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Youth violence can be prevented

Yet another senseless mass shooting in the USA and as President Obama said: “It seems to be the norm these days, and prayers for the family are not enough.” How do we prevent youth violence and the nasty spread of radicalization? We have to go to the root cause.

There is no more time for small talk, egos and lofty speeches from all types of self-serving organizations that are focused on profiting from sales of products that add to youth violence.

There is one main question to ask to get started:

What is the cause of youth violence?

After addressing thousands of youth since 2004 in my Dr. Vie SuperKids programs, and now through the launch of the YOUTH PEACE Shows, one thing is definitely known:

Youth are feeling unloved, alienated, left out, shunned and without guidance.


We are to blame…

We are to blame for the rise in youth violence around the globe, especially in the developed nations that profess to be leading the world!  When  the USA citizen on citizen violence results in 300,000 deaths versus 300 death from terror attacks we surely must realize that as parents, as caregivers, as educators as relatives of youth we are certainly not doing something right.


Care givers are shunning their duties

The minute you conceive a child, your duty is to protect and guide that child to be able to access their full human potential. That is the duty of every parent. Their first duty.

Yet today, as we live in an artificial society where the goal of life is to find a job that churns out the best money, gives us the best title and ego boost, so that we can indulge in unnecessary pursuits and accumulate material possessions and appear to be happy for the sake of looking good to others. But all the while we forget the fundamental responsibility of every parent, which is to be a good parent and to provide love, care and guidance to their own kid.


What a Child Needs?

All children need is love and guidance to realize their own value, to develop their own self-respect to treasure their own humanity.  These attributes are developed from within without the need for toys, gadgets, fancy clothes, enrollment into expensive sports organizations or competing as child models.


How Do Kids Develop Self Respect?

During my recent YOUTH PEACE Show, one of the kids said:

“We do not expect our parents to be wrong, so we follow everything they do, even it is not the right thing to do, because we feel that parents know it all.”


The fact is this: You kids will never do what you tell them to do. BUT they will definitely do what you do.


Parents are Role Models, Teachers and Guides

A parent who does not have self-respect, does not have self-confidence, who takes alcohol, smokes, drugs, and who looks down on others, will raise a child to do the same. The first teacher to a child is the parent.

Media and Entertainment Industry are the Child’s 2nd Teacher

The more time your kid spends watching television or surfing the web the more likely he/she is to be shaped by the media. The media and entertainment industry to day today are the culprits to downfall of humanity…

Did you know that if a child or you for that matter is exposed to something constantly for just 5 seconds, that “event” is imprinted into your brain?

5 Seconds To Becoming A Violent Monster

All it takes is 5 seconds of an advert, a murder scene in a movie, a violent or war game, a bad exchange between parents, or a dominating exposure on the music channel to change a child’s life. Just 5 seconds!

Well you cannot be selecting everything that your child is exposed to…but you can instill the right mindset in your child so that if the child is privy to these scenes he/she is immune to the attack on the brain.

Brain records 24 hours, non stop

First off, parents need to practice what they preach because the child watches every little step you take and his/her brain records everything…which means what is recorded will be expressed at some stage in that child-youth-adult life.

Tough for parents to do…but you have to realize your responsible role in the life of a child that you brought into the world.

We do not have the time to guide our child

The question is this:

If you have the time to socialize with friends at a pub, or style your hair at the salon then you have the time to focus on instilling the fundamental values in your own child.

Parents, society, media and industries shape the future

Let us face the facts, take a close hard look at this very world that we have engineered and be brave enough to ask how we are contributing to youth violence.

If the USA wants to decrease mass shootings, alienated youth going on killing sprees, black on black violence, white on black violence, color violence, gender violence, religion violence, men on women violence, men on kids abuse…then you must take a serious look at your entire infrastructure, your very lifestyle and values.

Money-Fame-Glory or PEACE

Yes by having stricter laws on gun control will help, but not if it is without the transformation of the media, entertainment industry, parents, role models, businesses and the driving force of the economy.

The race is not for innovation, to be the first to create a new technology or device, or to be the most tyrannical leader in the world. Only the weak seek such items of power to lean on.

You have all the power within you

Let us be humans first, instead of fighting humanity, seeking another identity, feeling less human and in the process destroying the humanity that we were born into.

Do not waste your time searching for power through all the man-made structures, which have resulted in this mess we are in right now.

Instead, let us be the wise, evolved species of humans that we are.

You are nature

You have everything that it takes to be blissful, inside you. You are nature after all, with the most magnificent code of life programmed into you. Just look within, recognize it, get to know it, and become one with is free, it is within you 24/7, you do not need to go to work to find it, you do not need the praise of your friends or colleagues to access it.


Can you see the big picture?

I do not know about you…but I for sure wonder why us humans cannot really see the big picture.

We live on an amazing Planet with the most unique array of living beings. 

Our Planet is on the move, spinning around the magnificent sun (our star), as our moon is spinning around our Planet…


The Adventure of Being Human

How fascinating.. how wonderful…what an adventure to get to know how we are fully connected to our cosmos..we have the identical makeup of the cosmos.

Let us be human, love being human, embrace our humanity and rise to the occasion be the ones to evolve our human species to the next higher level. Let that be our legacy to our Planet on which we are merely guests.

Join my YOUTH PEACE shows

There has been a huge demand for our live PEACE Shows now as we broadcast live around the Planet. Our YOUTH PEACE shows are a big we expand to reach over one million youth in the next few months in many countries.


Our youth have the chance to share their stories, share their views, and boost their self-confidence, feel accepted, and expand their insights as they connect and contribute to our Planet Earth and embrace our great cosmos.


Do join our PEACE shows, encourage your youth to join, to be heard, to expand their awareness and be the amazing humans that they are. We can prevent youth violence and radicalization for sure.


As always I am here to support you in your journey in any way that I can.

Do contact me.

With lots of love,


Dr. Vie

Your Guide, Planet Earth, Our Great Cosmos

Author of Taming The Female  Impostor® A Women’s Guide To Being her Powerful Self.

Producer of Dr. Vie PEACE Shows



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  1. Lalitha

    Dr. Vie, all the bare truths you have shared about youth issues in terms of unrest, thinking, violence, impatience, jealousy, anger, criminal mindset is prevailing and mounting day by day across the world, only the degree of growth matters which is reflecting more in the developed countries, then the developing ones, last but not the least the under developed countries,

    I too accept that the primary reason for such youth inequalities and destructive development are firstly the parents, then the media, the educational systems, unhealthy lifestyles, a growing barrier between rural and urban youth, accessibility to power and self etc. We notice wide disparities in the culture and habits between previous to present generation. The social, economic, environmental, political, religious, racial factors also play a determining role for all this uneven accumulation of wealth, rich versus poor lifestyles, high salaried versus low salaried jobs, socio-economic statuses, religious fundamentalism so on and so forth which are bottlenecks thwarting the growth and development of real potential of youth minds.
    We, the elders from any part of the world should take this youth peace shows as a challenge and ensure many youth to participate and ignite their own minds by themselves, and revolutionize the thinking patterns of their own parents.

    1. Doctor

      Lalitha thanks for the detail especially about the world wide rise of youth issues. Just a few days ago once again a group of kids in California were stopped from committing a violence crime. Now more than ever our youth need to realize that seeking revenge or engaging in social combat or trying to injure your selves is really the worst thing to do. It sucks! Youth have amazing energy…massive…wow. So, here’s the deal youth: instead of wasting your energy doing the above…there are simple ways to redirect all your amazing energy and become the super kid, super youth that you are. Come on now, join our live shows, co-host, direct it.. and discover the fascinating scientist and explorer that you are. Wow…life is so just need to hang out with us for a youth from around the fascinating Planet and use all your energies to reshape your Planet. This is your Planet…and you are a super human…here’s a big hug to any youth reading this and to any parent reading this…we can change things around and have an amazing life. Lots of love V

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