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World Yoga Day for Super Consciousness with Dr. Vie

World Yoga Day is not celebrating YOGA but is celebrating the power of sensuality, attention and economic gain, and World Yoga Day is only in its second year! Millions of people, in most places around the globe, dressed in their newest, sexiest yoga outfits, stretching out on trendy yoga mats, with hundreds to thousand others, in New York City, Toronto, London… and the list went on. Entangling their bodies in yoga asanas, at times chanting OM. Alas, in a country that does not provide toilets for its destitute population,  100 temporary toilets were provided for those engaged in yoga asanas on this World Yoga Day! Another country, observed these actions on Sunday 19 June so that even more people could contribute to the commercial benefits of the theme. Is this as good as it gets? You may think so, if you are watching from just above Planet Earth. You may think: “Wow, this is an amazing Planet, where so many people seem so super conscious and peaceful!” Sadly, we know that it would be totally contradictory to what is actually happening on the ground within the minds and lives of over 7 billion humans. BUT can we really benefit from the PURE YOGA that was practiced over 10,000 years ago? Let us find out, shall we?


One “white” woman in a predominantly “white” elite residential housing area, in a previously apartheid regime, said to her Indian neighbour (the only non-white resident):

“We are not interested in your Indian culture,”

as she became abusive during her heated conversation with the tiny Indian man. An hour later, the woman joined her sister in the residential club house, where a “white” woman in stretch pants and top was starting a “yoga” class. The woman and her sister hurriedly joined the rest of the 50 “white” residents and began their weekly ‘yoga’ class!

  • YOGA was started in the sub-continent of India over 10,000 years ago.
  • YOGA is a way of life, in one with your real SELF, in a state of super consciousness.
what is the Power of real YOGA
What is the Power of real YOGA, even if not on World Yoga Day ?


An Indian groom and bridegroom waited patiently in a crowded hall, filled with excited guests and frantic parents….what were they waiting for?

The best friends of the bridal parents, had not yet arrived at the wedding. So the husband (Tim) telephones his best friend (Ron) and says:

“Ron where are you, are you ok? Hundreds of guests are waiting and we cannot start without you, you are my best friend.”

Ron, hesitates, then says:

“We are ok, we are just running late. Will be there as soon as we can.”

Ron then races up the long stairway of his mansion, bursts into his wife’s massive room to find her make-up artist painting his wife (Sal’s) face. In a state of shock he asks:

“What’s wrong with you? The entire hall is packed. Tim is so upset. They are our best friends. We must go now.”

His lavish wife Sal, one of the wealthiest women in the country says:

“I have not finished my make up yet. I cannot leave without my face made up. They just have to wait.”

And wait they did, hundreds of people waited, for the wealthy middle age Indian woman, to finish her professionally made up face and arrive in the wedding hall and elegantly take up her VIP seat at the head table of the groom’s parents. Sal was Indian after all, within the culture where YOGA evolved!

Now if only she had read my book: Taming The Female Impostor she would have realized that she can love being her own real self and tame the Impostor that is running amok with her life! 


So the question remains: are we ready to be one with our real Self? Or do try each day to paint our faces in the hope that we can change how we feel about who we have become? The problem is that our lives have become devalued in spirit and inflated in economics and sensual pleasures. Money talks!

Alas, since YOGA was exported to the west it became one more product to market and sell, if packaged to suit the needs of the sensually addicted human. In Canada a “Yoga teacher” can be trained in 8 weeks and take on the name of a Yogi-Yoga Teacher!



Alternate nostril breathing is not YOGA!

If you are Indian, it does not mean you know YOGA!

India’s Gift to the World

Two years ago the UN decided to share India’s gift of YOGA with the world in an officially promoted World Yoga Day! Alas, once again humans have erred and quickly began to exploit the purity for their own selfish needs. YOGA is NOT body exercises or breathing exercises.

World yoga day by Dr. Vie Lesson 1
World yoga day by Dr. Vie





Your time for discovering YOGA

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Be one with your real self. This is the real power of YOGA as lived by the Indians over 10,000 years ago. The most precious gift within India, and now shared globally, but ONLY if truly lived, can restore India and all of humanity in every nation, back on its rightful path.

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Dr. Vie

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