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Antibiotic resistance a big threat to life on Earth

Industries have been fighting nature since the start of civilization. We are a mass of bacteria, yet the mindset of the world middle class to elite have been waging a war against our very own nature. The drug business makes over trillion dollars each year, creates millions of job opportunities, the rewards of which are reaped by millions around the globe. We live in comfort, pleasure our senses as we relish filling our bodies with chemicals and drugs. Finally, the inevitable is emerging. The drugs that man has developed, have created a reaction from nature… what else did we expect? Now we face drug resistant bacteria, which will lead to millions of deaths around the globe.


Antibiotic Resistance Is Nature’s Way of Survival

Nature is coded for adapting and surviving…since 14 billion years at the very least!  


Humans are the first species to toy around with nature in an effort to reject humanity, outsmart nature and take on the very creative role of nature.

We are doing ourselves a disservice, by obsessing with prolonging life within our bodies, by changing our body parts, by stopping the natural path of nature.  The question is why are we doing so?

Antibiotic resistance a big threat to life on earth
Antibiotic resistance a big threat to life on Earth

The Need For Power Reigns Supreme

Just as with another crime perpetrated, no matter how small or how large, the reason is simple: when we feel helpless we react.


What do you do when you face challenges reflects your state of mind…you are in control over your mind or you have lost control over your mind.


When we are in control of our mind we can exert our energies inward and use the power of our nature and become more conscious and shape our future as we live as the best human possible.

But when we have lost control over our mind, we can react in the incorrect way. The situation gets worse, when we gather a following. The consequences are dangerous when we the actions become the norm, become a culture, become a lifestyle.



Today, we live in an era where it is normal to take medication, to douse ourselves with drugs, to make ourselves into something we are not. We forget that our body is made of more bacteria than cells. This very denial of nature is a reflection of the state of our mind…we have lost control over the power of our understand and see reality for what it is.


Instead from the time we are born we are prodded, pushed, and manipulated into fitting into the infrastructure that is fighting against humanity. 99.9% of the jobs are focused on fighting nature.  Today, all you have to do is watch USA TV channels….every 10 minutes or less an advert appears, infiltrating the minds of the audience to believe that medication is good for them. 80% of the ad lists the string of side effects while in the background are people having a fantastic time. Marketing has taken on a whole new dimension that has become dangerous for a weak mind.



The pharmaceutical industry, just like the arms industry, has a massive hold over the world.  The more antibiotics that are sold the higher the profits. There are more billionaires because of this phenomena.  

We have subjected ourselves to antibiotics for even the common cold – which is not affected by these drugs, but so long as the patient feels that he/she is taking it, they feel comfort (placebo) while they are killing off their natural immune system.


This is not as bad as it gets...we have been pumping animals with antibiotics to fatten them up and to control poor breeding conditions!  Now we are in a double whammy…the animals that you eat forms into your body parts.


80% of Antibiotics Go Into Animals

These innocent animals have become victims of our our greed. We are no different from the criminals or terrorists who slaughter innocent children, women, youth and families.  Today in the USA 80% of antibiotics produced, go into animals! 


World Wide Human Danger in 3 Years 

Today we find reports of antibiotic resistant bacteria in Asia, being spread through animals, chickens, pork. Reports reveal that within 3 years the world will be affected. Within 5 years illnesses will emerge globally.


Pharmaceutical Companies Trying to Develop new ANTIBIOTICS !!

Now of course, companies are rushing to find antibiotics to overcome the antibiotic resistance ….and create more patents, get more research funds and make more money!!!


Once again going down the wrong path and dragging humanity with it, all for the sake of greed.  When are we going to wise up and realize that we are in this situation because we developed antibiotics in the first place.


Nature is the most powerful force in the Cosmos, we need to let her take her course.


If we are to naturally die early then so be it, it is the course of nature. We must stop interfering in the path of nature if we truly want to be humans and enjoy human rights and enjoy humanity and save our Planet.

We have seen an increase in Autism and other brain related illnesses that are correlated with unnatural living, too much drugs and medication.

Yet you will find doctors defending medication, because their jobs depend on it.

Once again, we must use our human intellect and rise above the greed, indulgence, and ego and finally live as natural humans who are subject to death.  

We can live as the best humans possible without the artificial man man world that is destroying not only humanity but our fauna, our flora, our animals, our water, our air, our soil, all nature’s wondrous Beings and our resources.



I encourage to you please question the norms and realize the reality of who you are and your special role on Planet Earth. It is time to be your amazing natural self and be the one who restored humanity.

Do join my lives stream events, let us discuss, question, learn, expand our consciousness and realize what our real part is for us to play in this life.


Lots of love


Dr. Vie

A Human On Planet Earth

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  1. Lena

    The last cold I had was about three years ago. I eat mainly a vegetable based diet all
    year round. In addition I take increased vitamin C during the winter. I work with children
    who are always getting sick from one childhood illness or another. I use universal precautions at all times, used gloved hands to wipe their nose and change them. Hand-washing is one of the weapons of keeping germs away. I constantly wash my hands plus I teach my children to wash their hands frequently. Wash hands with soap and water for about 30 seconds.

    1. Doctor

      Dear Lena, wonderful. You are on the right track…to do things as naturally as possible and let nature evolve as it was intended to. Lots of love, always V

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