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A safer world? Is it possible?

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Join the upcoming monthly live stream event on whether we can have inner peace.

Given everything going in today....what is the future going to look like for you, for loved ones and the rest of humanity?

So many young adults are unhappy today....there is so much violence in the world...primarily effected by youth and young adults. Why is this so? We all yearn for a peaceful world...if only our world could be peaceful...if only we could live joyful and happy lives. We want to...but we can keep dreaming about it...or make it a reality. How? This live stream is just about that.

8 pm SAST, 6 pm UTC, 2 pm EST, 11 am PST (Los Angeles)

3, 10, 24 September, Sunday

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Hello my dear, I'm your host Dr. Vie,that's V.I.E. And I'm here to invite you to our upcoming live stream series on Inner Peace To World Peace.

The event is about a very important question.Is it possible for us to raise peaceful children, given the volatile, busy, complicated, hurtful world we live in?

The larger topic of peaceful living and a peaceful world is what our live streams have always been about, and now because of all the negativity in the world, and the escalation in unhappy, depressed, angry and violent youth, we must attend to this topic at its very root...babies...infants, and children.

Too much hatred, too much violence...we wish for a safer, peaceful's not going to happen unless we do something about it...

But how did it happen?

Can we put a stop to it?

Absolutely yes.

I've mentored tens of thousands of youth ...and I know it is possible. In this live stream, let us come together...instead of worrying...let us engage in this conversation and learn how to transform future adults...because it is up to us to restore love, compassion and peace in our world.

Please join this free livestream....and please share...we need a peaceful world...let us pay it forward.

I've mentored many, many parents, grandparents, educators, employers and medical professionals...and this I know for sure, the hope for a better world is within the children. 

Too many youth are feeling a‚Äčlienated, alone, rejected, troubled, suicidal, vengeful, and angry....they need our help...or soon they will be adults...very, very, very dangerous adults...leaving behind sad and sorrowful parents and families.

 And I'm here to invite you to our series of live streams that's all about how we can go from inner peace to world peace.

Because as you know there's so much of struggle, and strife going on in our world today. And I'm sure, just like me, you want to live in a world that is peaceful.

How lovely that would be, to live in a world where we are not afraid of our fellow human Beings.

In these live streams you become part of the conversation by sending in your questions.

Meet our guest for the upcoming session:

"Hello, my name is Yolanda and I'm speaking to you all the way from South Africa. I'm on a live stream with Dr. Vie and the topic is "From Inner Peace To World Peace."
We live in a world that is increasingly uncertain,
increasingly complex, and increasingly volatile.
And the question we're going to explore on the live stream is this:
Is it possible to have inner peace?
Is it possible to stay connected to source?
Is it possible to control our egos when the whole world is around lack, limitation, fear and scarcity.
If you can relate to any of these questions, please join us for this interesting and very relevant topic."

And already, here are some of the questions that are coming in.

"My name is Bim, and the question I'd like to put out there is:

"Knowing the circumstances of the world right now, would someone still ask to be born in this world? Yes or no, and why?"

"The overall arching question for me, is the future. Is the world going to get worse or better?

We are here so that we can transform our world to be a peaceful one. Aren't you tired of the hatred, the vengeful acts, the inequality, the strife, the struggle, the violence, the terrorism, the pain that so many of us are going through?

Whether we live in first world countries, like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, or whether we live in developing nations like South Africa, or whether we live in places where people don't have food to eat and there is famine...Everyone is suffering.

Most of us today are unhappy. Even those who are wealthy, those who have all the money in the world, are still unfulfilled.

Something is not working.

Something is not working when Gurus and Leaders are so corrupt that we cannot trust them anymore.That we cannot trust them with our well Being anymore.

What is going on in the world, where lying and cheating has become the norm?

Who can we trust?

It's no wonder that our children are feeling alienated, depressed, suicidal, vengeful, violent. And they are growing up to be violent adults.

Where do you think these violent adults come from?

Whether it is your neighbour.

Whether it is your best friend.

Whether it is your colleague.

Whether it is a CEO of a company.T

The person who is angry, who has so much of hatred, that they can lash out at other people....Where do you think it all comes from?

These are people who we know, or who we've seen, or we've interacted with in some way.Where does all their anger stem from?

This is why, today more than ever, we need to strive for inner peace. Because unless we have inner peace, we can never ever have a world that is peaceful. We can never ever feel joy and bliss in our lives.And that vicious cycle will just continue.

Isn't it time that we functioned as highly evolved, highly intelligent humans?

Mm? I think it is.

So if you are interested in the world being a peaceful, joyful, blissful place....please join us in these live streams and interact.

Because only by interacting, sending in your questions, and becoming involved, that we can transform our world

.Let's "Be the change we want to see in the world," as Mahatma Gandhi once said.

It's so true today as well as it is everyday.I encourage you, find that sign up button, wherever it is.At the bottom somewhere, or on the right, left, or is it left right? Or maybe somewhere on the top.

Find it, send in your questions.

Share the link with everyone. Invite as many people as we can.

Because this is how we transform our world.


So please remember, share, join, interact...Let us be part of the solution.

Please if you are concerned about world peace...then you cannot ignore the only way to rescue humanity...with raising our children well....

Do join us in this interactive event and send in your comments, feedback and most of all your burning questions so we can transform our world by starting with our Selves. We must heal our Selves first.

Find that link and register right away.

With lots of love, I'm your host Dr. Vie. 


If you truly care about your well Being and of those you love,  do

8 pm SAST, 6 pm UTC, 2 pm EST, 11 am PST (Los Angeles)

3 , 10, 24 September, Sunday

Sign up and please check your email to confirm your email address, else you won't receive your link to the event. The event link will be sent to you via email.

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Do share this post with everyone, by clicking on the Share buttons above. The more peaceful humans around you, in your network, city, country.....the joyful your life gets and the faster we transform the world to one you will love living in.

Remember to interact, send in your questions, comment...get your questions answered.

See you soon...lots of love, always, V.

Don't forget. 


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