April 9

Seminar 1/5: 10 Tips to Prevent Damage to my Brain



Top 10 tips to practice each week to prevent damage to your health   [nonmember] for Dr. Vie Exclusive members [/nonmember]

 [ismember] -17 minutes [/ismember] 

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Please post your comments and any questions or suggestions below.

Laura Brown, Dr. Vie London Olympic athlete recovers from a concussion and makes it to the London Olympics. Hear what she says about Seminar on the brain.

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Send the original link to your friends and loved ones so they too can register and benefit.

When you complete the  5 parts, practice the 3 of 10 strategies over 3 days. On the 4th day you will have access to Seminar 2.

Click on the Dr. Vie Academy menu on top and select Seminar Two.


If you have not registered for the entire 3 Seminars  Please do so by clicking on this link so that you may benefit from each of the sessions and receive a gift after completing the entire 3 Seminars. You also qualify to win a gift valued at $500 at the end of the 3 Seminars.

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  • Jasmin Glaesser says:

    My favourite tips are to drink filtered water, to seek clean air, and to read ingredients on labels…it is always shocking to find out how exposed we are to pollutants and the damage that they can have on our health!!

    • Yes all water (flushed down the toilet,down the sink etc) goes back to the same depot where all the water is processed and recycled back to out taps. So everything that we flush into the water system is consumed by us again when we drink tap water even tho it is purified in some way. Keep your water containers clean also.
      If you can read and understand the ingredients on labels then 50% of the protection program is already done.
      Our body lives on oxygen and pure air. Pollution affects our brain cells first then invades the rest of our body and affects our performance long term.
      Good selections Jasmin.

  • Meghan Grant says:

    Great tips! Question for you: excessive alcohol use is clearly harmful, but there has been quite a bit of media attention lately on the possible health benefits of red wine in small amounts. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thanks!

    • Good question: alcohol in any format causes disturbances to the mental functioning & motor ability & is harmful to vital organs long term. Red wine – it is actually the component of resveratrol that could be the key to anti-aging and protection against cancer, heart related ailments etc.as shown in mice but needs a gene SIRT1. To get benefit from the claims one would need to consume a lot of red wine – thousands of glasses…which probably leave one drunk for life or stone cold dead from overdose! :-) Scientific studies are currently underway to isolate the component and to replicate the positive effects found in mice in human clinical trails also. Best strategy for humans – minimize alcohol as a tool for anti-aging and focus on preventative strategies via natural wholesome foods and exercise, meditation & happiness. You can access Seminar Two.

  • chris white says:

    I really enjoyed the 10 tips and even happier that I already practice most of them in my daily life, except number 1. I barely watch TV but there is nothing like a good laughing session. Is it true that laughter produces the same chemicals in the brain as hard drugs and sex? I am sure I heard that some where.
    I am told that Vancouver has the cleanest water in the world but I filter it anyway, even though the authorities here claim it is heathier than filtered water. Thanks for the great tips. Now I am going to watch a little comedy, drink a glass of filtered water, while I practice breathing ( I find this a little difficult as my mind loses focus!! Obviously I need these brain exercises….

    • Chris, laughter releases endorphins the happy pill…akin to the feelings from intimacy. Yes filtering your water is the safer bet. Also keep the water in direct sunlight for an even more energized feeling.

  • justin Readings says:

    I took some notes on the tips that help me and the ones I need to work more on:
    Clean Air
    – Huge help for me.
    – Always outside, when I’m not I get headaches and feel stuffy.
    – Generally open the door when I’m cooking and eating

    Read Ingredients. Always aiming to eat simpler foods, less chemicals.

    Cross training. Climbing or Yoga when I don’t get outside skateboarding.

    Cross word puzzle. Something I need to tackle more often.
    – I feel it helps when I do it.

    Meditation. Something i would like to explore more. Have done in the past but not extensively.

    Journal. Less to recap the day, but more to gather thoughts.

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