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Drinking recycled drain water? Everything that you throw into the kitchen sink & that drains from your shower /flush down the toilet comes back to you in the form of water that you drink or personally use! Yup, water is recycled unless it is tapped right at its source in mountains & the pristine streams. A rarity for domestic use!  Sewage, toxic waste, detergents & more all go back to the water filtration plant and eventually back to the tap and into your body or for your use.  Impure water hurts our body and creates numerous diseases, the most potent one being early dementia.

You can get early dementia from contaminated water? True or false?


Yes your brain thrives on  pure air and pure water as well as pure food. As I discussed in the previous article on impure air and its effect on your brain cells your brain is the most sensitive organ in your body. It is also the most powerful organ in your body and needs pure water to be healthy.

So, what is the most pure source of water?

As you know just about 70% of earth is made up of water. The cycle of water is an interesting one as water evaporates, transpirates,  condensates and precipitates. We need pure water to survive.

However, did you know that over one billion of the world’s population does not drink pure water?

Did you know that over  two billion of people do not have enough water for keeping themselves clean? Yup!  Alas, when we look around at

  • car washes
  • hoses cleaning the roads
  • swimming pools

it may appear that there is certainly a surplus of water.

Surprisingly enough, scientists predict that in just 10-12 years over half of the worlds population will not have access to acceptable drinking water! Shocking. How old will you be in 10 years? Are you ready to live the rest of your life with a water shortage?

Another shocking discovery is that 70% of the worlds water supply is used for keeping our farmlands and animals in marketable condition so that humans can consume meat and other by-products of food!  Did you know that more water is used to sustain animal eaters than those who are vegetarian?

I visited a food manufacturing plant recently – a massive plant with 1000 employees. Tons of water was being used to wash the fruit. Amazing waste of water when we know that millions of people are ill due to insufficient water supply.

So we know for a fact that we will have a water shortage within a decade. But what about the purity of the water?

Well think of it this way: every bit of waste has to go somewhere right?  Hard waste goes to the waste disposable land fills – where some waste is recycled etc. etc.

Ever wondered where all the stuff that you flush down the kitchen sink or the toilet or any drainage pipe goes to?  Water from your showers, sinks & kitchen is “grey water” whereas toilet water is deemed “black water.” Both can be filtered enough to reuse for either human consumption (grey water)  or other uses.

Water must be potable for you to drink. Filtration or distillation is used to “purify” water. However the processes are different in various regions of the world. In the developing nations,  toilet water is typically untreated and sent to the rivers!

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

Nespa? True?

The number of toxins and impurities in regular tap water in developed nations is well beyond what can be deemed safe for long term human health.  Unfortunately, buying bottled water is in most cases not much different.

Unless the water companies use

  • a thorough water filtration system, which is quite rare, and
  • the bottle is non-toxic

you are better off with tap water!

If the toxic water does not kill you then the toxic bottle will!


Wait a minute, not just tap water, but filtering your tap water using a stepped process.

Now remember, we need to drink water daily in order to live. We need to drink pure water in order to live a healthy life. Every toxic particle in your drinking water directly affects the cellular functioning of your brain cells. Your brain needs pure water as it needs pure air in order to keep you well.

What are you going to do to protect yourself from early dementia? What is your investment plan for your brain?

Perhaps it is time that you started to plan ahead?

Stay tuned for the 3rd part of this article.

To your health and wellness,


Dr. Vie

Scientist & entrepreneur

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