Ebola outbreak, why was there a delay? Why did most doctors refuse to help? Why are those who truly need help abandoned? How does this affect you, your loved ones, and your future?


Here is summary of my recent Dr.Vie Radio Show on this very subject, where I dive deep into what needs to change in our world to prevent millions from suffering. After all, we treasure life right? We expect people in the developed nations to be many steps ahead of developing nations when it comes to basic human rights, right?


Ebola Outbreak has a profound message for you


Ebola outbreak, why was there a delay? Why did most doctors refuse to help? Why are those who truly need help abandoned? How does this affect you, your loved ones, and your future?
Ebola Outbreak – what’s next?











Today I was coming out of Wholefoods and entered the small parking lot, with my grocery bag on my back, walking quickly as I usually do. The parking area was quite compact, meaning that the distance between the open space between the rows dividing the parked cars and the drive through area was quite narrow. So there I was walking across this narrow space to get to my car, in a tranquil state of mind.  A car came up fast behind me and honked loudly not just once but three times, and as I startled and ran across, it sped into the nearby parking spot. There were no other cars behind this car. My heart had skipped a beat, and was by that time pounding really hard and my ears were ringing from the loud deafening honks.

Three people got out of the car, a younger petite woman, an older man also petite, and the driver who was over 6 feet tall, bulky, in his thirties. I walked up to them and I asked the driver “Why did you honk the way you did? You scared me, my ears are deafened, and I am shaking from the shock.”  He looked down at my petite form and said with a snear “You should not be walking in the middle of the street.”

I replied, “This is not the street, but a small parking lot.”  A woman observer rushed to my aid and rebuked the driver as she said  “You had no right to frighten her like that, she was walking fast in this small parking lot.” The man brushed us off. I looked to his “wife” and “father in law” and they looked embarrassed but were very quiet. The large driver turned and all three walked into Wholefoods.

Now with all the focus on healthy organic food I found this altercation outside WholeFoods rather revealing…realize that even if a person buys organic natural, healthy foods it does not mean that he will be transformed into a good person. Here we have the perfect example of a bully in a big rush to go into Wholefoods. He can eat all the wholesome foods he wants but unless he looks deep within himself, beyond his body and bully tactics, and tames the dark force within him, he is going to continue.  Obviously his actions are condoned by his family. One fine day he will injure someone, if he has not already done so and gotten away with it.

This is just one case that I witnessed today in a developed nation, leading the world in a flourishing economy, where this type of mindset is alive and well.


Developed Nations Can Do More

But what does all of this have to do with the crises in Africa?  You see something like this deadly virus outbreak is not unexpected, it is expected given the world we live in. But the main question that arises is this. When it did break what did the WHO and all the nations supposedly leading the world do? Did hundreds of doctors rush to the aid of these helpless victims? No, there was and still is a shortage of doctors there. Those loving souls who did go there, out of love to offer medical help, Doctors without Borders, themselves became ill. But where were the rest of the doctors, who earn so much money from the everyday ailments of the wealthy? Did the wealthy nations rally with medical supplies, food..water and the necessities, no there was a delay….and still is a shortage of these crucial supplies.

Yet at the same time, thousands army ready personnel, well trained to handle crises have not been rallied to this neck of the woods but to other regions of the world. Yet again billions of dollars are being pumped into the entertainment industry, sports industries and beauty industries when people of all ages are suffering and losing their lives around the globe and now in Africa needlessly.

What does it say about our fellow human beings? What have we allowed our world to become when we can flick on the TV channel and watch the Ebola outbreak and suffering and then just as quickly tune into the entertainment channel. Right on the entertainment channel we watch the host share a  brief video of the Ebola suffering then seamlessly switches our attention to the new movies that are making millions of dollars during their first screenings.

To me it is like watching a horror movie where on one end people are suffering and crying for help and dying and at the same time people are laughing, eating $100 meals and drinking champagne, all at the same time both things are happening.  This my dear reader is the reality in our world, in developed nations.

Something is wrong with our world.

We are all responsible for we have allowed this to  happen, all so that we create jobs opportunities, even if what we are doing is really sacrificing our own beings, filling our air with toxins, dumping poisons into our water, and making organic food a rare commodity as we fill our lands with poisons.  All in the name of job creation and accumulation of money so we can eat tasty food that our tongues desire, watch movies that our minds desire, drink alcohol and smoke all sorts of things to dull our brain.


Sophisticated Addicts Rule the World

This is what we have created, a world of sophisticated addicts, sacrificing the basic rights of millions. We are all addicts yet we look down upon those addicts on the street corner and ridicule them.  The only difference between them and us is that they have the cheaper version of the drink, smokes, do not take a bath or wear trendy new clothes, or drive flashy cars.  We are sophisticated addicts in clean new clothes, hanging out at expensive addiction centers that we call clubs, bars, restaurants and holiday resorts.

Addicted to a life of comfort…even if it means that someone else is suffering.  We only bother to lend a helping hand if our own family or friends are suffering.  Just like the bully driver at WholeFoods parking lot has become insensitive to people outside his clan.

We have created a distance between ourselves and our clan and everything else out there…so we can wash out hands off the responsibility….accountability….for what we are doing….so we can do as we please even if it hurts someone else because they are not part of our clan.


My Few Degrees of Segregation Theory

Ok, let me try to explain the few degrees of segregation theory in another way. Would you kill, cut and slowly roast  your pet and garnish it with organic vegetables to serve to your entire family?  Obviously not…but the fact is that we CAN do so without any feeling, no remorse, when the animal is not our pet. Why? Because of the few degrees of segregation theory …which I describe as when “beings are not part of our clan.”



How did we become so immune to the suffering of others?

But why and how does this happen? How have we become so senseless to the suffering of others? Blind? Do read my previous article for more on this. https://drvie.com/should-women-ask-for-a-raise-the-real-problem-unmasked/

Imagine this scene if you will. It’s 08:00 on a Saturday morning in the hip suburb of Orange County, California. There’s a loud knock on the door of apartment 101. A beautiful young woman answers the door to find two  police officers and she sees some commotion in the hallways. “What’s wrong?”  she asks in between a yawn as she wraps he silk gown around her. “Your neighbour’s child has been murdered last night, and we are here to ask you some questions,” says one of the officers.

Over the next week the horror story emerges. The 8 year old young boy had been caged, repeatedly assaulted and tortured over a period of a year, by his abductor yet only wall, a few feet wide separated the TV host who lived next door with her young daughter and partner. No one had suspected anything, even though this very young woman had been anchoring the story of the missing boy last year.

All it took was a few feet of separation, a few degrees of separation, yet it made the little boy invisible to the TV anchor and her family.


Look Closer At Your World

I tell you this to perhaps spark in you the need to look closely all around at the world we have created.  This same world that is now creating monsters, the people we regard as friends, family, neighbours or colleagues. We put sports icons, movie actors, TV personalities, celebrities, and wealthy people on a pedestal. We give them respect because they have more than us….more money, more possessions……but what good is all of what they have if by keeping their wealth…they are sacrificing the basic needs of millions around the world?

No do tune into the show http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drvieradio/2014/10/19/ebola-whats-next-for-you  to hear the surprising facts about the dangerously wrong turns we are making today that is sacrificing billions of human’s basic needs around the world, from those suffering and dying needlessly from Ebola to innocent children being the victims of malicious crimes, to bullies who feel that if they can get away with it then why not.

Discover how women are now going down the same dangerous path that men have been hoodwinked into for thousands of years leading to the plight of the world today.

I have written a condensed guidebook on how women can prevent themselves from taking 3.5 billion humans down the same dangerous path that men went down. How women can rescue humanity by taming that force that poses as her and says “I’m posing as her….Impostor. The book Taming The Female Impostor is the guidebook to helping every woman on Planet Earth to tame that force that is posing as her and dragging her down a dangerous path as it takes humanity down with her.

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Ebola outbreak – what does it mean for you? It  is a rude awakening once again of the peril that can befall humanity and how the world is reacting to it is a sad reflection of a lack of caring. Let the death of the poor Ebola victims not be in vain but to awaken in us the need to feel connected with all beings and truly get to know and be who we really are.

Lots of love and hugs,


Dr. Vie

PeaceMaker and Your Change Guide

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