November 17

Forget Revenge, Erase Hatred, Rescue Humanity

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Forget revenge, erase hatred and rescue humanity if you truly want to save our Planet from the pain and suffering of crime, violence, depression, ill health, mental illness and environmental destruction. An eye for an eye is something that kids quickly resort to on impulse if they do not understand the laws of nature and the need for long term planning. Fight fire with fire is futile because as we all know, fire only fuels the fire. In our world revenge expands hatred and will increase violence leading to world wide problems and destruction of our precious Planet Earth, the most valuable place in our Galaxy. So what do we do?


Time For Highly Evolved Decisions

Let us finally use the GIFT (from Taming The Female Impostor: Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity, page 37), amazing human conscience and SEE (from from Taming The Female Impostor: Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity, page 6 ) the reality of the situation.

It is time to stop the same old technique that has not worked for over 9000 years: hatred, violence and slaughter. These are outdated, useless and a waste of our highly evolved conscience.

These behaviors were not welcomed then and it certainly is not kosher today. Surely 9000 years has taught us a lesson: not to fall down the same hole once again. 9000 years of foolishness is enough.

Forget Revenge, Erase Hatred, Rescue Humanity

I gave a two hour talk to a group of Yoga teachers and like minded people ranging from youth to senior just after the Paris terror attacks. As we gathered in a Yoga studio, all but one was seated on the hard wood floor, all intent on being better humans. Not just better humans but the best human possible.

Forget Revenge, Erase Hatred, Rescue Humanity with Dr. Vie
Forget Revenge, Erase Hatred, Rescue Humanity

Among these motivated spirits I shared my energies, as we engaged in avid discussions, explorations and came upon several realizations. Some who joined, were visibly distressed from the Paris attacks and others were fervent about making our world a better, safer, healthier place for all.  Click here to watch the short video clips.


Understand the Cause Of Human Problems

Hatred is an emotional state that many people around the world are now experiencing.

But we must understand where it comes from, what causes it, and then eliminate the cause and restore the natural human state of love. See my previous article for more details:


Today, we still view ourselves as separate from others…from our family, our neighbours, our community…this allows inequality because of distancing.


Until we can realize who we really are… we are not this ever changing limited body or restricted brain, but the very LIFE (SEE) that flows through this physical body.

Until we can realize our true identity, we will remain stuck within a limiting mind, trapped by the Impostor Syndrome (that I fully discuss in my book Taming The Female Impostor: Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity).



Every Action Has A Reaction A Fundamental Law of Nature

Nothing dies but continues in a another law of nature that we must understand, accept and embrace as soon as possible if we want to evolve humanity to the next level.


Revenge comes from lack of understanding of the long term consequences of the 2 laws of nature

An eye for an eye is the act of impulse.

The parents of a young man who was beheaded by terrorists said: “Killing his attacker is not the right thing to do. “

A Parisian man said: “ I hurt so much, but I do not want revenge. I forgive them for they do no not what they do.”

How we respond to challenges shapes our future. Our decision shapes our future. We can either opt to destroy humanity or restore humanity.


We Can Restore Humanity To Every Human

Let us return to our true human nature.

Let go of artificial constructs that we have become obsessed with.

Let go of man made purpose of life that we are stuck within.


We have all the powers for love and compassion and a better life within us, all naturally as the natural humans that we are.

Let us return humanity to its rightful path on Planet Earth

Stop taking humanity down another path.

Let nature rule and let us be one with our true nature and go with the flow of nature.

We will tap into our super conscious being.

We will evolve to higher Beings.

The question is which side of the future are you on?

Will you be remembered as the one who dragged humanity down?

Will  you be remembered as the one who helped restore humanity to its rightful wondrous amazing path.


Join humane discussions on how you can restore your humanity

You can be a part of the solution. Let us be the ones to restore humanity to its rightful path. Let us not be remembered as the ones who destroyed humanity.

Let us leave Planet Earth in a better state than we found her when we were born.

Let us be the right soulmate partners for our Cosmos.

Let us take on our rightful natural role within the greatest of existence of all…LIFE.


We must forget revenge, stop hatred and rescue humanity asap and prevent the destruction of humanity.

It will need you to be courageous, to be strong, to have self respect, to have self trust, to have self courage, to have self love first. You have everything already within you to realize each of these traits.

All you need to do right now is to open your eyes and SEE. Please know that I am here to support you. Adults can do it for sure. But at the same time let us support our youth to SEE so that they will never feel the need for revenge, hatred or terror.


Do join my life stream events online or my live events in your city.To watch the recent video from my Rescuing Humanity live event to Yoga Teachers click here.


Your genuine Self helps me inspire our youth to be the best humans possible, with no need for radicalization or hatred. Instead our youth can be filled with super conscious love and heal our world.

Lots of love


Dr. Vie

A Human On Planet Earth


Dr. Vie PEACE shows live streamed


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  • We all have a right to be here.

    • Dear Lena, absolutely. Each of us has a significant role in to play on Planet Earth…albeit a natural role (not one side tracked by man made distractions). We are all part of one entity, which I call SEE in the book. Humans are to be highly evolved, not wasting time or energies in futile life draining acts of hatred or revenge. Lots of love, always, V

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