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Freedom Day How Free Are You ?

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Freedom Day is celebrated in South Africa on 27 April in remembrance of the first democratic elections in 1994, before which the majority of the human population lived their lives as 2nd and 3rd class citizens, denying their real identity. On the special day Madiba Nelson Mandela was elected as our first Black President in a supposedly free country.

Today over 20 years later, most people in South Africa still live unrealized lives, strangely enough South Africa is not alone. So too do over 90% of Planet Earth’s human population even in the most advanced countries like the USA, UK and Canada. Even though slavery has been abolished and freedom to surf the internet is paramount! This devolution phenomenon is what I have been researching for many decades….and I call it The Impostor® Syndrome.

You know when a drunken driver runs over a pedestrian and when he realizes what he has done the next day says:

“No way, that was not me?”

If not you, then who was that who acted that way when you abused a child, when you manipulated an elder, when you stole from your friend, when you lost your temper or when you hurt someone? I call it The Impostor® and until our mind is free of its clutches…we can never be truly our most powerful amazing wonderful true SELF.



One parent who sat in the audience of youth and fellow parents, during one of my free inspirational sessions in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, in 2016 asked of me:

“Is there any hope for us adults?”

My answer surprised both the youth and parents…(you have to attend one of my live events or lives stream sessions to understand more) https://drvie.com/inspirational-empowerment-events 


You see unless we become aware of our real identity (the true essence of what we truly are), we will continue to live our lives half-lived, as if we are someone else….in a world of make belief, fantasy, untruths and hearsay …… as Impostors, half realized, missing out on the most amazing of life’s wonders, feeling unfulfilled even if we have friends, family, loved ones, titles, money, fast cars, indulgent vacations, holiday homes, several companies, material possessions and glory.


We often ask

“What is the purpose of my life?”

“Is my life as good as it gets?”

“Why can I just not be my Self, instead of living my life according to what others want off me ?”

” Why do I feel unfulfilled even though I have followed all the rules of society and achieved so much in life?”


Once you start asking these questions, you are already on your way to freedom.  So is there hope for us to be the amazing free spirit that we really are? Well there is not a moment to lose, so let’s get started. Three simple steps to finding out if there is hope for freedom.



Freedom Day Are you living life fully empowered or do you feel as if you are not being your Self
Freedom Day Are you living life fully empowered or do you feel as if you are not being your Self? Take the FREEDOM TEST NOW and find out.



[WpProQuiz 13]






Well if you came out of the quick fast quiz with 100% and you were completely honest...then you are closer to living life as the real most amazing you…the FREE you.  At this stage you should be smiling ‘cos I am for sure. I would love to chat with you for you are one in a million. Now just to be frank…there is much more detail to this assessment beyond the simple fast quiz you just took. But at least it is a start.


Now if you scored any where from 0% to 20% then you are missing out on all the wonders of life…you have heard about freedom but you have not personally tasted it yet.


Now if you scored any where from 40 % to 60% then you have tasted few moments of freedom but you are unsure if you can experience more out of life.


Finally, if you scored 80% then you have tasted freedom many times and you know that you can tap into the best of life and wonder:

“If only I could….



Life is about being a better person everyday, improving your Self each day…but you need freedom to be able to achieve this level of self development … personally … Ironically the human system is coded within you free of charge…and the codes are accessible at anytime to anyone no matter what….all you have to do is reach in and unlock it.  

Albeit for most humans a little bit of extra guidance can be of great benefit in expediting the process…



We live in a time when our surroundings can have a negative impact on us…if we let it…and for most people they let their surroundings do so…why?

  1. Because they answer incorrectly to most of the questions above..and score low…
  2. Because people around them dictate the rules, shape their lives, and tell them what to do and how to think and how to act…
  3. Because the social norms have trapped us into believing that our lifestyle, our thoughts, our words and our actions are for the purpose of life, for the good of our families, and our loved ones and to advance ourselves.
  4. Because we no longer have the freedom to think for our Selves... to seek the truth.


When You Live With Your Eyes Closed You Cannot SEE the TRUTH

What are the symptoms of a make belief world steeped in untruth and lack of freedom to be who you truly are?

Have you come across any of these situations directly or heard about it from someone else ?

  • Today even loved ones can look you straight in the eyes and lie.
  • Best friends can rob each other.
  • Fans, devotees and followers of great Gurus can steal from their teachers without a blink of an eyelid and pass off the information as their own.
  • Colleagues and fellow humans can steal ideas and products from the creators as easily as breathing air.
  • Leaders of countries can deceive people for personal gain.  
  • Lovers and couples can be cheat on each other and still remain together in a relationship.


I personally have met so many humans in each of these groups….so many…over a million…that it has become normal to constantly be discovering new false faces in this crowd of make belief truth.  

I am truly thrilled when I finally meet a human who is free of the tainted mind of The Impostor®



Groups of people gather easily to destroy even the most pure of humans… Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King are just a select few who lost their lives in standing up for the truth.

This is all so because those who focus on destroying pure humans have mastered the art of living as someone else...hating the person whom they have become…..not realizing the amazing life they can lead if only they enjoy the freedom to live life as their real Self. Basking in the glory of TRUTH and FREEDOM.  

For freedom is really TRUTH. It takes inner courage to seek the truth and want to live free.

This special power is within every person…so freedom to be the real you is already within you. Waiting…for you to be courageous enough to want to be a better person.



I call this special energy within each and every person, within you and within me, the Protector.  It is your guide to freedom…protecting you and empowering you.

Alas, for most of us, the Protector has been restricted…for many reasons….too detailed to explore herein…but all contained in scientific detail with step by step guidance and examples within my life changing book Taming The Female Impostor® Book Of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity.…a non fiction book with a fable about three women.

Please note the information is for all genders to free their Selves.  https://drvie.com/taming-the-female-impostor/


Unleash Your Female Protector to Tame The Impostor and Restore PEACE on Earth.
Tame The Female Impostor and Restore PEACE on Earth.


Freedom Day should be everyday if you are FREE

You should be celebrating your freedom to be the amazing human you are everyday…you should be seeking the TRUTH about everything, always.


I am here to support you in your journey…having been there and done that…solo while living in six countries as a single women, overcoming many challenges in 22 cities around our great Planet…and knowing that freedom to be our real Self is the greatest freedom of all…even when you are experiencing poverty, natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornado or man made traumas like attacks, or economic blunders like corruption and greed….been there overcame them….now I share all I know with humans around the Planet so they too can open their eyes and SEE and be FREE.


Is Life Passing You By Are You Making The Most Out Of Life
Is Life Passing You By Are You Making The Most Out Of Life? Are You FREE?



I now travel out great Planet Earth providing talks, seminars and workshops to fellow humans to inspire them to be better humans and to live free. In South Africa I have met over 20,000 humans over a few months this year during my sessions.


Please do contact me for individual guidance, mentoring, or do join my Super Conscious Humanity Movement https://drvie.com/dr-vie-tv/ with talks, seminars, workshops and online live stream and membership options.

The quiz you took above is a very fast general assessment …once you engage in the complete individualized assessment (‘cos your code is unique)  you will be able to track your progress each day as you begin to tap into your freedom and make everyday freedom day.


Also check out my free youth mentoring program…  https://drvie.com/dr-vie-superkids/

You deserve to live life as the free amazing Self that you are…and SEE (from Taming The Female Impostor® Book Of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity.)

A world at peace, chapter 12 taming the Female Impostor
Ch. 11. A World At Peace



I look forward to meeting you soon at my live events or live stream.

Lots of love and good wishes,


Dr. Vie

Humanitarian, Mentor, Author, Scientist and Guide

Super Conscious Humanity Movement for all ages

Planet Earth

Great Cosmos



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