December 27

On Your Own But Not Feel Alone or Lonely

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Do you feel alone when you are on your own?

How about this: have you wondered why you feel alone or lonely even when there are people around you? Do you feel alone even though you are in a relationship?  That's an interesting thought...the answer to which can set you free!

You Are Often Not On Your Own 

Most often than not, most people are rarely on their own for long periods of time....given the structured world we have built around us.  You find may find your self with friends, family, workers, or even strangers as you walk around. So under these circumstances you are really not on your own or "alone"...but then why do you feel lonely even when there are people around you?

Can you ever not feel lonely?

Before we go there...let's also check out when you are on your own...

When You Are On You Own or  Do You Feel Alone?

What about the rare times when you are completely on your do you feel? Check out my video below.

On your own, or feeling on your own, but not alone or lonely

On your own, or feeling on your own, but not alone or lonely live video

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The more comfortable we are with our real Selves, when we are alone with our Selves, the more emotionally strong, internally confident and internally peaceful we are....and in this state of living, we will never want to harm anyone else or be vicious to anyone else or engage in negative talk (gossip, slander, verbal abuse) about anyone else or even our Selves.

Do interact and share your thoughts...and do check out the holiday video I made....sharing my first hand experiences with living on my own.

See you soon...lots of love, always, V.



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