violence, bullying, crime, hatred, lack of self esteem and lack of proper self identity…these youth will develop into adults…. adults who are “unconscious” of their amazing human potential.

Adults then find it easier to steal from others (be it ideas or possessions), to rob, to kill to be corrupt, to lie without even blinking an eyelid, to routinely cheat, to gossip, to spread rumours, to hate, to seek revenge and to believe that the mission in life is to accumulate wealth, material possessions, titles and to indulge in addictive pleasurable lifestyles…all of which are indicative of a lower level of human consciousness.


Stop the Vicious Cycle ASAP

How? Youth development needs us to rise above egoistic missions, be more conscious, rise above divides of education, wealth, class, gender, religion, race, color, political parties, country status, physical beauty, power..and the list goes on.


Our youth do not function according to these divides…it is only you as adults that create the false divides… You must rise above the man made divisions and be the amazing super conscious human that you are…it takes courage…but you have all that you need within you to be in control of your own mind, realize the truth, and be the amazing role model for all youth around our Planet Earth. Youth development will take on the rightful role that is is supposed to…click here to watch videos.


Join me in Youth Development and Adult Sessions

Please do join me around our great Planet…so you can discover how to access the very best of your human potential, so you can be a better person every moment of life…and you can make a difference within your very own self and for youth development and for your communities and nations. 


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Lots of love, 


Dr. Vie

Founder of Dr. Vie Global Super Conscious Humanity Program 

For Youth and For Adults