Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s remark about women asking for a raise is PERFECT IF…read on my dear and you will discover why we need to look not for a band-aid solution for inequalities but for the root cause of the problem so we can have equal pay, love our jobs and protect ourselves and our homes.


Well as you all know, the exciting women in computing conference has been going on and on Thursday culminated in a remark by the Indian CEO of MS, so I thought that today I should summarize my Dr. Vie Radio  show that focused on his remark and around work…yes WORK, jobs, what you do for a living….and more specifically women in the work place……

Now whether you are a female or male, or whether you go out to work or not… are going to find this information really..interesting…because it brings into play the many problems that we are seeing in our very own homes, communities, nations and internationally today.

  • We are going to discuss what inequality really means and why it is the biggest threat to the world and needs to be tackled now
  • Then we’ll talk about technology and what women are saying about it…
  • And of course  the “whole issue of women asking for a raise…”.which resurfaced  with a vengeance on Thursday…. after a remark by the Indian CEO of Microsoft…Satya Nadella while he was interviewed on stage at the Anita Borg, Grace Hopper Conference of Women in Computing.



What is inequality?

So let us start of first by heading off to Davos, the famous gathering of world leaders, that took place last year and at which they proclaimed that inequality is the biggest threat to the world and needs to be tackled asap. This meant that all humans should be viewed equally, with equal access to quality basic goods and services…

Evidently, in  2012 they said the same thing and a year later there was still no improvement in trying to restore equality.

Of course there are various issues to address , when it comes to equality namely basic human rights, health, basic needs that all of us have to survive and live without discomfort must include basic health, food, and housing.

Alas these very aspects of life, are shaped by the amount of money, power, and resources that you and I have, which is in turn are dictated by policies or rules that are put into place for us by other people that we entrust our lives to.

So what are the areas that we need equality in?

Surveys around the world including from the CDC, the center for disease control, list some of these as:

  • How a person develops during the first few years of life (early childhood development)
  • How much education a person obtains
  • Being able to get and keep a job
  • What kind of work a person does
  • Having food or being able to get food (food security)
  • Having access to health services and the quality of those services
  • Housing status
  • How much money a person earns
  • Discrimination and social support

As we all know, today, more than ever we seem to be moving further away from equality, and the gap is widening between people having less good health, safety and basic comforts and those who have so much that they can support whole nations for many years.

Alas today most people do not accept their fellow beings as equal, so hatred and condemnation flourish instead.

With this gap between the have’s and the have not’s is a growing there is also a surge in technology, machinery and artificial intelligence. A world dominated by technology and software.


Do successful women ask for a raise?
Do successful women ask for a raise?











The question becomes this:

All of what we call advancement, technology,  is advancement really saving the world from inequality and pain? Or is it widening the gap under false pretenses?


Yesterday at the Conference the winner of the 2014 technical leadership award,  Anne Condon from UBC said:

“I loves finding  a peaceful place…to go with pencil and paper, with a good technical problem…to solve….and…that rare moment when a good solution emerges…..”


When she said that I was imagining millions of women….finding peaceful places….to go to with a major world problem…and after deep contemplation….the glory of the moment when they see the solution. That is what I was imagining …millions of visionaries to solve the problem of inequality, the pervasive symptom of deeper seated problems.


Now the conference also played a short video of young girls around the world…it was an amazing video…that tugs at your heart……it ran something like this

“I am not just a number, but I count”

One girl with courage… a  revolution

Stand with her”

This comes from


When we look at these efforts around the world to empower women, (might I add that I am an Indian woman who has experienced discrimination, poverty, and entrepreneurship) we might feel a sense of justice. Finally for women to be treated equally, to have a voice, to stand up, to be counted, to be courageous…


But let us really look into what these truly means.

Today we live a highly mechanistic world (might I add that I was a medical device scientist once) so different from just 50 years ago, and becoming even more mechanical. Our daily lives are molded shaped and driven by devices, technology and other machines.  We work to sustain technology.  We work for technology.


Yet at the same time, we are creating more illness, more disease, more hatred, more wars, and more unhappiness around the world as revealed by hard facts and stats. Read my previous article for more issues.


We are filling the oceans with more toxins.  We are harming the orca whales driving them to extinction in waters that were once natural and safe. We are destroying their homes and killing their families by pouring toxins into the water and damaging their ecosystem with harmful sound and noise vibration.


If you think that just the whale is suffering from noise pollution, on the Radio show I bring to light the parallel  “above ground”  sound damage that is now creating illness and disease in thousands of residents in one of the top 10 livable cities in the world as of 2014 – all in the pursuit of a million dollar contract between the Port-Rail and city! But what about jobs/work related to our lands.

A 60 year old truck driver, in another top 10 livable cities, earns $120,000 a year – one of his responsibilities is to dump toxic waste into the soil with a kilometer of upscale residencies! When asked why he does not warn people, he replied “I tell my friends not to live there!”   We are dumping poisons into our own earth. This earth that creates food for us, so much so that we do not have many organic natural lands any more (might I add that for 8 years I had my natural food facility hand making natural fresh food to go…and was supplied with organic ingredients). If you think that it is just our water and earth that is being filled with poisons then do consider the air that you breathe that feeds your brain.


Our air is being filled with toxic fumes and our precious water that we drink is contaminated. In my Radio show hear about the top 10 developed nation in the world that just failed the world air emissions check! And condones harming the health of its own citizens!


All of this happens because of industry, in the name of progress, in the name of advancement, in the name of opportunities, in the name of job creation.


But these are the jobs that billions of workers go to each day, dedicated to, just to receive the reward of money, so that they, you my dear reader, can use the money to help your body fight against the very harmful agents and diseases and stresses that you are working to create. You help to create the inequality between what nature intended in all its purity and the plight that we now find ourselves in. But it is a vicious cycle that we unintentionally find ourselves in.


So we return to the issue of technology, is it really helping the future….even though it seems so exciting right now…the forefront of discoveries…..and patents…..and new inventions…….creating millions of jobs…..making millionaires and billionaires…


Please click play to hear the reply of my Radio Show…to learn about how just last week, a major country failed the air emissions test even though they dictate the rules to other countries. The power within women that can, if tapped into, change our world from the disastrous path it is on to harmony and peace and why men must pay attention to this secret energy and support women to develop and use it.


Women can save the world

Not by competing with men but by tapping into the most powerful of all their powers.


We need to take a step out of the mess and take a good hard look at what is happening…hear of what the new White House CTO Meagan Smith said about technology and my frank thoughts about it.

For we can look to build the most sophisticated technology….the most powerful tools…nuclear weapons..send people into space, but nothing, nothing  can come close to the 100% natural free energy and power that each of us have within us to tap into and to live a life of bliss, harmony and love.


Where do you start?

Where do you start…can you even start this…..yes of course….many are doing it around the world…many humble people, who you do not see and do not know of because they have no need for recognition, their work takes precedence. These are truly visionaries, not hogging wealth, not sucking the land dry of its resources, not searching for energy, or focused on their plan to enjoy pleasures, but looking within, for the answers are within each of us, locked and trapped, waiting for us to reach in so we can support nature and in turn ourselves.

If you are one of those special people out there, who senses that that the world is need of your help your support-Mother Nature needs you to work for her and in doing so you gain immense inner peace and bliss that is far more precious than money or awards or praise….if you are one of those special people…who needs a little support….if you want to join the millions who are dedicated to rescue humanity and restore harmony with Mother Nature then read carefully.


You can benefit from the free seminars and materials that I have assimilated for you.  And if you want a quick guidebook then do get my newly released book Taming The Female Impostor, that reveals how women can tap into their gift of healing and restore harmony to themselves, firstly then embrace the world, and how every human no matter what gender can do the same.

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You can have wonderful job, love what you do and know that you are also making a difference for our dearest Planet Earth and all your fellow beings.  You see, being “in love” is temporary and not as powerful as to “be loving,” for if you can be loving then you are in love for ever.

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