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Utopian Dystopian fiction or prophecy of the future with Dr.Vie

Utopian or Dystopian fiction, or are imaginative science fiction and fantasy minds painting a prophecy? What if the choices taken today determine Utopia or Dystopia?


Utopian or Dystopic Future?

Imagine thirty years from today, you find yourself in a poverty-stricken society, devoid of technology and dominated by the rich and powerful? Would you seek a blissful state of humanity? What if, because of your Utopian desires, you are persecuted by the ruling sinister powers, dark and barely human?

Reads like action, adventure, fantasy? From George Orwell’s 1984 to Gulliver’s Travels, for decades, we’ve immersed ourselves for a few hours, into worlds of mystery and tales, where our hearts pound and at the end of it all, we are glad for the comfort of our reality.

Perhaps not anymore.


In many minds today, the possibility of a dystopic future loom heavy. Sadness and sleepless nights preoccupy daily social chatter.


What Have We Known But Perhaps Ignored?

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”


Where’s the Folly?

We are addicted to instant gratification, even though our consciousness dictates otherwise?

What is it, within the human psyche that triggers a death wish lifestyle?


Important Question Coming Up

Can we deny our hand in the dismal state of our natural environments, epidemic man-made diseases, polluted air, poisoned lands and devastated oceans?

Utopian Dystopian fiction prophecy of the future with Dr.Vie
Utopian Dystopian fiction or prophecy of the future with Dr. Sheri Vie, Author of Taming The Impostor Saga. Dance of Fireflies, Book 1. Pictured during my mentoring in Africa, 2016

What’s the Cause of our plight?

On closer analyses, we may discover that our short term economic benefits correlate with the decline of our gift of human consciousness.


Way Out?

We pontificate on politically correct, socially kosher, and environmentally friendly solutions, in an attempt to appear wise and trendy, but brush aside the obvious answers to rescue humanity and the environment.


Need versus What 

Do we need to return to our natural state of being human. 


Can live our lives in moderation?

Can we restore our innate human nature without reliance on artificial means?

Can we by looking within, develop our inner powers and evolve our consciousness to higher levels?

Could the above shape our future to be happier, safer and healthier?


Where to start?

  • With ourselves. A better future, better life and better world, begins with us.
  • Why not introspect on our personal life. 
  • How can we, from our years of experiences, make better choices today, so that our tomorrow is a step closer to a future that we and humanity can be proud of?

Our human race is destined to evolve. The question is, what are we evolving it to be?

Half human?



Super conscious?

Which being would we prefer to be?



Many talk of a dystopic future- desolate lands, feeble minds, and lost hope for those left behind on planet Earth.

Left behind by whom?

Even more talk of Utopia for those who can afford to escape to the Goldilocks planet.

Could you be left behind?



Personally, I sense that as humans, once blessed with visionary powers, we can again restore the wonders of nature. We are quite late in the game. But, better late than never. We need to begin today.

  1. If we can start by focusing on purifying our land, air, and water we stand a better chance of taking the next step.
  2. If we can eliminate artificial foods and drinks, dependence on drugs for temporary states of happiness, and addiction to animal instincts, we will resume control over or minds and retrain them to be compassionate, humane and visionary.
  3. When we have reached a higher state of consciousness, we will instinctively realize how to shape a Utopian future. Why? Because we have been gifted with higher consciousness-the power within us to evolve to higher levels of intuition. 

Utopian Dystopian fiction or prophecy?

Whether we live in a utopian or dystopian future truly depends on the choices we are making today.

What will we do next? Lots to ponder for sure.

Lots of love and hugs,


Sheri Vie

Author, Mind Body Scientist, Mentor, Humanitarian

Visionary Fiction Books: 

  1. Dance Of Fireflies
  2. Aikona
  3. Wunamangaz
Taming The Impostor Saga Utopian Dystopian fiction by Dr Sheri Vie
Utopian Dystopian fiction by Dr Sheri Vie




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