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Yogic Science to the rescue

“Is there an easy way to be super conscious?” was the question posed to me during an hour long live FM Radio talk show in the North Americas a few days ago. I smiled across from the delightful hostess, in the Studio and said: “Well, I have a big pill for that in my bag!”  We both burst out laughing.

Table of Contents:1 Emotional Well being at a National and Global Level1.1 Well, here are a few questions for you dear reader.2 Something’s Missing Syndrome3 The Journey on our Life Express3.1 What problem? What solution?4 When Did We Lose Our Freedom?


Emotional Well being at a National and Global Level

For a while before the show we had found ourselves passionately chatting about issues that are distressing people in Canada and USA. Unhappiness, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, depression, suicide, dissatisfaction … and the list went on.  I had remarked:

“These disturbances are not peculiar to the North Americas. I’m asked to address these issues during my talks no matter where I am I the world.”

We spoke about the root cause of the rise in terrorism, murders, violence, human trafficking and sexual trafficking.


Well, here are a few questions for you dear reader.

  1. Could there be a correlation between these types of atrocious actions and the trend in modern lifestyles, accumulation of material possessions, desires for instant gratification of the five senses, corruption and technological advancements?
  2. Could there be a common thread in the discontentment of billions of people around Planet Earth at this very moment?
  3. Which side of the fence are you on? Are you one of those Souls who feel content or do you feel like something’s missing?

Something’s Missing Syndrome

Many in the developed nations would argue that humans are making “heaps of progress in all areas of life.” Yet, as we delve further into the state of mind of some of the wealthiest of Earth’s populations, we find them asking the same profound questions:

“Why am I not feeling happy? Why am I feeling as if something is just not right, as if something is missing in my life? I have it all, the money, the yacht, the cars, the holiday homes, the family and the indulgences, yet I feel empty inside.”

Sound familiar? Yes.  Money cannot buy happiness.

For over two decades, I’ve been trotting around the globe, experiencing life first hand in underdeveloped, emerging and advanced nations amongst a variety of cultures. The one thing I know for certain is this:  If we, as humans, truly care about our home, Planet Earth which resides within our Solar System, in the Milky Way, just one minuscule part of the billions of galaxies, in our great Cosmos, then we must journey into the land of the unknown, solo.

The Journey on our Life Express

In February 2014, my Life Express (referred to in my book Taming The Female Impostor® ), during one of my inspirational talks to a group of elders at a hospital in South Africa, I asked: “What did you see when you looked into the mirror this morning?” A perky woman, with a cloud of white hair topping her head, excitedly said: “Why, my wrinkles of course!”

Yes indeed! Those roads of wrinkles are truly a reminder of the passage of time. Yet for us, what we see in the mirror each morning, that aging face, wrinkling skin, and the external body, has become without any doubt our identity. The very essence of who we are. No matter our age, throughout the day, we religiously follow in the steps of billions of others as we enter into the roles of feeding and protecting our identity, as we strive to feel better and perhaps to look better.

Whether we are digging for coal or gold, or drilling for oil or water, or eating for survival or eating for pleasure, in some strange way we have unknowingly become part of the problem, instead of part of the solution. 


What problem? What solution?

The problem is that we are destroying our own powerful beautiful selves, and in the process we are stripping our Planet Earth of her natural resources. The solution is to love being our natural super conscious selves and consequently we automatically support Planet Earth.  But how did we end up biting the hand that feeds us as well as fostering self-destruction?

No, my dear reader, I am not conjuring up the scenario we find ourselves in today. Look around. Do you see people who are stressed, angry, unwell, unhappy, addicted, violent, lacking compassion…  If yes, then you know that each of us is ultimately responsible for what is happening around us, in our homes, in our communities and in our nations. We must question then ask: How did this happen?

Dear reader, could it be that we have all unknowingly become slaves to the “not-so-good” false purpose of life.

Are we truly free?

Do you truly feel free when you are at home, at work, on the road, with friends, on holiday?

When are you feeling truly free?

When Did We Lose Our Freedom?

We supported enslavement a long while back, by succumbing to group thinking instead of solo decisions. Since the blessing of a larger brain, the eventual emergence of civilization changed the natural purpose of our life. In the twenty first century, we no longer live as natural humans. We no longer embrace our human code, but rather we spend every day fighting against it. We have become afraid of the natural course of life, so much so that we have become conditioned to be afraid of aging, pain and dying. Life would have been easier if the conditioning stopped there.

Alas, we have taken the “conditioning” leaps and bounds further. We have changed the very purpose of life in an effort to avoid the inevitable.Dr. Vie

Your Guide, Planet Earth, Our Great Cosmos

Author of Taming The Female Impostor® A Women’s Guide To Being her Powerful Self.

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