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Dr. Vie Inspirational Super Conscious Humanity Sessions Empower You To
Switch on Your Human Potential and LOVE BEING YOU.

For many years during events (live and online) for teens, adults and elders, of all genders, all cultures, all statuses, all beliefs, Dr. Vie (V) shares insights from her 20+ years of scientific findings, life experiences, and interactions with hundreds of thousands of people from around the globe, during her solo journey after leaving South Africa as a youth, working in six countries 22 cities and integrating with many cultures as a single woman. 
V has overcome numerous challenges including family tragedy of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer that led her to expand her career from medical device scientist in Switzerland to explorer of humanity. She herself is a nomadic migrant and has personally experienced the hardships of poverty in a foreign land. Empowered with Mahatma Gandhi & Nelson Mandela as role models from her home land, she ventured on.
During the events, Dr. Vie
addresses your questions about life, and guides you to realize practical ways for improving your health, vitality and happiness no matter your age, stage or situation in life, wherever you are in the world.
Vie is also a Yogic Super Conscious Mind Scientist. She pioneered Dr. Vie SuperFoods®  in 2003,  and is the ChairPerson of Super Conscious Humanity Youth Global Mentoring Program, Creator of Dr. Vie Academy, Author, Humanitarian & Radio Show Host. She is the Producer of the PEACE Shows. To licence her delicious Dr. Vie SuperFoods®  click here. Dr. Vie provides employment opportunities for women, youth and disempowered populations around the world. She personally funds her work and is not affiliated with any religious groups or political parties. Contact her for more information.
V is a mountain lover and has trekked mountains including the Himalayas in India. She has
returned to her roots in India many times and meditates in some of the ancient caves of Sages in India during which time she expands her consciousness.
Her focus is on
stimulating Super Consciousness around the globe so people can experience the full power of their humanity, and restore inner peace, self respect, self confidence and self trust, so they can be compassionate to family, loved ones and communities, and ultimately  return the world to a state of peace and return Planet Earth (your home) to its state of equilibrium with pure water, healthy air and safe foods.
Dr. Vie inspires thousands of people in live audiences during her jam-packed inspirational events around the world.

Dr. Vie is the author of fiction and non fiction ebooks, paperbacks, and audio books.
Non Fiction:
Taming The Female Impostor®: Book of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity 

3 Steps To Better Relationships
5 Ways To A Healthier Body
Easy Method To Reduce Stress
7 Food Tips To Boost Energy
How To Choose The Best Job Right Now
How To Enjoy Fruitful Friendships

Dr. Vie is the founder of Dr. Vie Academy with Life Skills Programs

Better Health
SuperFoods Workshops
Stress Free Life

Dr. Vie mentors all ages through her Mentoring Programs
1:1 Personal Guidance
Group Sessions
Master Mind Sessions

Dr. Vie is a Global Inspirational Speaker
Schools, Community Centers, Corporations, Libraries, KeyNote Events, Public Speaking



"Your book is amazing Dr. Vie, I cannot wait for the event." Divorced career woman
Prevent-Reverse Substance Abuse Talk 

"You totally contradicted the notion that we lose brain cells as we! Thank you for inspiring me with hope! " Adult Male
Yogic Talk 

"She touched my heart, I had to invite her to address our large youth gathering at the stadium later this month! " Grandmother, during Yogic talk
Empowerment Talk 

"Dr. Vie's talk was so good, I invite her to empower women in India," " Shri Vibu Ji Maharaj from Manav Dharam India, during Dr. Vie Yogic talk
Equality Talk 

"Her Yogic talk inspired everyone, young, old, everyone on 12 June, Sunday, so I invited her to address our Equality Rally today Saturday 18 June," Politician

Beyond Religion 
"Dr. Vie's talk was so uplifting, inspiring and gave us hope to age gracefully, " Female adult, Spiritual Center
 Youth Sessions 
"I loved all that you said Dr. Vie..I do not want to let you go..when are you coming back to talk to us? " Student, Primary School
 Adult Workshops South Africa
"My daughter was so moved during your talk that she came back home and insisted that I (her father) attend the men's session today...I was so inspired today...thanks... Dr. Vie" Father

"My son was said that if I do not come today for the superfoods workshop, he would be very disappointed...since he has been attending your sessions he says that you are better than any Guru or mentor he has ever met...he is going to be following you now, Dr. Vie." Mother
Youth Events South Africa
"I learned so much about myself and your sessions about the superbrain were so exciting...I am eager to join the Youth Membership now, " female youth.

 Universities and Executives
"You inspired us to be better humans, I bought your book and I look forward to your workshops to learn more  Dr. Vie"
"I lost my youngest son in 2010 and felt so depressed. After listening to you today you inspired me to feel better...and I also bought your book, thanks  Dr. Vie"

 Primary and Secondary Schools and Townships
"You encouraged us and motivated us to do the right things for our community and our selves, thank you Dr. Vie"


Super Conscious Humanity Youth Camps Africa

Youth ages 5-18
"I had goose bumps, my hair was standing so high on my hands, while you were talking Dr. Vie,"
"I want to be just like you."
"You taught me to believe in myself and never give up."
"I want to work by your side this holidays, Dr. Vie."

Super Conscious Humanity Adult Talks
"I was waiting and searching for years for the answer to this one question...I asked everyone and even asked my Masters...and today you gave me the answer! My time was right age 78 I now know the answer finally. Thank you Dr. V," vegetarian,  Hare Krishna devotee, South Africa.

 Rescuing Humanity  talk  to Yoga Teachers after Paris Terror Attacks
"Your talk was fantastic, thanks Dr. Vie, now I have more questions."
"I wil ask questions of the systems we have become used to, thanks Dr. V."
" I was on the verge of collapsing, because I had lost my trust...but your questions today helped me to remember. I am thankful for my life, for you (Dr. Vie) and even for my painful experiences."

"I am so happy to hear that what I was feeling is also what others are beginning to feel because we are questioning this world of ours. Thanks Dr. V"
"I loved how you got us to think for ourselves, and how the 2 breathing exercises helped reduce our anxiety. "

"I feel honored to say that I have been the co-host of the live series from September 11th to 23rd hosted by Dr. Vie who is a precious treasure of this world. I thank her whole heartedly for her noble thoughts to connect all from different parts of the globe to share their personal and community experiences, challenges, stories of self respect and courage, compassion, peace and harmony to everyone. With this rich personal journey, I invite all to register and be an active participant in these events."
"Your selfless initiation is amazing, you are indeed a liberated Soul, thank you Dr. Vie."

"I have grown leaps and bounds through this experience.i found hope, inspiration and solace from all the shows, thanks Dr. Vie"
"Today #8 Youth event was the best show for me..the kids inspired me, and I am already an adults!" 
"Such challenges and so inspiring, thanks to all the guests and to you Dr. Vie"
"Thanks so much Dr. Vie for sharing all of this with us."
"I learned so much even tho I myself do not have mental health issues."
"Now I know how to be more aware of signs and symptoms in people I live with."
"Excellent!" "Amazing."


Yogic Self Realization: Decrease Stress Naturally
" I really liked the scientific information you gave us."
" I loved the breakdown of the way our mind works, I've never seen  it explained this new way."
" I already had a lot of information before the lecture, but now understand more."
" I felt so relaxed during the two exercises you took us through."

"I was motivated 'cos you were so energetic and inspiring, thanks! "  Linda

"I thank you for your love to all of us!!! I really feel it from you and any time I am in the classes!! You are Real!!!!!!!! And it's wow!! I will thank you for ever for your class it's Great!!!" Lana

"Loved it (30 May), you shared so much information, I did n't know before, now I'm feeling more at peace," Priya
"- wow, Dr. Vie, I learnt so much, it makes sense," Jody

" was well done Dr. Vie, you are amazing," Julie
"This talk was so inspirational, and with so much passion. This only possible, because this all comes direct from Dr. Vie's  heart, "  Andie, Author.
" - As a gay person, I've never felt accepted even by my religion, or community. Now after attending Dr. Vie's events in my city in Africa, and reading Taming The Female Impostor, I feel included, important and that I can contribute to the universe.  Thanks so much Dr. Vie," Jordan. 
"I wish I knew all that Dr. Vie shared with us today, 35 years ago! This was an amazing day, because I got to meet Dr. Vie," Daya, Retired Teacher.
 “We need more Mandelas, and more Dr. Vie’s….to transform the world,”  Logan, Hatha Yogi.
 "Here is a real life hero who our kids could touch, talk to, relate to, and want to be like, and that I found remarkable." ​ Deo, DL Society Executive.

Better life begins with you

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    My dear reader, 
    Hello from around the Globe as I continue to mentor youth and adults through books, workshops, events and one on one sessions.

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    I've been there...and I want to help. All you need to do is reach out.

    With lots of love,
    Dr. Vie
    Planet Earth, Our Great Cosmos



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