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Youth Violence Due to Poor Adult Role Models

Youth Violence Are Parents and adults poor role models?

Is this the type of reality we want to leave our children with? 


When youth engage in acts of violence...we as adults must question our thoughts, actions and intentions, because the youngster's world is a reflection of adults.

Today parents, care givers, law makers, leaders and educators must address their own state of mental health.

Adults are role models...and until we as adults are emotionally and mentally strong, we are not the proper role models for our youth.

Children and youth are fed up with the mess that adults have made of this world!

I address a question raised by a concerned parent...about why adults are not fully involved in guiding their children... Why are adult poor role models?

With the rise in violence from youth, and youth problems, it's time to seriously address how adults can support their children and be there for their children...physically, emotionally and mentally.

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Youth Violence Are Parents and adults poor role models?

Youth Violence Are Parents and adults poor role models?

Youth violence indicates poor role models of parents, educators, leaders, and adults. What's going on with adults?@DrVie

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