Tweaking yourself to get just the right performance each day can be quite a challenge indeed! So for those who need an extra hand, the #ExpressLifeScale comes to the rescue. This week, we discussed Janet’s dilemma on the Dr. Vie Radio Show.

Now just as Janet overslept and her young son Tommy left to school without breakfast, we have many stories that have come into us in the last week.  Now do remember, to tune into our Dr.Vie Radio Show, to discover her ELS ranking.

Express Life Scale Moment

So the past weekend, one distressed gentleman “Tom” from Los Angeles, wrote to us. Tom is a young executive, leading a high pace lifestyle. Recently, he joined a hot yoga class and decided to try to meditate at least once during the weekend. So he writes the note you see in the image.  Ha, ha… that brought lots of our fans to break out into broad smiles. Some of which indicated “Been there, done that!”

So yes, Tom did try!  But where does he rank on the #ExpressLifeScale?  So should we give him points for trying, YES? Of course, his intentions were good, and he was on the right track. You see, if someone has just one good spark within them, they will try to do the right thing! In this case, trying to balance life, and giving the mind a rest from the hectic pace of executive living!  So he does not score 1 on the ELS, which is the lowest that one can go, unconscious! We give him a 3 which is GC getting conscious.

Oh, oh, you are wondering “What’s all this business of unconscious and GC and Express Life Scale and all that?”  Mmm….now, now, it sounds like you may have missed on out some of the previous “stuff” all about the ELS.  No need to stress out…for the purpose of life is to “chill out!”  So all you need to do is go here and you will find all the info on the free training on the ELS. Yes my dear, it is 100% free with no strings attached…why? ‘Cos the training  needs to score high on the ELS itself!  So enjoy the training, which is in short videos, easy enough for kids and great for beginners. You may even think it is too easy for you, but that is a great sign, and means you are on the right track!

The fact is, I would love for you to participate on the Dr. Vie Radio Show and rank all the situations that show up there, with our guests and callers in. But you can only do so if you know about the ELS!

Then send in your life situations, or those of others, or you may have recently been taken to the dry cleaners….send it all in so we can check out where the ELS it ranks! Now, now, do  tune into our Dr.Vie Radio Show, to call in live, or see if your situation features…all participants are in the draw for winning the shocking new book: Taming The Female Impostor! Which may deceive you into thinking it is only for men! Think again!!! You will be surprised and your life will never, ever, be the same again! Hee, hee….

You see, this is what happens when you let out a scientist whose spent years in the research lab! She runs amok! Ha, ha…all in good fun ‘cos this life is a short one!.


So what was I saying? Oh yes, learn about the 7 levels of the ELS with the free training, send in your funky situations and lets give it a rank! All with the purpose of living a better life! And while doing so, shaping a better home, community, nation and world! Also do follow us on all our social media so you can join in the fun throughout the world, from South Africa, UK, India, USA, Canada, Aussie, South Americas and throughout the world…

Here’s a big hug to you, and if you were in France, then a kiss on the right cheek of your face of course, a kiss on the left cheek, and one more on the right cheek!

Lotsa love, always,

Dr. Vie, Adventurer and your Guide in this Adventure called Life.

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