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Satyagraha (/ˌsætɪəˈɡrɑːhɑː/; Sanskrit: सत्याग्रह satyāgraha) is the Sanskrit word for polite insistence (agraha) on truth (satya) purity (sat). This profound word took on the greatest of global meaning when Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, in the heart of South Africa during 1906-1914, used it to characterize the fundamental principal of standing up for what is right without the need for violence, called Satyagraha Campaign. Through this campaign, after many years of tremendous struggle, repeated imprisonment and loss of fellow lives, the Indians in South Africa were allowed legal marriages, and a few freedoms from discrimination when Jan Smuts, the then Dutch leader reached an agreement with Gandhi.

Satyagraha : The Rise Of Freedom

For me, born and raised in South Africa as an Indian “non-white” young girl during the time of apartheid, Gandhi was my role model as I too sang for freedom of Madiba Mandela and freedom from discrimination.

Since then, South Africans were set free and I have been living in six countries sharing my insights to super consciousness.

Alas, much has changed, people around the world have changed, the global scene has changed and somehow along the way, we have lost appreciation for Satyagraha. That steadfastness in truth that led to uplift Indians in South Africa, that also led to the freedom of India from the British (the first de colonization) and that also prompted confidence of Indians in India to inhabit the world.  

To date my home town in South Africa, still holds the largest population of Indians outside of India – heralding it as the first stop of Indians outside of India, sparking the explorer’s excitement.

Satyagraha Frees India

For 21 years (1893-1914), Mohandas Gandhi lived in South Africa, in between trips to India and England. Fully immersed in the everyday life, sufferings and oppression of the “non-white” people of South Africa, while at the same time in full realization of the British oppression of Indians in their own country of India, just as any conscious human would do, Gandhi searched for answers.

Not just any answers, but he searched for the purity of truth. His profound experiences and those of his family and fellow Beings, led him to search deeper and deeper as he himself reached self realization and sped up the journey to his super conscious Being.

Mohandas had arrived in South Africa as Mr. Gandhi a tiny Indian man, but when he returned to India in 1914, he was welcomed as Mahatma Gandhi – the Great Soul.  Lovingly called Bapu (Father).

It would be Mahatma Gandhi that would once again stand up against the European oppressor, and convince the British to return to their land and return India to the Indians. Gandhi lived in a time of discrimination as the Holocaust was in full swing during World War 2.

Satyagraha Lost ?

After Mahatma Gandhi’s time in South Africa, his Satyagraha impacted on Martin Luther King Civil Rights movement in the USA. We also witnessed the people power of the great Nelson Mandela. After 27 years in prison he walked out as not only the first Black President of South Africa but also as Madiba Tata, Father Mandela to be respected and loved by all around the globe.

So South Africa was the birthing ground for Mahatma and Madiba…curious enough, South Africa is where science says that first modern humans evolved….the energy of evolution is strong indeed !

But alas, that yearning and inspiration for freedom, peace, compassion and love founded in truth seems like a vague dream, not just in South Africa but around the Planet.

What is it about the human race that when left to its own devices, fails to SEE the truth and purity in life itself?

Do we always need a wholesome Leader to lead a wholesome life?

Do we need to hit replay and relive history?

Can we not stand on our own two feet?

Can we not think righteously for our own Selves?

Can we not be humane any more?


The World Today?

Today, the lack of need to search for and live by the truth, has become the norm for most humans.

A middle aged adult says:

Everyone else is happy with the way things are, why do we need to rock the boat by bringing up the truth?”

One aged woman says:

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know…if you want to get big these days, you have to hang around those who have connections. You scratch my back, I scratch yours.”

People find it easy to give their word, and never follow through. Gone are the days when all we needed was to give our word. There was no need for contracts, confidentiality agreements… Our word was as good as gold.


You may think that this phenomenon is rife in the work place, but think again, thousands of people whom I surveyed indicate that people in their own communities, cultural groups, religious centers, and committed relationships place no value on the given word.

A  youth from a spiritual organization said:

“Our youth leader, even though his entire family is highly spiritual, he cannot seem to keep his word, he says he will do something, but forgets it completely or makes up excuses for not doing it. What are we to do if he is the youth leader here in the spiritual center?”


When the “word” can no longer be trusted then dear reader, we have no choice but to either continue on the path to self destruction, or return to what a little Indian man once said:

“Happiness is when what you think, say and do is in harmony.” 

The age old movement of Mahatma Gandhi, Satyagraha needs rescuing.


The Need To Restore Satyagraha ?

Leadership training with Dr. Vie
Leadership training with Dr. Vie
  1. Did you know that your natural disposition is as an adventurer of life?
  2. Did you know that your natural disposition is to be a leader of your own life?
  3. Did you know that natural disposition is to have a super life?






Yes indeed, but to be successful at being one with your true Self, you must realize that the world we live in today, is one quite filled with layers upon layers of well constructed, gorgeous, tempting make belief.

If you want to be an adventurer, lead your own life and not be manipulated or controlled by others, then you must revert to the Mahatma Gandhian path of Satyagraha.

Even if you are the only one standing up for the truth, then you must.

One little Indian man stood up for the truth in South Africa and the powerful General Smuts conceded. The same little Indian man then stood up for the truth in India and the powerful British Empire conceded.

If one little Indian man could do it, so can you.


Some Support En Route to Satyagraha?

Since the age of 16 and my face to face encounter with death, I realized the power within my Being and since then I too have been standing up for truth…

I’ve researched long and hard into the minds of over a million humans across many religions, ages, genders, statuses and every other man made divide…and I have been sharing my insights and personal revelations along the way .

Sometimes the challenges are many, sometimes the road seems long, dark and lonely and for this reason you may find solace in the trusted embrace of a fellow seeker who has searched, suffered and persevered through the toughest of times. A fellow human who has realized how you can access the better part of you, tweak your life even in the tiniest way, so that you can experience a much better life, personally. Not from some else’s view point, but from your own perspective. Because the view is best from where you are standing. You can change what you SEE.

Join my events or programs and discover your hidden potential, and learn about how you SEE, consciously. You can empower your self, engage in simple self development, boost your self esteem and improve your self confidence by mastering the seven dimensions in your life.

To learn more click here, watch the video and if you want to experience a better life, then do connect via social media, or by meeting me at the live events, or online.

Satyagraha video
Satyagraha video

Back to Satyagraha

What an amazing world and life this would be if we could just trust what others say as the truth, be the words kind or unkind…

Would you rather hear the truth than having to second and third guess and play the mind game? You would have better relationships with partners, children, siblings, parents, grandparents, in laws, colleagues, bosses, leaders, workers, and even with your pets!


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The Mahatma’s word was Satyagraha.. and you my dear reader are an Adventurer of Life…seek the truth and you shall find your Super Life.

Dr. Vie
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Lots of love, always

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