What will this year bring to you and your loved ones?  As you start 2014 what is foremost on your mind?  Peace, happiness, good health, lots of wealth, love?  More time for yourself?  More good times?

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There are now over 7 billion humans on Earth.  Much more than is needed.  Are they happier than one hundred years ago?  How about one thousand years ago?  Let’s stretch it to 10,000 years ago? Are you happier today than last year? Ten years ago?

The fact is that there are more unhealthy and unhappy humans today than ten years ago!

I had an interesting chat with a radio host recently.  We were talking about health in general and the discussion shifted to children – because as many of my readers know, I am passionate about changing the future of human kind by helping children to find to their inner peace.

For those humans who are interested in the betterment of life on Planet Earth, talk revolves around better health care., better education, how to approach juvenile obesity, diabetes…..and how to prolong life…some want it to exceed 120 year life span to at least 150 years.  There is also plans of inhabiting other Planets like Mars for instance!

That would be well and good if we were first of all successful at living on Planet Earth, nespa!

We may consider ourselves intelligent, trendy and technologically advanced.  The reality is that the human brain size is decreasing.

There are fewer “smart” humans on Planet Earth today than a few thousand years ago.

There is no pride to be taken for what humans have done to themselves and Planet Earth.

If the truth be told:  If you are not protecting your brain then you are damaging it every single minute of the day.

Today from an early age humans start to consume alcohol and latch on to drugs in the hope of “feeling good.”  The act of “having a drink” is common place for most of the inhabitants of Earth.  It has become trendy and hip to “have a drink.”  With every drink of alcohol that a human consumes the brain is directly damaged.  The same is true of drugs.  Legalizing street drugs is no laughing matter!  Except for those who feel that they can buy happiness with money.

Do you know what your brain looks like?  You may be surprised at the number of black holes that are in your brain if you “had a drink” at any time in your life.  Your brain scan will be worse if you have consumed drugs including cigarettes.  A healthy brain gives rise to a happy human.  Simple as that.

The fact is humans are becoming less intelligent each day.

Our world is being shaped and led by less intelligent life force.

We were blessed with the most powerful brain among all life species!  Blessed.

What would you think of a woman who gives birth to a baby and then kills it mercilessly with her bare hands!

That is exactly what you are doing with your brain that you have been blessed with.

Each of us has been blessed with the most powerful brain on Earth.  You cannot make it more intelligent by brain quizzes and brain training or getting a degree from Harvard or being the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or leading a country.  But you can make it less intelligent by what you choose to do to it.

As an intelligent human you have a choice.  You have the freedom of CHOICE.  You are a human.

What will it be in this year 2014? Will you be part of those who are helping the world to be a better place and filled with better humans?

What is your plan?

My passion is to help children to realize that they have been blessed with the most prized, valuable asset on Planet Earth.

Let us guide the innocent ones to protect their brains and to use it to regenerate the natural powers of Planet Earth so that all generations that come after them will feel proud to be humans on Planet Earth.

With love,


Dr. Vie

Creator of Dr. Vie SuperKids, Dr. Vie SuperFoods and Dr. Vie Academy


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