May 18

Waiting for the Messiah When Already Here!

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Millions in developing nations like the USA wait for the Messiah to save them, not realizing they ARE the Messiahs when they have a child and become a parent, and because of this ignorance problems unfold, like the school shootings in Texas when a 17 year old filled with revenge kills locals. What does this mean for the world, and how to get rid of hatred and mental and emotional issues that lurk in all humans? The answer is simple…yet people refuse to address it because it requires them to change their conditioned, habitual life styles… Ironical! Adults want freedom, yet are terrified of being Free off mind control and restrictions that they live within! 


Watch the specific sections where I talk about the problem:

11:16 (aggression what is the source?)
23:51 (children shooting in schools cos no role models)
35:03 (jobs careers vs parenting causing problems)
43:13 ( family network)
54:30 (role models missing)


Being a Messiah starts with parents and mothers

Yet another USA shooting ... in a Texas high a 17 year old student...As I mentioned in our recent live stream with Dr Janet and Ann : parenting and motherhood are the major issues, especially in the developing nations...millions waiting for the Messiah, not realizing they ARE the Messiahs when they have a child!

Only when parents fulfill their roles as parents...know their child, guide their child, be there for their child, will the child feel secure and live in a state of love and never ever wish harm on anyone or themselves.

BUT can the modern parent ever truly want to fulfill their duty when they bring a child into this world or take on the duty of parenting or care giving?

Something is severely wrong in developed nations...that supposedly have the "dream" but emotionally and mentally are living tortured lives..without integrity, without honesty, without treating all as one, and this is FIRST of all reflected in the home, within the family....

We must begin by returning to the home, to the family and to parenting if we are to transform the world...

When parents exude honesty, integrity, respectfulness, equality, and trustworthiness devoid of hatred, envy, competition, violence, vengeful behavior and unfaithfulness, then the child has a better chance of being a compassionate adult who will not want to harm anyone.

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Another shooting by a 17 year old in Texas is reflection of roles of parents and care givers. Millions wait for Messiah not realizing Messiah is here in the family! Watch video replay @DrVie

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