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What are the  Ten Weekly Tips to Strengthen My Body? For Dr. Vie Exclusive Members only

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  1. Mary Nut

    Thank you for these good tips. I will practice all 10.

  2. chris white

    Excellent life education so far! I enjoy the focus that homework provides me as I move through the seminars. May I suggest a table of contents for each section of the seminar so we can easily find and review the areas we need too. One question is why the daily wieght check?(i thought i was being obsessive) Doesn’t wieght fluctuate throughout the day and week?
    I now have to exercise while thinking about my homework questions!!

    1. Doctor

      Chris, practice makes perfect, bien sur! Hence the homework. Great Idea for the table of contents. Why check weight each day? Prevention is better than cure, the sooner you catch something the faster you can work on getting it back on track! Knowledge is key and speed of pro-action is the secret to success. There are 86 400 seconds in a day and that minimum amount of changes that our body is going through in a day!

      You have a better chance of successfully dealing with 86 400 seconds of changes and mess-ups than 604 800 changes! Ja?

      Retraining the mind to deal with logic and concrete scientific facts can propel one to the next level of action much faster than postulations and philosophical discussions.

      Yes, it is crucial to learn about the changes in our body as it happens. The scale is a means of measurement.

  3. justin Readings

    Will focus on get to know my body type. Understand your limits, strengths and weaknesses.

    Excercise. Movement every day. If I’m inside all day I feel awful. I climb when I can’t skateboard.

    Open windows in every room. Fresh air to every room! Not just when your outside.

    Creating restful space, adjust room to your prefered sleeping settings. Less light, proper temperature.

    Sun Salutations, something i need to do more often.

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