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World Yoga Day is about Self Realization

Yoga is highly beneficial for your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Now during the initiation of World Yoga Day, thanks to India’s new Prime Minister Modi’s request to the United Nations last year, we have a chance to delve deep into this ancient path to transforming personal well being and along the way transforming the environment around us, and making a holistic difference for our Planet Earth. In this Part 1 let us learn the basics so we know what Yoga really is, what Yoga is not and what the benefits of Yoga are. Ready?

Table of Contents:1 Part 1. WHAT IS YOGA?1.0.1 YOU CAN HEAR DR. VIE RADIO SHOW OF THIS ARTICLE:2 YOGA IS NOT3 BENEFITS OF YOGA3.1 Your Role In Attaining Self Realization?3.2 Are you ready for true lasting happiness?3.3 World Yoga Day is your chance to rediscover who you are




Yoga is the ancient Sanskrit word from the Indus Sarasvati civilization.Yoga means union.Yuj, yoke, “to join” or unite.Becoming one with the true essence of your Self.Direct access to who you really are.Yoga is the path of Self realization.Yoga is a way of life.Yoga is accessible by anyone.Yoga is a solo journey.Yoga is available to all seekers of truth.



Yoga is not exercise.Yoga is not physical flexibility.Yoga is not a trend.Yoga is not an item of clothing.Yoga is not vegetarianism.Yoga is not a business.Yoga is not a religion.Yoga is not a pleasurable path.Yoga is not for exploitation of power.************



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World Yoga Day is about Self Realization

Your Role In Attaining Self Realization?

We live in a world beset with emotional disturbances. (For the previous article on this very topic … here is the link ) Feelings of anger, hatred, sadness, fear, stress, tension and much more.  These states of being are not natural to us humans. We were blessed with our powers of super consciousness so that we can rise above the mundane, the ordinary, the restrictive mind and soar above to reach our states of inner peace.  This was our purpose of life. Alas, we have been side tracked by the economy, by the reward system of money, by the guise of creating jobs, even if it is a the cost of human happiness. 


Now more than ever, we must begin to question everything that we encounter everyday. We must first of all question our very existence. Who are we? Who are you? Only if we truly know who we are, can we align ourselves with what we are capable of doing. If we think that we are a bird, then we will act as if we are a bird, even if we are not really a bird.


So the first step is to realize who you really are. You have a major role in attaining self realization. Just as you dedicate your day and your life to working for a career, you must above all focus your work and your career to that of getting to know who you really are. What is your true identity? Are you ready?




Are you ready for true lasting happiness?

I can reveal all that I know with you, but until you are prepared to truly tap into your true powers, you will never be able to experience the very best of who you are and what you were truly meant to feel during your life in this body.

You must first be open, ready, prepared and eager to discover your true self. For many this seems like a ridiculous goal. People usually say: “Of course I know who I am, do n’t you try to serve up hocus pocus….I have my family to feed, debts to pay and my career to attend to.”  Well my dear reader, if that is you, then the first step is to become consciously aware that there is  more to life than those mundane, man made roles of life. You are missing the boat. You are missing the taste of the real you.


World Yoga Day is your chance to rediscover who you are

As I mentioned, take advantage of world Yoga day to learn more about the fascinating powers that are within you, waiting to surface, waiting to hug you with love and reward you with self confidence, self respect, courage and feelings of inner peace and compassion. You deserve to feel the very best that you can fee and be the very best that you can be, because you can.  This is the very crux of my book Taming The Female Impostor® ) Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity, the vital role that women need to take on to stimulate self realization so that our world can be a peaceful one.


Stay tuned for Part 2 as we prepare for 21 – 22 June and the world finally celebrates the path to Self Realization.



 Until we meet again, Lots of love Always, Dr. Vie Peace Maker and Your Change Guide, Planet Earth, Our great Cosmos


Dr. Vie

Your Guide, Planet Earth, Our Great Cosmos

Author of Taming The Female Impostor® A Women’s Guide To Being her Powerful Self.

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