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Drug Addiction in Middle Class Males on the rise

In the USA more middle age white men (ages 45-54), with at least high school level education (the middle class), are dying of drug-alcohol-opiate overdose than Hispanics or Blacks! What is happening in the developed nations that most citizens of developing countries strive to rush too, that is causing such a rise in mental illness and rise in drug addiction and drug related deaths including suicide in middle class males? The same situation is found in the United Kingdom.

Now do realize that men of all cultures are becoming more addicted and soon all cultures and all genders will be in the same boat of tragedy.

As mothers, as sisters, as partners, as friends, as concerned family members, as concerned colleagues, as concerned employers, as concerned humans the time has come for us to solve this problem asap if we want our families, our communities our nations and our Planet Earth to be a better one.

Let us take a frank, candid look into the state of the human mind in developed nations today.


Here Are A Few Tests For You Right Now…Ready?

  1. Take a peek into your bag, pocket or nearest storage unit be it a desk draw, medicine, kitchen cabinet, car pouch, backpack….. what are you looking for? Hang on…can you find it? Yup there it is. Your life saver: pain medication.

You know the ads that go something like this:

All you need is just one ____ to stop the pain and get you back to doing the things you love. Bring happiness back.

  1. What is the first thing you think about doing when you get off work? Is it to relax with a shot of alcohol?
  2. What do you do when you are under stress or worried or unhappy? Do you reach out for drugs, alcohol, or smokes?


Which side of humanity are you on?

If your answer to any of the above 3 questions was yes, then you are in a familiar group of humans in developed nations: the Addicted to DAMN-drug, alcohol, medication, narcotics. If you took a picture of your brain you would be shocked at the dark “holes” you will see emerge! Yup, your brain on DAMN is a major reason for lesser reasoning powers and more erratic moods and increase in violence around the world today.

Now if you are a white, middle class, middle age male then you are in a group at high risk for early death from DAM poisoning.



Princeton study shows that since 1999 to 2013 each year the deaths by drug and alcohol related issues has risen by 0 .5% each year for middle age white middle class men and has decreased by 2% in Hispanics and Blacks over the same period!


WHY is the use of drugs, alcohol and pain medication on the rise in the White communities?

In general:

Our actions are based on repetitive behaviors, in other words habits.

We do something once, the next time it is more likely to be repeated given the same set of circumstances, and the following third time it is more likely to recur even with somewhat similar circumstances…


The increase of tolerances is a physiological phenomenon of the human constitution albeit something that can be reversed very effectively, if and only if it is caught early enough.

Now if you wait until later stages, addiction can still be reversed but with more focused rehabilitation and motivation.


Legalizing Drugs To Create More Jobs and Jump Start Economies At The Sacrifice of Humanity

The problem of easy access to over the counter pain medications, makes it easier for the regular citizen to reach out and dull pain at any time. And once the person goes through the cycle of step 1-3 above he is easily trapped into addiction.

Alas over time he would need more of it to bring similar dullness of pain. He may then request prescription pain killers. Over time if his health care provider suspects misuse or addiction the prescription may be stopped, leading to a desperate search for a substitute…street opiates, marijuana, street pain meds or heroine.


What leads to such stress in the human mind in the first place?

Most often than not, the cycle begins in childhood, either by the child watching parents reach out for DAMN at any sign of stress or to relax. Else it could be a child reaching out for DAMN to suppress his own depression or unhappiness or abuse.

Either way, the behavior is learned as a response to stress or unhappiness…a mild form of mental breakdown or mental illness.


BUT WHY the rise in white middle age men in the middle class?

Could it be the change in the economy? Competition to perform in relationships? Lack of virility? Competition with friends? 


The high levels of stress that these men are going through competitively (at home, in relationships, in peer groups, at work) that when coupled to the learned behavior in childhood and youth, and the domino effect sets in…

habitual stress + habitual drugs = addiction.


The BIG Business of DAMN

The fact is that the business of drinking (bars, clubs, liquor stores), the business of drugs (legal prescriptions or over the counter opiates or pain meds) the business of street drugs (legal or illegal) and now the biggest of all businesses that of drug farms have all created a dependence on DAMN to dull the emotional pain of hopelessness, unhappiness or loneliness.


You no longer have control over your own mind! You have become less than a slave.


So what is the business of improper treatment?

Alas, every problem especially that of human pain, is seen as a perfect opportunity for someone, somewhere to make money! We do live in a world driven by greed, money and economy to create more jobs and more profits no matter what the end product is.

So we have seen the rise of rehab clinics for the rich and famous with all sorts of trendy treatments, and the so called drug replacement therapies! Sad but true. Alas only to create more of a dependence on DAMN!


What Do We Really Need To Do Right Away?

Instead we need to dive deep into the human mind, the sub conscious, and the very unconscious where the problem is.

Where the Impostor®

Syndrome was created. That Impostor® that poses as the man that once was! That Impostor® that has taken over the mind.


We need to retrain the mind to get rid of poor habits, to restore the innate powers of the human mind, to restore self confidence, restore self courage, restore self esteem, and restore self respect so that no matter what challenges life throws at you, you will not be controlled by the Impostor®   to reach for DAMN or become suicidal or violent.  CLICK the image below to sign up right away and get the free video series to destress and learn how to empower your mind with the right foods.


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Instead you can use challenge as an opportunity to strengthen your inner self by reaching inside.

Look at the amazing legends of the ancient world: Buddha, King Ashoka, King Chandra and in the contemporary world, look at Gandhi.

When they were faced with struggles and began to question life, they looked within, put themselves to the test, and grew stronger.

Today they are admired by millions.

So too, when you are in a place of struggle it is the perfect time to look within and unleash your real humanity. Just like many men before you have successfully done and pervaded history.


This is your story after all, your history.

The stronger you become the better you feel.

The DAMN Impostor® weakens you but natural inner self development strengthens you.

You are a natural human after all, for now you are weakened because of unnatural forces, but you can restore your humanity like many before you have successfully done.



I encourage you to join our PEACE Shows each month where we share the personal journeys of people from around the world who themselves have experienced the darkest side of life and have yet found the power to reach within and to start to restore their humanity.

Please join us, share your story, you have everything within you to be the best that you can be in this lifetime.

You can restore your humanity, please do send me an email so I can support you further.

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Calling all humans, especially mothers, sisters, siblings, partners, friends, concerned family members, concerned colleagues, concerned employers, concerned humans the time has come for us to solve the problem in our males asap if we want our families, our communities our nations and our Planet Earth to be a better one.

We can put a stop to the rise in drug addiction not just in middle class males, but in all males and in all humans and restore happiness to all.

It is time to live in PEACE.

Are you ready to take action against the DAMN Impostor®?

Lots of love


Dr. Vie


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