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Message From Dr. Vie

I started the youth inspiration program in 2004 because I experienced life as a disadvantaged youth, discriminated against and conditioned to think that I was not worth much, until age 16 as I was about to be attacked by a solider. I felt peaceful. He lowered his weapon and stormed off, as I dragged an injured student to a nearby Chemistry Lab. The medical department at the university was shut down..and there went my hopes for being a doctor.

But my nomadic adventure began.

I have lived solo in 6 countries and +24 cities and been witnessing the state our world is heading towards, and realized that the only hope for a better future for all is within the youth of today. 

In addition to my medical device Post Doctorate (USA), natural wellness expertise, my graduate training and experience teaching kids with multiple disabilities (physical, mental and emotional) and teaching youth from school age to post-graduate has provided even more insights into the issues of youth.

So since 2004, I have been using all my personal monies to support children to boost their self esteem and be better humans.   The Super Conscious Humanity youth empowerment motivation program continues to be fully funded by me without red tape or ego boosts.

Along the way I learned a lot about the hopes and wishes of over 100,000 of today’s youth. I also learned that many youth are themselves alienated, feeling helpless, feeling rejected and as such they seek attention however mostly through the inappropriate means: alcohol, smokes, sexual exploits, drugs, fame-glory, violence, manipulation, joining gangs, seeking revenge and even engaging in acts of terror.  

There are many groups out there that flourish on attracting our unhappy youth. These groups thrive on the vulnerable minds of our disenchanted youth. The groups find it easy to sway our helpless youth to become less than compassionate humans, in exchange for group identity and acceptance. Mass shootings and suicidal acts of terror by unloved youth are becoming the norm, just as much as alcoholism, drug addiction, criminal behavior, bullying, teenage pregnancy, thug mentality and false identity are on the rise.   Each of these acts are ruining the life of the youth who engage in these actions.

Radicalization (radicalisation) is the worst possible route for anyone to take. It is an extreme lifestyle on the darkest side of the moon.

Dear youth, radicalization (radicalisation) results in losing your own human powers that you are coded with. If you go this path you will eventually lose control over your own mind. You will become a follower. What should you do instead?  

Take the route of self-empowerment and self development.  This way you can access your true human potential and super humanity that is yours to keep forever. Why? Because with your own power, you will feel amazing even if you are on your own. You will be able to lead yourself. You will find people wishing that they could also feel amazing like you. You will become courageous, successful, and compassionate. You will realize that you can make a difference and be the greatest asset to Planet Earth.  


Dear adults: As grown adults, it is our duty, especially if we are parents, grandparents, relatives or leaders, to guide the children under our care, so that they become the best human possible.

What is a great human?

One who is kind, compassionate and sees himself/herself as one with everyone and all of nature. He/she is not restricted by education, religion, family status they are born into, or the job title that they have or the color of their skin or their cultural group. They see no boundaries. Their mindset is expansive and integrative. They are well integrated as humans on Planet Earth, fully conscious of their humanity and super conscious powers to be visionary beings without boundaries of the six senses. When life throws a great human challenges, he/she takes it on as a reason to dive deeper into him/her self to access the very best of him/her self so he/she can become a highly evolved better human.


Being a great human begins with children. I am a single woman, and I do not have my own kids, but I am mentor to thousands of kids around our Planet. So for many years I have been living a simple life so that kids can have a better future. Do watch the videos from the Dr. Vie youth empowerment motivation program PEACE Shows and see for yourself that we can be hopeful of our future if our kids are guided well.


You must start right away. There is not a moment to lose. Enough time has been lost already. I have seen the steady rise in youth issues since I started the program in 2004. Parents are losing their bonds with their kids, leaders are losing their bonds with communities all because of distractions and insufficient knowledge.   Right away, do encourage your youth to join my youth motivation program live shows, interact, ask questions during the PEACE Shows. Please also join my special live events for adults to learn how you can become actively involved in guiding youth to be the amazing humans that they are.   We also have local events in many countries to bring the youth together to discuss world issues and how they can be part of shaping the future by firstly loving who they are and being well within themselves.

For now, to see videos scroll further down this page or to see even more, click here   and get updates of events by connecting with me on Twitter and Facebook.

If your child or youth is interested in joining do contact me. If you have a youth organization that is interested in providing global support for their youth, do let me know. If you have any questions do send me email. I look forward to meeting you (if you are a youth) or meeting your youth soon.

Lots of love Always Dr. Vie  


History of Dr. Vie SuperKids Youth Empowerment Motivation

A free program for kids and youth, personally funded by Dr. Vie since 2004, for the future of the Planet Earth and the great Cosmos. 2012 was a special year dedicated to the memory of Dr. Vie’s South African athlete, Carla Swart, who was part of the Vera Bradley USA team which Dr. Vie sponsored. 

Carla was 23 years old and had a special message for the world.  



Story books to promote compassion and love in youth and all ages. All proceeds fund my Super Conscious Humanity Program for Youth.

CLICK HERE…to read more.


How To Join Dr. Vie Global Youth Program for Youth Motivation?



If you are younger than 26 years of age and want to apply please send us an email. After age 26 you are invited to join our adult Super Conscious Humanity Program, so you always feel connected.

*Our youth have won numerous medals around the globe including the bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympics, when women were allowed for the first time to compete in track cycling. Three of our youngsters became Olympians. Our kids in South Africa are focused on restoring peace to the world. IF you would like to be a mentor in our program please do contact us. Do share the love by liking us above and sharing this page and subscribing to our Youtube channel below.


Super Conscious Humanity Program For Youth Empowerment Motivation


Dr. Vie Youth Motivation Super Conscious Humanity Events 2015

Dr. Vie youth mentors discuss world issues Dr. Vie addresses 1200 children

Dr. Vie addresses 350 children

Dr. Vie addresses youth from five schools

Dr. Vie SuperKids in Africa

Dr. Vie inspires 1200 kids ages 6 to 14 to be SuperKids of Africa

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