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inner peace with Dr. Vie

Join the  live stream events on the controversial topic of whether inner peace can be of help in your daily life, and whether by you finding inner peace is it  possible to live a better life and in some way contribute to world peace in violent times where we exist on the brink of yet another war…possibly a nuclear war ?

And what about the terror in Las Vegas, Paris, Edmonton, Manchester,  and so many places?

What is going on in this world? I’m going to engage in the discussion we should have seriously had decades ago.


Let’s Get Serious About Preventing A Repeat TERROR 

What is the future going to look like for you, for loved ones and the rest of humanity?

What do you feel could happen in your life time? Another war…worse than World War II? A technology driven war all initiated by  a tap on a device?

What about horrific mass shootings…from people nobody ever suspects? What is going on in this world? What are we doing wrong? Why are we believing that we are on the right path?

Why are our fellow humans going crazy with hatred, violence and acts of terror?

  • How can you retain your sanity if you have not yet lost it?
  • How can you and loved ones be safe and happy if you are already anxious, stressed, angry, bitter, worried?
  • How can you prevent your loved ones from being the next sniper or attacker?
  • How can you even know what they are planning?

What is this thing called inner peace?

Can it be of help to you in your daily busy life? How far off from inner peace are you? What can you do to get closer to it, today?

SO much trauma….after Las Vegas, Edmonton, Manchester….  Too much to cope with?

Let's Get Serious About Preventing a Repeat Las Vegas tragedy shootingPrevent Las Vegas tragedy shooting? Yes we can…let us heal our selves also.

I get right to it in this live event…as I answer your burning questions and at the second half Henny leads you through relaxing postures to heal you inside where it truly hurts…so you can feel recharged restore your sanity and make a difference to the world that is in dire need of your help.

To help the world, your loved ones and those in need, you need extra strength, a keen mind and astute perception.

Here is a short extract from the event. For the full replay or to join my weekly online events click below.

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Hello my dear, I’m your host Dr. Vie, V And I’m here to invite you to our upcoming live stream series. And I have interesting guests who will join us.

In this session it is Henny, who joins us all the way from Los Angeles.

“Hi everyone, I’m going to be doing a workshop with Dr. Vie. The topic is Inner Peace To World Peace. A lot of us are very unhappy,that’s probably why it’s stressful. That’s probably why we fight against each other. There’s chaos all over the world. So how can we be happy with ourselves, and when we are happy with ourselves, then we will project those positive energies to other people and make otheR people happy.

So how can we find inner peace, and eventually, help other people to have their own inner peace, and then the world will become a better place.” Henny.

The event is about a very important question. Is it possible for us humans, to live in a state of inner peace and contribute to world peace?

Inner peace to world peace is what my  live streams have always been about, and now because of all the things that are going on around us, from the hatred, the violence, being again on the brink of yet another war, a hydrogen bomb being tested, Las Vegas massacre, and even more attacks. What’s going to happen?

There are so many questions on our minds.

What’s going to happen to our families? To our communities? Our nations? What does the future hold for us? So many youngsters are beginning to question this very future.

“My name is Bim, and the question I’d like to put out there is: “Knowing the circumstances of the world right now, would someone still ask to be born in this world? Yes or no, and why?”

What’s going to happen in the future?

“The overall arching question for me, is the future. Is the world going to get worse or better?”

And in this series of live streams we’ve been encouraging you to send in your questions so that we can get together and look within our selves for the answers.Because, I myself would love to live in a world that is peaceful.

I’m sure that you also would love to live in a world that is peaceful, loving, compassionate, and joyful.

Wouldn’t you? So that you your self can feel at peace, without fear, and your families can be at peace. So that your communities can be at peace. So that your very societies can be peaceful.

How wonderful that would be to live within peaceful societies, so that we don’t have to be concerned about being harmed by another fellow human!

How ridiculous is that…that we as humans,the sophisticated humans that we think we are, that we are still concerned about being harmed by our fellow human Beings! Is that a civilized society?

I don’t think so.So here we are yet again, pondering on this question of how we can transform our world to be a peaceful and highly intelligent form.

Because, intelligence really comes from a state of inner peace. Not from a state of violence or hatred. Not at all.

So let’s delve into these issues, because they are profound questions.So when you register, please do send in your questions, because I know you have burning questions about the future. Because the future right now is so insecure.

Even though we have all the technological advances that humanity has never had before, even though we have all of that, we are still so disadvantaged. We are still so terrified.

What are your questions about the future?

Do engage in this discussion.

And at the end of this session, my dear guest Henny, is going to take us through a series of healing restorative Yoga asana postures, so we can reduce the stress in our bodies, tap in to our inner spirit, and feel peaceful inside. Do bring your blankets and pillows.

Because, when we are peaceful, we can live peacefully. We will never ever think of hurting another Being.But it only comes from us being peaceful.

So let us, in this session, look to see how we can be peaceful.

How we can live in the state of inner peace.

And from there, transform our world, to one of world peace.

So please, I encourage you, do join our live streams.

I encourage you please, do join our interactive livestream where you can send in your questions.

“Please sign in, register, and participate in this workshop.

Send in your questions. Questions or commments you or your neighbours or friends have. Tell us what questions you have, or if you have any comments and we’ll be discussing it at the workshop. It’ll fun and interactive. And hopefully we’ll come up with some kinda solutions, and we can use those solutions to help other people.” Henny.”

Be the change you want to see in the world,” Mahatma Gandhi.As my mentor, Mahatma Gandhi once said.And that holds so true, right now, today.

Those words echoed in my ears as i looked into the eyes of my attacker about to bludgeon me as i lay over an injured student…i was just 16 years old and Nelson Mandela was in Prison and we lived discriminated lives in south africa.

Now over 25 years later….living as a nomad, solo in 6 countries, delving into the minds of so many distressed people….I know for sure….Let us be the change we want to see in the world.I want to see a peaceful world, so that means, I need to be peaceful.

Let us be peaceful together because I know we can. We can live as highly intelligent, highly evolved, highly conscious Beings who will never ever want to harm another.

We can live together in harmony.It is time, don’t you think?

So remember, do register right away for weekly events. Find that link wherever it is, at the bottom, or on the right or on the left, or left, right.Or maybe on the top.

Find that link and register right away.

Do go ahead and sign up, and I shall see you at the next event.

With lots of love, I’m your host Dr. Vie. That’s V.I.E. See you soon my dear…we need healing.

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See you soon…lots of love, always, V.

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