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Dr.Vie Super Conscious Humanity Workshops 2016 Africa

Fifty youngsters ages 17 to 26 gathered in the wilderness of Cumberland, South Africa for my Dr. Vie free youth workshops on Saturday 9 January 2016. We danced, sang, cried, discussed youth issues and came up with amazing ways to be a better human, how to help our families, support our communities, transform our countries and save our Planet Earth. Wow!

Youth Workshops 2016

A few of the youth had attended my previous two workshops at the same location in December 2015 making this there 3rd and 4th workshops. The rest of youth quickly caught up with the momentum and actively participated throughout the two sessions on Saturday hosted and organized once again by Nafale, from Kenya.

Dr. Vie Free Global Youth Workshops Africa, January 2016
Dr. Vie Free Global Youth Workshops Africa, January 2016

” Dr V thank you very much I really learnt a lot from and I was so inspired and motivated, love you so much and your dance…,” said Mpho.

” I learnt to think for myself and not to depend on what others say about me,” said Gugu.

“I wish I could have more than just this one workshop with you Dr. Vie,” said Julian.

“I hope we make a start for other people like you (Dr. Vie) did for us today,” German youth.


Dr. Vie Free Youth Camp Julian, South Africa
Dr. Vie Free Youth Camp Julian, South Africa
Dr. Vie Free Global Youth Workshops 2016
Dr. Vie Free Global Youth Workshops 2016



Youth Are Our Hope For The Future

As I wrote in my previous post,  adults are most often reluctant to change even if they know that what their actions are creating havoc within their bodies and instigating problems in their families and communities and destroying the future of their nations and Planet Earth.

But with our youth, at each of my free global youth workshops, at the very least one youngster approaches me and reveals his/her determination to contribute to the well being of their communities and nations and Planet. To date I have delved into the minds of over 50,000 youth in developed, emerging and underdeveloped countries.


One thing is for certain, if we want a better healthier, safer, cleaner, and happier future, then we must invest our efforts into the youth of today.

They are the ones who can erase hatred, terror, violence, abuse, crime, theft, murder, corruption, inequality, destruction of Planet Earth, poverty, pollution and toxic foods. Our youth are our only hope.


Invite me to inspire your youth any where on Planet Earth

Now as I explore Africa, providing free youth camps, workshops and talks to inspire our youth, I urge you to please contact me as soon as possible so that we can motivate our youth to be the best human that they can be, independent of alcohol, drugs, smokes, violence, sexual deviances and negative lifestyles.




For more information on my Free Youth Workshops click here:

Remember our youth inspiration for 2016 : We can end abuse against children and women, we can end corruption, we can end animal abuse, we can end inequality.

Lots of love and blessings

Dr. Vie 

Founder of Dr. Vie Free Global Youth Camps

Inspiring Youth To Be Better Humans

To be Super Conscious Beings



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  1. Lena M. Njee

    You have got the vision Dr. Vie. Thanks for implementing the program
    Happy New Year

    1. Doctor

      Dear Lena Happy New Year too. Amazing youngsters in South Africa for sure…they are the hope for not only the future of their county but for the world…once they tap into their humanity at a super conscious level. Many whom I have interacted with during the workshops are well on their way to being super conscious humans. Lots of good wishes, V

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