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Year 2012 AD in the western calendar. Are humans physically stronger than our ancestors? Are we emotionally more stable than the caveman?  Are our brains more developed  than the Neanderthal? Has our brain size increased since we emerged as “modern” humans over 50, 000 years ago? The answers may surprise you.

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We now know that at least 54 planets outside of earth’s solar system could also be habitable.  Surely, we are not the only humanoid life form out there! There has to be life more intelligent than that found here on earth!

We also know that 251 million years ago 95% of the species on planet earth was destroyed during global warming caused by natural volcanoes.  Mass extinction has occurred 5 times already, only to give rise to the creation of new life.  Now we are causing global warming.

Many say that in just 100 years humans will become extinct once again.  It is after all the life cycle of planet earth – from life to death to new life.

Today, we know that planet earth is 4.54 billion years old. The genus Homo (human) appeared 2.5 million years ago.  Modern human life (homo sapiens) appeared about 200,000 years ago and are the only survivors of the Homo genus. Human life evolved again 50,000 years ago. About 10,000 years ago humans began to engage in agriculture, growing plants and raising animals thereby giving rise to expansion of the population.  Yes, at one time on planet earth the population of humans had decreased to just 1000.

Today, ten thousand years later in 2012 earth time, planet earth is over-populated and over-consumed.  

We are eating more than we need to and we are limiting planet earth’s natural resources that were created to feed us. We are now just over 7 billion humans in number, with a quarter of the population eating the food supply for the rest of the planet. 

The food that we over-consume each year can be used to feed the starving population of the world for at least ten years.

Did you know that 30% of all food that is produced for humans is wasted during manufacturing in food factories, or is unused or is thrown away at home.

Did you know that ten times more water is needed to make meat-based food than to make vegetarian food.  Do you know how much of water it takes to make unnatural foods and drinks in industrialized factories?

It takes 3 kg of grain to produce 1 kg of meat. Any idea how many people 3 kg of grain can feed each day?  We use food products to fuel our rising energy needs and to make “trendy green” packaging instead of feeding starving people.  

2050 predicts a population of 9 billion people on planet earth.  2 billion more people as water scarcity is on the rise. We would need to decrease our meat based diet to 5% of our caloric intake in order to have enough water supply to survive in 2050.

Are you willing to become 95% vegetarian in order to survive?

So here we are today, 10 000 years since humans began to raise animals as food. What have we accomplished today as a “modern” human species?


Increased the population on planet earth to just over 7 billion with

  • 1 billion people starving
  • 1 billion overweight
  • At least 60% of people in developing nations overeating.
  • One out of every 7 people without enough food to eat.
  • Advanced technology to communicate across the globe and within space
  • Advances in transportation to travel around the globe and in space
  • Creation of machines for industrialization and ease of life
  • Creation of energy to support us and industrialization
  • Thirst for entertainment as a source of fulfillment
  • Use of aggression, violence, hateful crimes & wars for domination
  • Industrialized food supply chains
  • Genetically modified food supply
  • Millions of unnatural foods that are harmful to health
  • Millions of unnatural drinks that harm health
  • Multiple sources of toxic air that poison health



  The  above has resulted in:

    • Decrease of the natural food supply
    • Decrease of the pure water supply
    • Decrease of the pure oxygen supply
    • Decrease of the natural fauna, flora and nutrient rich lands
    • Increase of the number of toxins in the air, land and water
    • Decrease of the natural protective layer of the earth’s atmosphere



  From a human standpoint we get the Olympic medal for:

    • Increasing the occurrence of food related diseases to an epidemic proportion
    • Increasing diseases from environmental toxins
    • Increasing diseases from stress
    • Altering the strains of bacteria and viruses
    • Increasing drug addiction to toxins cigarettes, narcotics & alcohol
    • Increasing dependence on drug therapies
    • Decreasing  brain size
    • Decreasing brain power
    • Decreasing the natural regenerative power of the human body & mind
    • Creating a more rising number of aggressive, sexually deviant, self-serving group of humans


  Today 80% of the developed world  live in a society driven by technology – we cross the street , head down, hands at chest level, clutching a minute device, and send messages to people around our globe.  We live in an era where we are thrilled by electronic exchange of information. We are thrilled by fantastical horrors on film. We are excited by viewing actual murder on the news or Youtube.

We seek altered states of consciousness and use performance enhancing drugs for sport, recreation and pleasure.  Over 60% of the developed population seek thrills while seated in front of devices.

We overeat with the knowledge that 1 billion of our fellow humans are starving.

Why do we do so even though we have the knowledge of what is better?

Even though we know what is right and what is wrong?

Why do we as intelligent humans in developed nations continue to engage in harmful behavior to ourselves and to our fellow beings even though we know that it is not right?

The answer lies in deep within our brain.

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All through this amazing journey of life, our brain is still the seat of all power. It registers every action, every sight, every sound, every sensation. Wherever we go, whatever we do, whatever we are exposed, whatever we feel is coded into the cells of our brain.  80% of the information imprinted in our brain is unconscious and will never become consciously accessible to us. BUT everything that is registered in our brain affects our daily lives.

Everything in our unconsciousness affects our actions, our responses, our feelings, our thoughts, our decisions as we go about our day. Even if we are unaware of the myriads of occurrences going on around us as we walk down the street, our brain is coding every sound, every smell every sensation permanently.

Think you are good at multi-tasking?  Think again. 

Multi-tasking is a rarity – as we can only truly focus on one task at time.  Research has shown that when we talk on the phone and drive a car we can only do one of the tasks well to the decrement of the second task. If we try to do 3 things at the same time, performance decreases even more. To survive in a highly dangerous situation we need to function from a core of consciousness but we are also supported by our deep unconsciousness and all that we have been exposed to throughout our lives.

Consider a highly sensitive microphone that is set on a baby stoller pushed by a mother in a busy mall. It records all the sounds around it as the stroller is pushed around the mall. The sounds of the baby in the stroller are the loudest. When the sounds from the microphone are played back by a sophisticated sound analyzer, hundreds of different sounds can be identified. Yet when the mother is asked to list the sounds that she remembered during the stroll, she can only recall a small portion. She remembers only the sounds that were important to her.  She remembers in detail the sounds that her baby made when they passed the ice cream vendor or the toy shop.

When compared to the brain, the microphone is only a miniscule reflection of the powers of the brain. The brain records everything – a large portion is recorded unconsciously. The items that we focus on are recorded consciously.

For our brain to function well and keep us alive and happy through all its hormonal, cellular and electrical activity, it needs the proper support. It needs key nutrients from the food that we consume. It is 100% dependent on the foods that we eat. It thrives on sufficient glucose and fatty acids.

Our brain functions best when it is fat and large. 

The deep electrical components of the brain are critical for life. Like the computer plugged into the electrical supply, when supply is disconnected and the energy is used up, the computer cannot function. So too, the brain is fed with oxygen coming through the blood supply like the electricity that comes through the cable connection to the power outlet. 

When the air supply is contaminated by fumes from the traffic, from toxins from smoke and is not pure oxygen, the brain is deprived of its fuel. Brain cells begin to disintegrate and die within 30 seconds of disruption of blood supply to the brain.

The brain at 1% of body weight consumes 20% of the blood supply from the heart. The brain needs sufficient pure air, water and food to avoid parkinson’s disease, stroke, depression,  addiction and numerous ailments including decrease in decision making, intelligence and performance.  

Brain scans of smokers, drug addicts, alcoholics and even the over-weight indicate damage to areas of the brain that  control intelligent decision making, happiness and compassion. Deep brain stimulation, change of diet, exercise, fresh air and pure food and meditation have shown to reverse the damage and regenerate brain cells in these individuals. Returning them to a level of control over their life.

An amazing property of the brain is its ability to regenerate and its ability to make up for the defect in one area by amassing the power of another area of the brain. This is a means of survival. This allows us to function even though we have killed off some cells in the brain.

However, with repeated injury, as in the case of deprived pure air, more cells die off. Eventually the brain is unable to completely harness the power of adjacent cells to make up for the loss. What diseases do you think this would lead to? Consider a factory in which one hundred people work. When one worker is sick, his co-worker takes on his work load. When 2 people are sick other co-workers take on the work load. However, there is a limit to the amount of work that the co-worker can take on. Finally the work cannot be done by those remaining, and the factory suffers. 

The worker needs to be replaced or the output of the factory suffers.

Pure air is vital for the functioning of our brain.

The brain is also dependent on pure water supply.

Our body is made up of 57% of water.  Two thirds of the water is intracellular fluid and the remaining one third is extracellular fluid (plasma, interstitial and transcellular). The purity of the water that we consume directly feeds our cells. Impure water affects the cellular activity of our body. The blood supply is affected by toxins. This affects the vascular supply to the brain.

The brain is very susceptible to damage from toxins, resulting in damage or death to brain cells. Consider a child who is allergic to peanuts. So too the brain is very sensitive to toxins, the only difference is that the initial symptoms of damage to the brain are subtle. In many cases the symptoms are interpreted as:

“it’s just his personality”

” he is indifferent”

“he has a lack of compassion”

“he is so aloof”

“he is addicted to drugs”

“he has anger management issues,” and so on.


Pure air and pure water are keys to the brain’s functioning. The brain is also dependent on a steady supply of nutrients to replenish it on a daily basis and to allow it to perform at its optimum. Every morsel of food that we intake, every ounce of fluid that we intake (in addition to water) has a profound effect on the functioning of our cells.

Consider a brand new car. As the fuel tank is depleted of fuel, you fill up the tank with fuel. You can select premium or superfuel. The car runs on fuel. What if you fill the tank up with diesel? What if you fill the car up with water? What if you fill the car up with liquid other than gasoline? The scenario is the same for the human body.

Our cells are fueled by nutrients. Nutrients can be extracted from the foods that we eat. If we eat natural simple foods that are easily recognized by our cells as purely food, the correct digestive enzymes are secreted, the foods are digested appropriately, the nutrients are extracted, the essential elements fuel the cells and the residue are discarded as waste.The essential nutrients feed our brain cells and allow for the appropriate chemicals to be secreted by our cells. The proper electrical impulses are emitted and our brain is able to code sensations and keep us in control of our emotions, happiness, regenerative powers, intelligence, compassion, sleep, digestion, excretion, weight regulation, intimacy, happiness and life in general.

One could postulate that

if “human” life evolved to a different level,

if humans made different choices,

the intelligent human species would have focused on protecting the creative power of human life.

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The creative power of the human brain far surpasses anything that we can imagine today. It is the most powerful source of energy that exists as life on planet earth. We are able to access snippets of it during meditation as we begin to tap into our unconsciousness to become consciously aware.

What would our planet earth look like today 2012 AD if the human species made different choices 10, 000 years ago?

Can we effect changes today that can change the path that we are on?

If humans realized that pure water, pure air and pure food are the key elements to sustain powerful, emotionally stable, compassionate, loving souls who would  co-habit in harmony and peacefully within the power of planet earth, would they have made different choices?

If they knew that with a healthy brain we could tap into our higher power  and thereby contribute to the conscious awareness of the cosmos, and innate happiness, what would they have made more intelligent choices?

What do you think they would have done differently than what we are doing today?

What do you think planet earth would be like today 2012 AD if they had made different choices?

We now have the ability in our individual lives to make some choices.

We have the choice to choose natural foods, to eat just enough to sustain life, to drink purer water.

However we are still at the mercy of our environment and its pollutants in the air supply.

Third hand and second hand smoke directly damages brain cells and cellular activity in non-smokers. Yet, the legislations allow for companies to make poisons that create and propagate  sickness. 

This is the age of creating sickness and creating dependence on drug therapies. What does this say about the goodwill of legislatures towards their citizens?

I recently attended a yoga festival in the pristine mountains of North Americas.

Hundreds paid to attend talks by westerners, hundreds engaged in trendy yoga asanas and gathered scantily dressed for yoga poses.

Oddly enough, following the meetings and asanas the majority of the attendees smoked cigarettes and other forms of addictive products and consumed non-vegetarian food.

One such person became incensed when she was requested to stop smoking in the presence of an asthmatic person.

Brain scans of smokers can be used to rationally explain her reaction, her lack of compassion and her ability to harm the health of another human.

You see, exercise is insufficient to regenerate damage to brain cells. We also need to breathe in pure air and eat pure foods.

Yoga is a lifestyle, not a trendy form of exercise or a movement. It embodies everything that we think, say and do in pursuit of living a life of compassion for our self, our fellow beings and our planet, by tapping into our higher self and pure love for everything around us.

Yoga is a VERY powerful method to regenerate life, when practiced in its totality.

As humans we are at the mercy of numerous uncontrollable variables.

The question is:

How do we make the choices that decrease the impact of environmental toxins?

We can focus on keeping ourselves well.

We can focus on creating and sustaining wellness through preventing the preventable.

We can take control of our mind.

I would love to know your thoughts, your insights, your vision.

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With love,


Dr. Vie


Dr. Vie Academy

Knowledge is power.

Conscious awareness is Love.

Love is eternal happiness.

Love is FREE.

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