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Jack Layton dies of cancer 22 August 2911 Dr Vie

What a sad day today, for me personally on the anniversary of my dear Father Vie’s death. I awoke this morning with a tug at my heart. After all these years I sob uncontrollably this day each year as I long for my Father Vie  on the day that we bid farewell to him. To double the edge of the sharp sword this morning, the news of Jack Layton’s demise was heart breaking.

When I wrote the article on 2 May 2011 following the historic day in Canada, I was in awe of a man called Jack Layton. As a newcomer to Canada I am rather neutral to politics and can step outside the noise to look at the bigger picture. I did see a BIG picture. I saw Jack Layton, a tiny man with a booming message for hope and change. It was not about the politics but about the courage and passion of one soul who rallied the nation to make a daring change on a historic night.

Every now and then a soul comes along in our life time to tug at our heart, to challenge our dormant fears and to be the cataylst for lasting change.  My dearest Father Vie was such a person in a country (South Africa)  beset with problems he rose above it all. Today as I mourn his passing I am again reminded of the Power of One, the remarkable memory of dear Mr. Jack Layton. The nation mourns his loss today. Suddenly politics is not an issue.

 Instead we ponder on the fragility of life. We are given the precious gift of life. Some of us rise to the occassion, to make a lasting impression and then as quickly leave this planet called earth. So was the life of Mr. Layton as he succumbed to cancer.

So we ask our selves WHY does this happen? Why do we have to lose the ones whom we love and cherish so much?

Cancer is not a stranger to most Canadians and certainly no stranger to me.  Mother Vie was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after Father Vie’s demise.  We fought it aggressively together.  That was the turning point in my life.  I could not save my Father Vie so I vowed not to lose Mother Vie.  Yes we fought it with the most powerful natural medicines and concoctions and our love for each other.  As Mother Vie recovered I began to wish that I could help one, two, three, thousands and more people to fight cancer and even more powerful than that, to prevent cancer.  So my life changed , my career changed and I wanted with all my heart to educate our young and prevent preventable diseases. So here I am today fulfilling my life’s calling.  Each day as I walk into our factory to pass the portrait of Father Vie on the wall I say a silent prayer for his soul to help me in my quest. Especially today on the anniversary of Father Vie’s death I feel even more passioned to forge on and overcome the odds of “not enough time” to beat the clock as it were and help save a life.

Alas today as the night draws to a close I continue to feel that tug at my heart. I miss my Father Vie so desperately.

“Father I wish your soul peace, after all these years, I miss you so very much.”

I wish the soul of Mr. Layton all the peace possible. His memory will live on for many lifetimes as we remember his courage, his audacity, his passion for hope and change. Let us love each other and be peaceful.

With love,


Dr. Vie, Scientist & Founder

Dr. Vie, Inc.

Author, CODE V.I.E.

Prevent Cancer, Start now

Montreal, Canada


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