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Substance Abuse Prevention and Reversal: How To

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International substance abuse day, 26 June brought into focus the rapidly rising abuse of substances like drugs, alcohol, and smoking around the Planet. Everywhere you look, be it in rich families or poor families at least 1 out of 5 are addicted to some form of substance abuse! Shocking! In USA the use of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs costs the tax payer $700 billion USD a year to manage all the side effects.  In the UK cannibus is the most used leisure drug followed by cocaine and then ecstasy.   At least 15% of South Africans have drug problem…meaning only hard drugs. But the number is way above for all types of addiction. Alcohol is the most prevalent drug use in South Africa. Sixty percent of crimes are attributed to drug issues. To date it costs just over 20 billion rands a year to handle drug problems in South Africa!   Fetal alcohol syndrome is on the rise just as are mental defects.  Dagga has risen to 20% in just a couple of years. South Africa is the fourth in the world when it comes to drug related crime! Drug capital indeed! 

In general, no matter what country we discuss, the effects of substance abuse are well known. The main effect is on decreased functionality of the amazing human brain. This is where I come in…. being a MIND SCIENTIST. Well on Sunday, I was invited to address motoring enthusiast youth in SA on substance abuse in a community that was on the high risk monitor for drug use. There, I shared some key scientific evidence  that I have been gathering after my interactions with over 100,000 youth globally, on this very scourge of substance abuse and on how to prevent and reverse it.

Substance Abuse Prevention and Reversal


As I observed the crowd of motor enthusiasts, several attendees of various ages, approached me and engaged in a conversation about the rampant increase of drug abuse in their community, even though there were several organizations that were sponsored to deal with this nasty problem.

All ages poured their hearts our to me… they spoke of depression, medications that they were on to “treat” depression, the lack of resources to deal with substance abuse, the lack of caring from the education centers…the main questions emerged:



“Why, over 40 years ago, drug use and abuse was not prevalent in this community?”

“How can we get to the source of the problem and wipe it out?”

“There are so many levels of drug use, based on pricing, how can we get rid of the dealers?”

“Why is the rehab not working?”


ANSWER To questions of pain…

As long as there is greed for money, there will be drug dealers dealing under the carpet or dealing in the open, illegally or legally as authorized by legalizing the drug trade! We cannot over turn the greed mentality, in the community, in the organizations, in the corporations and in places that make-belief that they are rehab. facilities or helping the addicts to reverse their habits. The truth is that NONE of the people making money out of this nasty trade, want the addicts to be addict free! Unfortunately, this is the name of the vicious game around our dear Planet.



We as individuals, family members, loved ones, parents, grand parents, educators and religious leaders get together and provide unconditional love and support to our children right from get go. Every baby should be the baby of the community, born out of love and guided to adulthood in full love. Each of the 100,000 youth whom I have interacted with over the years, have said this:

“I only want love from my parents…I do not need gadgets, or sharp clothes….I just want Mom/Dad to love me everyday.”

Can you be humane enough to give love to your child? If not, then DO NOT HAVE A CHILD.

If you have a child, then Your prime responsibility is as a parent, and not as the worker of the month ‘cos you worked 24 hours a day! You should not be ego driven, and certainly not focused on your work or physical indulgences. 

WATCH THE VIDEO  BELOW TO LEARN THE FIRST SECRET…then contact me to register for the training on how to prevent and reverse substance abuse in loved ones…and make a difference in your life and be an asset to our dear Planet Earth.


THE TIME IS NOW to prevent and reverse substance abuse

Please join me and let us make a difference…it all starts with you. I am here to help…but you must step up to the plate to become visible…will you?


I look forward to meeting you soon, and answering your questions in my live events or live stream events.


YES YOU HAVE THE TIME FOR SAVING OUR WORLD. Your Self needs you, your world needs you. Are your ready to step up and rescue your Self and rescue humanity? I know you are. Join, ask questions, transform…

Dr. Vie
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Lots of love, always

Dr. Vie

Author, Scientist, Humanitarian, Youth Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, SuperFoods Pioneer

Founder of Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Movement.






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