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Processed foods cause cancer

Recently, the World Health Organization announced that after 800 studies they concluded that processed meats like sausages, burgers, ham, hot  dogs and sliced meats cause cancer. The risk increases as you increase the portion and just 50 g a day increases  your risk for cancer by 18%.

Ironically, the Chief Scientific Advisor Professor Bernard Stewart,  for the Cancer Council Australia, chaired the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)who gathered the information declares that even though there is high risk of cancer from these processed artificial meats, he will continue to eat it!


Few things to consider here about Processed Meats Cause Cancer results: 

  1. Finally the WHO came to a conclusion that any person who really reads the ingredients would have come to in the last 50 years!
  2. The man in charge of the studies himself does not care for his health.
  3. The man who does not care for his own health is responsible for chairing the Cancer Council of Australia.
  4. The findings caused an uproar from manufacturers of these foods, who do not want to lose business and money from their products.


What Do The Results and Reactions About Processed Meats Cause Cancer, Tell Us About Humanity Today?

Processed foods cause cancer
Processed foods cause cancer


Humans are in bad shape! Not just physically, struggling with man made diseases mainly caused by dangerous nutrition, but humans are in worse shape mentally and emotionally.


We cannot think for ourselves. We cannot make the right decisions based on logic. We are controlled by our taste buds just like we are controlled by the rest of our senses. I call this the Impostor Syndrome.  We are no longer our powerful human selves.


Processed Meats Food Manufacturers Fight Back Why?

Why would anyone not want you to be in good health? 

Simple my dear, when money is at stake, a husband will kill off his wife just for the sake of getting her money! Money is the new currency and life does not matter.


What does this mean?  If you are not keeping your eyes open you will be deceived by the crafty product manufacturers, their marketers, their distributors and their services, because they all care more about money in their pockets than your personal well being.  


What Should You Do?

First off, like the ancients said:


“Think for your self.”

“Use the power of self inquiry.”

“Be the real human that you are.”


The problems we face are similar to what was encountered at the start of civilization when greed, power and status took over the over all morality of societies. Let us not re invent the wheel.

Today we see the same corruption manifested in dangerous nutrition that the economy runs on. Lethal!  


Do you really want your children, partners, parents to be well or not is the question ?

If your answer is yes, then

  1. Take on the role of re-learning about foods, about what foods truly nourish and protect you and loved ones.
  2. Choose your work carefully so that you practice what you want.  
  3. Take steps to change the infrastructure,
  4. Change bad food habits,
  5. Change your own way of looking at life.
  6. Be your own scientist.
  7. Think for your self.



When you do think for your self, the power of your humanity will pour into you and you will be transformed.

As you change individually, you begin to change your home, your family, your communities and the world.  

View everyone as one big family and you will not want anyone to be harmed by dangerous foods just so that someone somewhere can indulge in the sensual pleasures that rob humanity of its dignity.


Take Step One Now

Processed meats cause cancer and increases your risk to 18% with just 50 g a day.

How can you protect yourself while enjoying tasty foods? If you are interested in your well being and the life of your loved ones, then click here and learn more about how you can empower your self with information about foods and make a difference for all of humanity.



Lots of love, 


Dr. Vie

Your Guide, Planet Earth in our Great Cosmos