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How To Prevent Radicalization, Terror Attacks, Hate Crimes ?

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Radicalisation (radicalization) is the manner in which someone takes on an extreme ideology that when put into practice, is a threat to the accepted ideas of the surrounding society, and poses a danger to the lives of the general public and innocent people. The culmination (loosely said) of radicalisation leads to the label of “radicalised” (radicalized).

The term radicalisation has sky rocketed into focus over the decade and especially over the past few years, as thousands of individual youth and adults around the globe have sought false refuge in becoming radicalised.  Now even children are becoming radicalised. As with any life-threatening situation, in retrospect, observers, media and survivors seek answers as to

 “Why did that person do what he did?”

But also pivotal to the latent dangers that lurk for the future is this question:

“How do we prevent our own boys, girls, brothers, sisters, parents, relatives, friends, workers, community members … from turning to the path of such atrocity, such extremism, and such destruction?”

Since my near death experience at the hands of a solider at age 16, during the apartheid era in South Africa, and more closely since the twin towers 911 tragedy, while living in the North Americas, I have been tracking the mindset of those who decide to turn to the path of intense negativity instead of choosing the path of compassion.

My experiences with people from all paths of life:

  • the excessively wealthy to the poorest of the poor,
  • the professors to the folks living without formal systematized education,
  • to people from a variety of genders,
  • religious groups,
  • ages, and
  • ideologies …

My findings revealed (and continues to affirm) a simple yet profound reason for why one person decides to use a challenging moment in life as the opportune time for self-development and why another in the same challenging situation chooses the path of self-destruction.

Over the years, I have been sharing these insights, through my Book of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity, and with whomever I can. To date just over 100,000 humans gathered in variety of settings: houses of worship, spiritual centers, meditation/Yoga classes, universities, hospitals, political rallies, businesses, schools, community centers, homes, mountains …


The reactions of the attendees of my numerous events, have provided further insights into why our world is heading towards disaster and why humanity must be rescued as soon as possible, if we truly want humans to evolve to the next higher level of existence.

Adults, be it parents, relatives, colleagues, loved ones, religious leaders and even government representatives who have attended my gatherings, are still reluctant to understand the root cause of this new epidemic that is on the rise.  By denying the root cause, we can never erase the scourge of radicalisation from ruining the lives of our youngsters and the victims of their rages.

So my dears, in this article on how to recognize and how to prevent radicalisation (radicalization) let us, yes you and I, let’s explore some of the revelations that I have been privy to along the way, which will guide you, if you are that special human amongst us, who truly wants to rescue humanity. Let’s begin.


#1 Radicalisation : The Birth of

For you, dedicated reader of my works … you already know my background, my pain and sufferings and what drives me to rescue our world. If you are new to my revelations then please do drop by this page on my site to gain more clarity.  https://drvie.com/about-dr-vie/


I’ve been writing many articles about radicalisation for further reading scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the relevant links.

All I can do in this format and for the sake of brevity, is to provide you with a concise summary of the birth of radicalisation (for the details on the root cause of the downfall of humanity please read Book of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity): Here is the vital concise summary:

“as an infant we need the proper surroundings for regenerating our innate sense of compassion.”

Now realize this: each word that I used in the above sentence if vital to understanding the root cause of the need to be radicalized.

#2 Radicalisation False Sense of Freedom From Pain

When someone is in pain they seek freedom from it. No matter what you pain is …

Alas, radicalisation is only really a temporary relief from the pain. Like a pain removal tablet!

Sadly, when the mind has become weakened it is unable to distinguish truth from falsehood, and the mind unknowingly becomes trapped into the false sense of security that may come from becoming radicalised.

#3 Happiness Lost ?

The saddest part of this process of radicalization is that it leads to a few negative scenarios:

  • Quick self-destruction because of the poor choice of harmful action
  • Prolonged agony because of the dependence on the harmful ideology
  • Or further alienation due to lack of compassionate relationships.

But even in the darkest of moments, when you feel like the whole world is against you, as if no one cares about you, as if you are worth nothing … THINK AGAIN !


Your search for happiness is not lost.

#4 You Can Choose To Shape Your Future Happiness Today?

The most amazing part to anyone who has become radicalized or is in the process of radicalization is this:

  • No matter who you are,
  • no matter where you are,
  • no matter what you have done or are planning to do,
  • no matter what you are feeling right now,

You have the power within you to

  • rescue your powerful Self,
  • erase the negative feelings within you,
  • to feel confident in your natural given talents, and

make the choices that will shape your future so you can live a better life, feel better and become one with your loving, super conscious, strong SELF that does not want to harm anyone. 

# 5  The Need To Rescue Humanity Starts With Rescuing Your Self First ?

Yes indeed, we are in the situation that we find our selves in today, because we have lost our true identity. We have becomes followers of what others tell us to do, whether it is through

  • watching fantasy movies where we see all the strong, beautiful and rich characters supposedly enjoying life… we want to follow the make belief story.
  • Watching advertisements on what certain holidays, foods, drinks, drugs, cars, sensual acts, money, power and education can do for us … we want to follow the paid for advertisements.
  • Listening to the promises of other weakened minds, dependent on power, money, violence, telling us that if we become like them, then we will feel happier, we will have a group of friends who will love and admire us, or we will become famous and have our names carved in the history books … we fall into the trap of believing their promises.

Instead we must realize that:

We are on our own in the womb of our mother and we enter the world on our own.

Yes we may get that smack on our bottom to take the first breath of air but we really live on our own strength. 

When we pass on, we pass on your own.

None of the leaders, movie stars, actors and certainly none of all the power, names, money, fans, houses, cars, that we have gathered goes with us.

We journey on our own BUT NOT alone but with the strength of our inner Being, which I call in the Book of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity, your Protector.

#6 Your Protector To Your Rescue ?

Each of us is coded to be the best human possible, alone. But alas because of the false ego and the false beliefs that we were led to think were key to our lives since an early age, we lost access to our codes (I detail the process in the Book of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity). For this reason we become dependent on others, material things, substances, props, ego boosts to make us feel as we are the best human. We have become blind followers. We err on the side of negative impulses. But you see we all have these impulses, the trick to a successful life, is how to tame the impulses (in the Book of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity called The Impostor). Is it too late?

NO,  it is not too late, no matter your age, not matter your gender, no matter you beliefs, no matter what you are feeling or experiencing right now, your Protector is by your side… just waiting for you to say:

Yes, I want to be the best human that I can be, because I am coded to be the best human possible. I have it all within me. With my Protector by my side I am not alone.

Yes you can return to your natural amazing true Self and love and respect who you are, by taming the dark, negative impulse of the Impostor. With your Protector by your side, 

You can be the best Guide to your children so that they are not trapped into seeking radicalization because they are feeling deserted by you or deserted by their communities.

You can be the best Guide to your loved ones, to your friends to you colleagues and to all humans.


#7 Back to Your Amazing True Self Will Rescue Humanity

What an amazing world and life this would be if we could just feel safe wherever we are, safe from our fellow humans who are all part of the same Being.

Well the future is in really in your own mind.

If you want to be part of the solution to stopping radicalization, preventing terror attacks, erasing hatred and violence, removing negativity from our minds, then know this my dear reader:

  1. If you want a better world?
  2. If you want a better life?
  3. If you want a safer Planet?

Then you must right away be part of the solution, for a better world, a better life, a safer Planet starts with YOU. Only if you practice what you say want to see in the future, will you contribute to making the future, better and safer.

My most important questions for you my dear reader are this:

  • “Are you ready to practice what you talk about?”
  • “Are you ready to be the best human possible?”
  • “Are you ready to treat all humans with love, compassion and equality?”

Perhaps you want to see the future be a brighter safer and healthier and certainly a happier one, but if you are the only one experiencing all of this, and those around you are not, then your happiness will be short lived.

Steps To Accessing The Best Of Your Self – No Need For Radicalisation

Instead why not follow these steps to shaping your future?

  1.  Become more conscious of the real cause of the radicalisation (radicalization), terror attacks, hatred, violence, racism, inequality and negativity.
  2. Become more aware of how to decrease the pain that people (perhaps even you) are feeling
  3. Get involved in learning how to actively help yourself and in so doing transforming the society.
  4. Practice all that you learn and witness the change for your self.
  5. Spread the goodwill and pay it forward so all of the world can shape a better future.

Well my dear reader, I have written much today. You see, it was yet another day of hearing even more tragedies on the news, of senseless killings of innocent children, parents, elders and tourists who were just trying to feel happy.

So I am pouring my insights out to you, with the hope that whether

  1. you are the one feeling victimized, feeling alienated, feeling or feeling unloved or
  2. whether you are the one feeling shock and horror about the violence around the Planet,

you realize that you are both sides of the same coin. Each of you needs to look within, because each of you wants to be happy just as I do. We are human after all.

So whether you are wanting to be radicalized or you are wanting to be safe, realize that you are really wanting happiness, but your are just not quite sure how to attain it.

I am here to Guide you, through all the insights I have gathered over 3 decades of globe trotting and being inside the minds of so many humans. I want to help you, please join my events wherever I am in the world, or on line. I have online training programs, I have books, I have me, my individual guidance for you one on one, or for your youth one on one. Please contact me I want to help… for when you are happy, your communities are happy,  the world becomes safer, healthier and happier.

Dr. Vie
Do Connect

Here are some options to get in touch with me:

  1. Learn more about my programs and watch the videos and if you want to experience a better life, then do connect via social media, or by meeting me at the live events, or online.
  2. To get the Book of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity click here https://drvie.com/taming-the-female-impostor/ and learn how to tame the Impostor in the 7 Dimensions of your life.
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I look forward to meeting you soon, in my live events or live stream events and please do comment below, share this article and let us start the discussion…hang out with me on my monthly life Q&A livestream… or send me an email via the contact page link here. https://drvie.com/contact/ Do sign up to access the 30 minute training live stream video for all adults who truly care about erasing self hatred in their youngsters…for you can make a difference by helping your child first.


We can prevent our selves and loved ones from thinking about radicalization (radicalisation) and we can rescue our selves and loved ones who are radicalized, by opening the door to the very best of our human Self and feel content, happy and strong within us. Happiness starts from within you. You are coded for happiness.



Lots of love, always

Dr. Vie

Your Guide, Author, Mind Scientist, Humanitarian, Youth Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, SuperFoods Pioneer

Founder of Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Movement

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