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Can you guess my title Taming The Impostor Saga by Dr. Vie Free fantasy book

Is there hope? As yet another year draws to a close, we may ponder yet again, as we always do, about the future and what all we accomplished over the last 330+ odd days!  For some, it’s been a phenomenal year. Perhaps you found your true love, perhaps you hit the jackpot, perhaps your business boomed, perhaps you recovered from an illness or perhaps you just felt really good about your self. For others, it’s been a crappy year. Beset with broken relationships, losing money, disastrous business exploits, worsening health or just not having any confidence or hope in your self.

Well my dears, I am the bearer of good tidings and hope !

Whatever you may have experienced during the year, your future depends on how you use the “holidays” if you have days off; or let us call it the festive season- if it is festive enough; ah well, let us call it the start of 2017..oh we do tattle on don’t we?

Well you know what I mean.

Yeah, that time of the year, the year end and the  beginning of the year. Now if you use it wisely, you can feel good about your Self in 2017.

What, What Did She Say?

Yup you heard me right. Look at it this way, I went to Africa end of last year for a few weeks, but  found myself inspiring tens of thousands of youth, and all ages, for free. Mind you, I could only volunteer my time because of my darling, most precious Mom who fed me and clothed me and indulged me with her love and living quarters.

Before I left Africa, a radio show host asked: “Well Dr. Vie, what do you have planned for the next year?”

I answered as I usually do, “I am never quite sure Allan.”

So I get back to the North Americas, and after taking a month or so to settle down, I found myself pounding away at the keyboard…for a solid month and out came the Books 1-3 of the my 9 part series to inspire hope and confidence in anyone who really wants to take that extra step and reach out for it.

Now where was I?

Ah yes, I have not had time for posting on social media or writing articles or social chit chat…hence my devoted absence since September. Well now here I am with just twenty minutes to spare…so I write to you my dear reader.

You Can Instill Hope In Your Self This End Of The Year

If you were paying attention to the first few sentences of this rather fast and short article, you would have noticed the repetition of the word SELF. Yes, only you can change how you think and feel about your SELF. So you see even if you had a successful year and people bowed down to you, you could still have felt really low, when you left on your own. You see, it is only what you feel when you are “Left Behind” that really can make or break you.

So time for me to scoot out of here. Anyway, it suffices to say that you should definitely reach out to me, send me email or go to the contact page of my site or message me in the massive stratosphere of social media, so that you can gain immediate access to my upcoming adventure, fantasy series that will make you cry, laugh, fall in love, be surprised at the twists and turns and keep turning the pages. The books coming out through the new year. Nine books in all. So you want to get Book 1 for free, sign up below so I can share the 120 pages with you, and you get all the goodies and specials privy only to my loyal readers.

Can you guess my title Taming The Impostor Saga by Dr. Vie Free fantasy book
Can you guess my title Taming The Impostor Saga by Dr. Vie Free fantasy book

Gotta to go my dears.

Lots of love,


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