May 21

Gun Control Not Enough. Is your child the next shooter or one killed?

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Texas school shooting focusing on gun control will NOT prevent another teen attack! Will your child be the next teen shooter? Or will your child be the next one killed? Or will your child live a blissful full life?  Or is your child cutting? Do you know what is happening in your home? Do you care enough to pursue the truth even if it means rocking your boat you have carefully planned for years?


Watch the specific sections where I talk about the problem:

11:16 (aggression what is the source?)
23:51 (children shooting in schools cos no role models)
35:03 (jobs careers vs parenting causing problems)
43:13 ( family network)
54:30 (role models missing)


I've been mentoring tens of thousands of youth in my free global youth program since 2004...I know their pain...

Inappropriate parenting, role models, mentors and guidance in their homes are leading to weakened kid's minds and these children are in desperate need of help.

Please listen to their pleas...their SOS in their homes!

Surely we cannot be so heartless as not to face the real problem....parents must be guided to be parents.

In my youth events, the youth share the most sorrowful stories with many are cutting themselves...because they cannot deal with the rejection from their peers or the rejection at home...self harm is on the rise...and the most common hospital emergency in teens in Canada and USA.

Dr. Vie free global youth program Inspiring 300 students in grade 11 to live blissfully

Dr. Vie free global youth program Inspiring 300 students in grade 11 to live blissfully

Please I implore you....if you plan to have a family....are your truly ready? Do you know how to love your child? Do you know how to talk to your child? Understand him/her? Guide them?

If you yourself are insecure in anyway whatsoever, please, please do not bring a child into this world...for it will be nothing less than an act of terror.

We hear of parents bragging about their children...their grades...their musical abilities...their sports awards...not realizing the pressure their child is under....and not knowing how much they are hurting...

These children go out into their peer groups and in turn spread rumours about other children, tell lies about others, hurt others verbally or physically....they function without compassion...they reject others and dominate others...

Please, a lot is happening to your child...and unless you change your attitude to life and your lifestyle...

You will be the cause of another teen attack..for it may be your child who is the next attacker....

Or it may be your child who is attacked because they lacked compassion for another child.

There are so many issues here....I am here to help...both parents (caregivers) and children.

Watch live streams in the live stream section or on Facebook and please invite me to inspire you, your parents, educators, caregivers, and most or all children...we can live as wise humans.

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Donate to Super Conscious Humanity with Dr Vie

Gun control not 100% solution to teen shootings. Is your child next shooter or one shot or one instigating the violence? What you must know asap about youth and their minds. I've been mentoring thousands of youth since 2004. Let me help u @DrVie

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