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How youth are preventing brain damage

Brain damage,  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, attention deficit, autism, memory loss are on the rise. What if you could prevent it, would you? What about the people you live with, would they be prepared to prevent these problems? What about the community you live in? Would they protect your health?

This case (CASE ONE)  was recently brought to my attention during my brain health workshop retreat in the mountains.

When an executive property manager of an elite clinic, was informed that the toxic fumes from her landscaping contractor was affecting the brain health and wellness of the resident patients, replied:

“It’s nice to know about that. In an ideal world, we would be able to do something about it, but here on this property the landscaper will have to take a few hours longer each day to complete his work if he is not allowed to use his dangerous equipment. He is not prepared to waste those two hours each day. So we have no option but to tolerate the toxic fumes and the health of our residents.”


SHOCKED? Or Has Greed and Convenience Become The Norm for Brain Damage ?

We thought that the fastest growing disease in the world was diabetes. Well think again. The fastest growing health problem in the world is brain damage.

What are the symptoms of a compromised brain or brain damage?

If you said:

Inability to think clearly, or

Inability to make wise decisions, then you are right.


But if you said:

Refusal to choose right from wrong, or

Refusal to take the time to make right what is wrong, then you are also right !


The fact is that it is not only our inability to (being incapable of) to think and act wisely, but it also our refusal to do the right thing even if we know that the wrong choice will endanger our self or endanger our loved ones or endanger our supporting environment.


So you ask:

Why do we opt for the easiest route out of any situation even if it compromises our well being?


CASE TWO: An entrepreneur mother of a teen daughter, opts to pick up a burger, bag of fries (chips) and cola for her daughter on the way home from school, because the mother has to rush back to the office. As she drops her daughter off at the entrance to the house, hugs her daughter and says “I love you darling, make sure you eat before you do your homework…see you late tonight.”


When Love Kills ?

The fact is that the man made world today is molded around make-belief deadlines, false purposes of life, and need for competition and inappropriate measures of success. Sadly, because of these misled concepts, we find it easy to make quick decisions that sacrifice our personal health and kill the people whom we profess to love.


Everyone one else is doing it, so why should we do anything different?” says a billionaire hooked on alcohol.

This becomes the standard mode of response. Sadly, this is also a sign of a compromised brain power.


What are we turning into ? Brain Damage by our own choices?

We have become slaves to false lifestyles when we knowingly choose decisions that place our health and the health of our loved ones at risk.

There are no gray zones on this question:

Do you love your “loved ones” or not?

Either you do or you do not.

If you do love them, then you will do everything in your power to protect them from harm even if it means sacrificing your energy and time.

This is as simple as it gets

So today, let us ask ourselves this question:

Are we as a human species, who were blessed with highly evolved brains and super conscious powers, evolving to an even higher level of existence, or are we making our brains less capable and shrinking our natural powers?

Are we becoming more stupid over time?


As brain damage, Alzheimer’s and dementia are affecting more and more younger people around the world, let us be forewarned of the fate the awaits us if we fail to take the necessary steps right away to protect ourselves and our loved ones and our beloved environment. We have the future of our Planet in our heads…the question is:

Are we able to use our innate natural powers to be the amazing humans that we are or will we return to the sewer.


Let us put on our thinking caps and switch on our brain power….if you want to stimulate your brain power do join me during my weekly live stream inspirations just for you.

Lots of love, always

Dr. Vie

Author, Scientist, Humanitarian, Youth Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, SuperFoods Pioneer

Founder of Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Movement.

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