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Prayer for Peace

PEACE is what we really want to experience deep within ourselves and in everything around us: Inner peace and outer (world) peace.  As you know, since September 11 through 23 I have been hosting the PEACE Shows live from six countries, during eight broadcasts as 26 local guests shared their personal journeys with us. The PEACE stands for Planet Earth Amity Compassion Equality.

As our PEACE tour culminated the Pope arrived in the USA and today he addressed the United Nations and visited Ground Zero where the prayer for PEACE was shared through an inter-religious blessing. The time has come my dears for each of us to once again reassess the very purpose of life, the very meaning of our own existence and the very thoughts, words and actions that we engage in each day and night as we live this life on Planet Earth, our home. We must look within and each of us must do one thing as soon as possible.



These very words are shunned by those who do not realize their own inner existence and their own inner humanity that is connected with all of life. Alas, they miss out on the most fascinating of all adventures:

The adventure of an evolving human.


What is a prayer? Forget all the man-made religious meanings about prayer, which are most often laced with ideological agendas. Instead let us realize the true meaning of the word prayer. It is an invocation, a meditation from deep within you, focused on all your will power, bringing together all the facets of your mind, as your life energies are concentrated on one point. Whatever that one point is, be it to keep your loved one safe, be it to heal someone who is sick, be it to guide someone towards success, be it for a better life… whatever.


A prayer is focused attention that taps into the very profound nature of your human existence, the energies of your human potential. It brings out the most powerful of all your human powers.

Now, this power increases when you use these energies for the greater good of all life, a prayer for peace, you expand your human potential even further and ultimately become one with your true nature, which is nature, and evolve the human species to its next higher level: the very purpose of human life.

Inner War to World Wars

Today as you know very well, most of the over 7 billion people, humans, are not living in a state of inner peace. Within themselves they feel dissatisfied, less than what they are really meant to be, limited by their lifestyles, dependent on others and other things for their contentment, and hence in a state of inner turmoil.


They live daily lives fighting against their very purpose of life, to evolve the human species, to be the best human possible to be super conscious, super aware and a super human, the very best human possible. Instead, there is a battle within them that manifests in how they think, what they say and how they act with themselves, their loved ones, their colleagues and society at large. They become lesser beings.

But how did this happen?


How Did We Forget Our Purpose Of Life?

Yes we have forgotten the true meaning of life.

Just look around you, look at the hatred, look at the inequality, look at the poverty, look at the impure water, look at the unhealthy air, and look at the toxic foods that have all come about because of man’s greed for power-ego, the greed for dominance and the greed for sensual pleasures.


The domino effect started as humans created civilizations and structures based on leadership, one leader around whom the masses rallied and learned to fear. Thrones were worshiped as the closest connection to the Creator. As soon as this duality was set, greed and its brother inequality were inevitable. The “elite versus the enslaved” became the norm that we see in full force even today over 10,000 years later, coveted as trendy lifestyle.

Pope Francis Story of Brothers Able and Cain

Pope Francis said the following at his Peace Talk to World Meeting of Families this year “First there was Adam and Eve…then came the family…two brothers Able and then Cain…until one day Cain killed his brother Able,” then chaos followed.

Because we have allowed for chaos to happen and flourish under the guise of power and material wealth, we have sacrificed our human freedom to access our true inner powers of love and compassion for the sake of material comforts and sensual pleasures. Alas today we have not only stopped evolution of the human species, but we are responsible for taking our human species back in evolution.


Devolving the Human Species

As we continue, absent minded of our true nature, our real human potential, ensnared by the material and sensual acquisitions, the tool kit, our brains are decreasing in size and usability, as machines and drugs replace our very thinking and our inventions eat up our own brains.

Yet we continue blissfully unaware of our diminishing inner powers.

Use it or lose it! Abuse it and devolve it!

We have abused our six senses.   Now we have become addicts to these senses: we lust for foods, we abuse kids, we sexually abuse children and women even in houses of worship and in houses of renowned families, we violate women and the weak, we buy and sell humans, we slaughter innocent animals to feed our tongue, we lust after worldly possessions…we have become lesser than gross animals because we have lost our dignity of being human. Yet at the same time some of us say we are religious…but we do not follow the revelations of the wise prophets whom we profess to respect.  Some agnostics and the atheists say that this is how life is to be enjoyed.

The real truth is this:

We have lost our humanity and our human powers of super consciousness.


Today’s world is symptomatic of restricted human potential

In the developed countries, we cannot even breathe in healthy air, the water from our taps is polluted, and the food for our farms is toxic. We have robbed our Planet Earth (our very own home, our very own Mother who nourishes us) off her water, plants, animals and minerals while at the same time filling her with poisons.

How can we not realize that every action has a reaction?

Now we are reaping all the follies that we have sown.


Nationals “leading the world” in technology, are themselves sick: they have diabetes, cancer, hypertension, autism, dementia, they pop pills, live on treatments and therapy, have multiple personalities as they re-shape their body parts to look like celebrities, are obsessed with fashion, own several homes and multiple vehicles…yet their brains are being affected and they are unsatisfied.

While at same just down their streets, children are dying of hunger, people are being trafficked, and folks live under bridges.  The human potential of both the elite and the poor are equally affected. This is the age of the new human.

Eventually those who have less do rebel in some way, be it through vengeful acts or to survive. What does the future hold?

Can humans get their acts together? Will the Pope’s visit spark some motivation for humanity?

Fear not, there is hope yet, as all is not lost.


The Key To Evolving Humans

Through the PEACE Shows in six countries, you heard of the challenge facing our adults and in the final show in the series of eight, you met four amazing youth from South Africa.

Dr. Vie SuperKids
Dr. Vie SuperKids Click for more information

You heard their words of wisdom, you heard their inspirations for compassion you heard them say:


“What we do will be our future.”

“Parents are role models, we do what they do.”

“If only everyone can respect each other.”

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”


These youth have a plan…they are our hope, and the hope for all youth…who can rescue humanity from devolving. These are our superkids.



There has been a huge demand for our live PEACE Shows.


Now tune in to our follow-up shows where you can actively participate in our monthly sessions where our Youth come together and plan for the future and where several of the topics discussed during the preceding sessions (autism, stroke, domestic violence, empowerment, work life balance, depression) will also offer support discussions.


Do join us, for the time is now. We must take action. Every step counts. Perhaps it is time for a prayer for peace. Your own inner peace is where it all starts.


As always I am here to support you in your journey in any way that I can.

Do contact me.

With lots of love,



Dr. Vie

Your Guide, Planet Earth, Our Great Cosmos

Author of Taming The Female  Impostor® A Women’s Guide To Being her Powerful Self.

Producer of Dr. Vie PEACE Shows


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