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Youth inspiration for 2016

Hundreds of youth gathered during my Dr. Vie free youth workshops in South Africa as 2015 drew to an end in December. Wow, these youth gave a youth inspiration for 2016. Such powerful words, such amazing insights and such hope for the future. Our youth are certainly the path for a brighter, safer, less corrupt, equal and righteous humanity, Planet and world for sure.


Youth inspiration for 2016 : “We can end abuse against children and women, we can end corruption, we can end animal abuse, we can end inequality.”

Youth inspiration for 2016 during Dr. Vie free Youth Camps
Youth inspiration for 2016 during Dr. Vie free Youth Camps


Youth Inspiration for 2016

As we ended 2015, I found myself loving every minute during my free youth workshops in the heart of South Africa…


Thanks to an amazing soul Michael (type 1 diabetes and kidney failure patient) who had attended my Diabetes talk at a hospital in South Africa early in 2015. Michael arranged with his colleague Sibayanga for me to address a group of disadvantaged youth in the natural setting of Cumberland Nature Reserve.  During the two workshops to ages 5-18 we discovered the youth inspiration for 2016 right in front of us! Then thanks to Ranisha, I hosted a workshop to youth in Westville…wow these youth will transform the communities and country.


What will 2016 bring?

While in South Africa I am meeting so many of the locals, sharing their frustrations and despair about their lives and the future. Surprisingly, the adults focused on their state of woe with very little discussion of how they can actively participate in change and be the solution instead of contributing to the problems.


Adult Problems with health?

Strangely enough, many of the adults whom I met in North Americas in November and South Africa in December seem to be fixed on past habits and easily stuck on the spot!

I spoke with people who had health problems, like diabetes, heart issues and cancer.

As we discussed proper lifestyle, better eating and healthier approach to life, their view on life “We have only one life to live, so we need to eat what we like, drink alcohol,  and enjoy life to the fullest, even though our bad habits are creating our illness. We can take our medications and injections to control the symptoms there is no need to change our lifestyle! “


Adult Problems with Mental Well Being?

Depression, family issues, unhappiness were some of the emotional issues that came up in Africa and North Americas. Some families were adamant about bearing grudges against each other, continuing family feuds and instilling the same emotional baggage to their children. Not realizing that what they were creating was really a vicious cycle of hatred, lack of compassion and lowering their own self esteem.  Other families were at a loss of how to raise their kids and many were unable to recognize the symptoms of depression and alienation that their kids were experiencing. 


Adult Problems with the future?

Even though the adults gave vent to their frustrations about the economy, terrorism, social issues and politics, there were not too optimistic about the future. Some elite families were  uncertain of how to guide their children to be better humans. Their kids were addicted to alcohol, hedonism and lack of compassion and displayed signs of elitism. The discrepancy between the haves and have not’s was wide but the gap between the innate values even wider! Parents and adults were still stuck on habits that were creating emotional instability in themselves and their kids. 


Youth rescue Adults and the future ?


Dr. Vie Free Youth Camps
Dr. Vie Free Youth Camps

From what I am seeing and hearing during my free youth workshops and camps in South Africa, the hope for the future is really to be found in these youth. Youth whose parents have instilled in them morals and deep understanding of their place in the world and how to distinguish right from wrong, like the youth seen in this picture above.

Disadvantaged Youth Are Visionaries and will save the world.

Now on the other hand I also provided workshops to disadvantaged youth, who have been abused, who have been starved, who have less than adequate homes and many who cannot read or write.…like in the picture…yet these youth once inspired during the workshops, revealed their innate strengths and their vision for the future…a future of compassion, equality, love and kindness not only for each other but for all beings and for all creatures on Planet Earth!

Dr. Vie Free Youth Workshops Africa
Dr. Vie Free Youth Workshops Africa

Dr_Vie_Youth_Camp_Juniors_Dec_2015_South_Africa Dr_Vie_Youth_Workshop_South_Africa_Dec_2015_


One thing is for certain, the hope for our future is within the youth of every nation. If you are a parent, be sure to guide your child to be a better human. If you are unsure and need support please contact me asap so we can involve your youth in my global youth program…so we can intervene as soon as possible before the negative seed is planted and they veer down the wrong path and contribute to the problems of our world.



Free Global Youth Camps and Youth Workshops in 2016

My next free youth workshop is next weekend in the wilderness in the heart of South Africa to a group of disadvantaged youth ages 12 to 18! Yes we will encounter giraffes and impala and more as we walk through the forest just as nature intended. Please do contact me if you are interested in joining my workshops or want me to address your youth anywhere in the world. Where there are youth there is hope for our Planet.


For more information on my Free Youth Workshops click here:

Remember our youth inspiration for 2016 : We can end abuse against children and women, we can end corruption, we can end animal abuse, we can end inequality.


Lots of love and blessings

Dr. Vie 

Founder of Dr. Vie Free Global Youth Camps

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