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This one on the controversial topic of whether you can heal you at the very core of your Beingand whether by I HEAL ME, one can find inner peace,  live a better life and in some way contribute to healing those around us and ultimately bring world peace in violent times where we exist on the brink of yet another war...possibly a nuclear war  as mad men and tyrants continue to inflict destruction on the sanctity of life itself.

Let's get to the core of our problems....

So many of us, even those who mentor others or lead nations are living lives haunted by the past, driving us to the "mad man mentality" projected as tyranny, which hinders us from being the amazing human that we are: full of compassion, insight, natural intelligence, and vision.

Imagine a world where we are healed.

But we're never going to get there are we, if we continue to engage in conditioned activities that trap us in the vicious cycle we are in?

The only way out is to heal our selves...I'm speaking from direct experience during my +25 years of nomadic living in six countries.

Please join my free live streams...find out more as you send in your questions, be part of your solution. And if you know of anyone who can benefit please share the love. It's all free for you. Love, Dr. V.

How Can I heal me so it helps my life?
  • What is this thing called "I heal me?" 
  • Do I have the power and strength to heal the core of my  Self?
  • How can I heal me, so it helps my life?

We're going to guide your through as you find the answers to your questions in this live stream series of FREE events.

Join this  free live stream series on inner peace, I heal me.

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I heal me host Dr. Vie

I heal me with Dr. Vie
I heal me with Sara Jane and Dr. Vie

I heal me with Sara Jane and Dr. Vie

My very special guest in this session is Sara Jane, who will join us today all the way from the United Kingdom. Sara is the Master of Voice & Vocal Reiki, the founder of Gift of Healing TV, an International Speaker and Author.
She is based in Bournemouth on the South Coast of England, where she runs her own therapy practice. Sara is a Master Teacher & Practitioner of both Reiki & Vocal Reiki; she also runs workshops to help you connect with your inner child.
Sara draws on her own life experiences and healing journey to support those that attend her practice, courses and workshops.

The live stream event is about a very important question.Is it possible for us humans, to heal the traumas we've experienced in our that we can live better lives?

Even as the world continues to get more insecure, more intolerant of those who are not greedy or power hungry or subservient? 

You must have zillions of questions....

The only way forward is for you to become the change you want to see in the world...and in your Self.

And in this series of live streams we encourage you to send in your questions so that we can get together and look within our selves for the answers.Because, I myself would love to live in a world where we are not haunted by our past traumas.

If you only know that challenges I faced from the time of being a young Indian girl, in a repressed society, discriminated against in South escaping death from the hands of a soldier to being thrown out of pre medical university to living as a nomad for over 25 years on my six countries....

Yes you can heal your Self...

EVEN IF Over time we've become conditioned and in fact complacent...and accepted many things that we should not

So let's delve into these issues, because they are profound questions.So when you register, please do send in your questions, because I know you have burning questions about your future. You are not alone my dear...we are here for you.

Do engage in this discussion.

If you truly care about your well Being and of those you love,  do

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Remember to interact, send in your questions, comment...get your questions answered.

See you soon...lots of love, always, V.

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